Piccie problems

As I dont have a scanner or a digie camera, therefor no photo, I found one on the net of The Daisy Duke. (much nicer than me). I cant get it to upload, something to do with a certain kind of file, and it is probably the wrong size. I have been all through my PC and cant find any way of altering this. OK the big PLEASE is .. is there anyone who could sort this for me ?


  • DD, this is what I did. I did a google search for Paint Shop Pro, and then downloaded a demo (free) version of the latest edition. I then saved my picture onto my computer, then opened it in Paint Shop Pro. I adjusted the size to RW's requirements, and then voila! Uploading it was no longer a problem.

  • Failing that e-mail me and I'll what I can do. I've done a few now

  • Hopefully picture is on its way
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