Running with a hangover

A couple of weeks ago I went for a long run after a 6 till 3 session and about 6 hrs sleep.
Beer, wine and spirits.
The run (9miles) was tough but doable.
Since then I seem to have had a hamstring injury.
Are the 2 things related?
I did also up the mileage quite substantially that week, so blurrs things slightly.
So, would the dehydration cause an injury of this sort?
Personally I like to run off a hangover, I feel like i am purging myself.
Any opinions welcomed..


  • I've done a few long runs 13-16 whilst worse for wear. Usually it was a salt encrusted face and desert like thirst that were the only problems...maybe I should have taken on board some fluids ;~)

    Can't say that running whilst dehrated is wise but can't see why it would cause an injury.
  • Tell me about the face. Mine stung like nobodys business after.. I assumed it was the booze working its way out of my system.
  • Naar - increased miles probably did it. No more than a 10% increase in miles week to week.

    The danger of dehydration is that you are unaware of the effects. A club mate did a 10M in blistering heat and was arrested, for his own safety, while weaving between the cones and taking his kit off. He is a very experienced marathon runner just misjudged the pace in the heat and flipped.
    He still can't remember anything after the starting gun and spent two days in hospital afterwards.

  • And that is one week to the next ?
    If i have a low mileage week in the build up to a race, is that my new benchmark ?
    Or should I be averaging?
    The week that culminated in the hungover run was longest week to date 24 miles against 17miles from a couple of weeks before (week in between was race prep).
    I will take that as reason for injury, amd will use 10% rule for my comeback :-)
  • No averaging ; just think about week to week. You can't catch up on lost miles ; guilt is the easiest way to get injured !

    Even if you weren't running you should cut down on the booze. Our club is based in a real ale brewery and everyone enjoys a pint but binge drinking doesn't help your training or life expectancy.
  • But it's fun....
  • So's getting your telegram from the Queen
  • IF you were very tired etc,maybe your stride altered,or you wern;t picking your feet up as normal,its a possibility.
  • I ran with a hangover once (the morning after Wales won the grand slam) and had to find a hedge half way due to stomach trouble! Never again!

    If you were anything like me, your technique probably went to pot hence the injury.
  • running is the best cure foa hangover,I find. Drink a couple of pints of water beforehand, and it gets sweated out, and it feels like it's taking all the toxins with it. I've got rid of minging hangovers by midday thru running.

    I rekon that it takes three days of drinking water to properly hydrate your joints, and three days of not drinking water to unhydrate, and although binge drinking will accelerate the dehydration, shouldn't be enough to dehydrate you overnight.

    However, contrary to what has been said above, I think that running dehydrated could cause injury.
  • OR keep it up and then when you run "sober" you go faster and better.

    Well I do!
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