Dublin Marathon 2006

Wecome back old friends and new.

Only 358 days to go!



  • Jeez, I suppose you're doing 150 mpw already Eilte Jim?

    right now where's the kettle?
  • Jo -

    How many sugars?

    You have mail.

  • You see I probably won't even do this but I will still spend more time on this than the Paris marathon thread!

    Milk in my tea please - no sugar if you have nice biscuits!
  • Nope..Never again..ever!!!!

    White no sugar.

  • Welcome back DD.

    I think you should change that photo. You're much better looking in real life.

    Fancy reinventing myself actually, come to mention it. All change.


    P.S. Are you okay with chocolate Hob Nobs?
  • AB12 -

    Sure you don't want something stronger?

    I've just had a preminition of you on Nassau Street on 30/10/05, dressed in one of those fashionable bin liners with the words "Never Again" tattooed on your person.

    You know I'm right on this one.

  • 30/10/06 maybe but i doubt 30/10/05..

    My son has just realised his favourite Nike hat is missing. I had to break the bad news to him that i discarded it somewhere around mile 3 along with several pints of PSP22.
  • SJ

    I never did thank you for your invaluable advice regarding PSP22

    'Drink it till your nose bleeds' i believe were your exact words.

  • Knocks on the door,can i come in for a can or two of guinness(brought my own drink).Dublin is top of my marathon shopping list at the moment.
  • AB12 -

    You're very welcome.

    It worked for me too. Never hit the wall in terms of glycogen depletion but the legs fell apart instead at 23m.

    If you want a Dublin 2005 cap for your son just let me know and give me your address and I will send mine.

    Those things never fit me properly. Head is too big. Literally speaking, of course.

  • Wecome Mick.

    Need a glass for those?


    P.S. Crisps and dips on the way
  • Think I forgot to mention that the current Mrs SJ is in training.

    She's aiming to run a Half Marathon with SJ Senior next September.

    Respect, etc.

  • Cant say i hit the wall as such this time around thankfully.

    I did manage to thump 'the wall' in quite a major way back in '96 and i can tell you it isn't a pleasant experience.
  • Choclate hob nobs would be perfect SJ (puts feet up to be waited on!)

    Mrs SJ told me she was going to start running - she has a bit to go to catch you though!

    What's PSP22?
  • Its an SIS product.. Mainly used in carbo loading. It did the trick!
  • DD -

    PSP22 is, in the words of an acquaintance of mine who ran 2h18m in FLM last year...."Rocket Fuel"

    I'm planing to use it for shorter distance races too from now on.

  • thank you sj-ive brought my own guinness glass thanks.(settles down ready for a good session,opens first can of many,pours the black gold into the glass,a toast-heres to one and all,all the very best.)
  • oOOhhhh cool!! Its nice and cosy in here already!!

    (I brought sandwiches and tea)
  • Welcome GFB -

    One lump or two?

    Hope there's no butter on those sandwiches!

    You have mail.

  • Are there any known side effects from long term exposure to PSP22?

    I am considering only letting PSP22 pass my lips from now to October in the hope of squeezing in under five hours!

    Any more sensible suggestions for turbocharging an old plodder will be greatfully received.
  • Dai -

    I have several but unfortunately none are legal.

  • Just like the last race I was one of the last to turn up at the thread! (I was still lurking in the old one)

    Crikey and its already cost me £30 for some PSP22 - That's the power of SJ endorsing products - it must be worth a free pint of Guinness for the kick back you get SJ?

    Will it make me runn like a Gazelle rather than a Hippo (No offence to Plodding who's probably lurking on every thread (87 posts per day for about the last 3 years))

  • How long do you think it'll take us to get to 5000 post here? Not so long I wouldn't think!!
  • You make good tea SJ. If Mrs SJ gets the running bug in a serious way I fear you may be relegated to standing at 22 mile mark with a thermos.

    You've got mail. yes please. v kind....
  • Ah..hem Mine's a Cappuccino made with freshly ground espresso roast if you don't mind.

    Stick of Celery anyone?
  • £30 for PSP22 Mr H? Is there a war on?
    You should expect to be paying about £6.50* for a 500g pack.

    Jo - mail received. You're very welcome.


    * If living South of Watford, just move the decimal point one place to the right.
  • I'm with you Mr H but (applies flame proof suit for the roasting) I admit that I've been doing low carb this week!!

    Good results too!!

    Slice of bacon anyone...

    *ducks down*
  • Damn

    I paid £6.79. I'm gonna demand a refund.
  • Well SJ because my local running shop never has the stuff and because I don't like to do things in halves I bought a bucket of it on-line 2.7kg. I didn't even shop around - retail therapy / impulse purchase. I hope I like it! Will my dentist approve? (I read somewhere that the main downside of sports drinks is they are really good at rotting the teeth if you keep drinking small sips and use them for all your training)
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