Dublin Marathon 2006



  • Yeah I ran London, but in disguise and using a false name. I like cats and cars so I picked the name "Felix Limo" for a laugh.
  • bus from the airport with aircoach is about 4 1/5 hours. They are pretty nice coaches. Flightwise both aer arann and ryanair fly the route. Liam and I should both be driving it too. driving takes 3 1/2 hours ish.
  • lol amadeus..... I can see why you feel yu gave a sub-power performance.... slacker.
  • Flights from here to Dublin £63 return, train from Dublin to Cork 59Euro and 2 hours 45 minutes...that seems ok doesn't it!
  • yep sounds ok. they have new trains on the cork line so should be comfy enough.
  • hey NRG, let me know if you find a training plan to get you to a time of 4hr30mins, i am the same as you and like following a schedule. saying that though i am also going to join a running club here in wimbledon
  • yay! HH's heating just been fixed!

    Came round after being on set in running gear from half six to half four (bbrrrrrrrrrr! sore feet!) only to find that the hot bath I'd been looking forward to all day wasn't possible as the boiler was refusing to heat water. :-(

    HH boiled the kettle lots of times, and I had a relaxing bath after all, for which he is hereby awarded 50,000 boyfriend points! :-)

    Got asked out by one of the other extras yesterday - obviously turned him down, but nice to know that people still fancy ya eh? hee hee! :-)

    SL don't recall seeing Nevin, will look on Sunday, but they're filming a bigger scene, and there'll be hundreds more people there, so not too likely!

    Amadeus, well done on your shed! Think we need to see photots! To go with the car are you going to put waterbed in the shed? Maybe with black satin sheets! ;-)
  • DTB, Had conversation with a mate of Nevin's last night.
    me "That film nevin's doin at the moment, as it anything to do with running?"
    mate "dunno, it has sexy girls in it, I'll ask him?"

    a couple of texts later

    mate "wow, yes it is. How the f*** did he get a part in a running film"...

    Nevin is a heavy drinker, smoker, hard living kind of guy. Think colin farrell without the sexy brooding looks!
  • lol.... there's all kinds of folks doing the extras thing - they obviously got lots of non-running people through casting companies, and then some through running clubs. some people turned up wearing combats, and then were trying to sprint up front near the 'elite athletes!' poor costume ladies were tearing their hair out!

    at the other end of the spectrum was talking to a guy who runs a 1.20 half....

    not much running involved - only about 200 metres at a time....thankfully for me as foot is very heavily strapped and not really capable of longer! Been hanging out with a guy with a b*ggered ankle letting the eager kids run past us! Ah well, money's good, and they gave us chocolate cake yesterday!

    Met some strange strange people though - narrowly escaped being subjected to someone's pidgeon impression....

    will spend Sunday asking everyone if they're Nevin!
  • Shed?


    It's home office CABIN. Think rustic, log cabin, swiss chalet type (but smaller, less well built and in Limerick rather than Switserland. Obviously).


    (I do like the idea of a black satin sheeted waterbed though...)
  • Someone told me that satin sheets would prevent wrinkles.... I'm old enough that I did consider them a viable option :-)
  • Cool, let's decorate Amadeus' shed...so, so far we have waterbed, black sheets...I know one of those round chairs that hang from the ceiling a la James Bond!
  • I know one of those round chairs that hang from the ceiling a la James Bond!..... first time I read that, I was thinking more a la Ann Summers than James bond but I think I get you now
  • Sort of like this

    In fact just like that...no ceiling hanging needed!
  • SL - you have a strange imagination! But if you and GFB want to turn the CABIN into a pimp palace feel free.

    With all this talk I had to post some pics:


  • dang...google james bond chair and you'll see what I mean...I mean if you're all not too busy with work and stuff!
  • Looking good amadeus! Sort of got that Tardis effect going on there!

    Of course you'll have to get a cat...I'm afraid the wonderhound doesn't match the image.
  • lol definitely a deep white shag-pile carpet, one of those polished steel suspended fireplaces, an art-deco cocktail cabinet, and a solid silver box by the bed full of 'french letters'

    used to house-share with a guy who had a black-sheeted waterbed, and a string of ladies came through our front doors.... he also had a lamp which was disguised as a bunch of flowers - when you turned it on, the flower heads lit up! classy....er.....

    he claimed that the waterbed was to regulate his body temperature whilst asleep so that he would recover quicker from a hard squash game...lol.....
  • I think I would get sea sick in a water bed. I get a bit quesy on the memory foam one!
  • ...that boy must have played a lot to "squash" to justify buying a waterbed!!

  • hmmm, my typing skills aren't up to what they should be today!

    ...played a lot of squash....k!
  • Last post before I go shopping...Moooooooooooo

    Entries open for next year...I'll be there!

    Must start a thread!
  • Hi all,

    Plodding Hippo has pointed out to me that there is now a summer 'triple' for 2007.

    Dartmoor Discovery (32 miles), Blackpool Marathon and Cork Marathon.

    How about it anyone?

    Not me I hasten to add!
  • when and where is the mooathan
  • Shhhhhhh supergirl don't suggest things like that! *puts cotton wool into HH's ears*

  • grrrgh, why do people do these things. there are too many races I can't decide what I want. It's like ice cream.... I don't need to have to choose between fudge sundae and double chocolate mud cake..... I'm going to want them both.
  • Puddings ? *puts cotton wool into DTB's ears* :o)
  • desserts!!!! they're called desserts and it's presses and hotpress and mammy while we're at it :-)
  • You say tomato..... :o)
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