Dublin Marathon 2006



  • SL that's what relationships are for - so that you can order two puddings and go halves!

    lol HH x
  • and two desserts, and some afters as well.
  • Hmmm......
    Afters ? A fight ? I'd be too full;o)
  • I don't want to know what you two get up to for afters, but f it takes two desserts to fuel it.....
  • Well for HH it sounds like it might be another triple.........But of what I am not to sure........:o)
  • snigger snigger...
  • cracker!
  • smiley lady jo. if those 1000 mile socks havent found a home i would take them off your hands as i am a size 5 and can only run in 1000 mile socks
  • Well hello all!

    Back here in the States, and must say I had such an enjoyable time at the marathon!

    Mr. W - pleasure speaking with your friends on the plane. I was floored that you said hello to me 'cause I thought that would ruin your surprise to your wife! When your friends asked how I knew you I had to make up some vague story about me posting on some message board or the like! Anyway, I hope you all had a great time.

    Looked for forumites at Luigi Malones and Kennedys, and the only one I said hello to was SG Pam, in all her celebrity-dom!

    as far as the race went: I was the idiot who really didn't mind my splits and went out, oh, in about 2:05 at the half. NOT what I should have done at all. Finished at 4:31, but was a "non-marathoners" book follower, so my goal was just to finish!

    My favorite quote I've used now with friends and family that describes the marathon for me best: "Mom, I took candy from strangers along the route...and it was REALLY good!"

    A pleasure meeting you all virtually, some of you really, and to all who crossed that finish line, congratulations. No matter your goal time or weight goal or number of marathons goal, it was a privilege to be a part of any of these 2006 Dublin Marathoners.

    And for all of us first-time marathoners, what's the verdict? Do we see another 99 in our future??

    Best wishes-

    (p.s. - to any of the Irish out there, your country is spectacular, and I simply cannot believe the fantastic weather last week! How lucky were we vacationers! Thanks for the hospitality).

  • Hello all

    Exciting news - after 10 days my head ache has gone - but if you feel my forehead you can still feel the bump!!! Concussion has improve and will be going for my first run tomorrow or Saturday - i can't wait - i have itchy feet it feels so long!

    Pam - my aunt has sent me the clipping of you in the irish times so if you want a copy email me the address to send it to.

  • Amadeus - stunning. Particularly like the external aesthetics. I'm sure the neighbours are delighted and local house prices have soared.

    GFB - were you just looking at flights from Derry? Are there more options from Belfast Int/Aldergrove or City (sorry George Best airport!?)

    I've just written my Dublin 2006 marathon memoir before I forgot everything but it runs to 6 sides of A4. Don't know whether Mr H would allow that on his website without serious editing.

    Re proposals - 23yrs & 10mths ago my lovely hubby travelled up from St Helens (blot on landscape outside Liverpool) to Edinburgh where I was still a student. He'd been working for all of 4 months so neither of us had a bean. He took me out for a meal (I knew he was up to something because he'd stopped me to look in jewellers shops during the day - not like him!). Proposed over pudding (not just desserts!) by offering me his signet ring in a box. Next day we went out and bought all 3 rings (ie including both wedding rings) in an antique shop. His is engraved 1883 - exactly 100 years before our wedding - we got married in August (I did finals in June, graduated in July and married in August). Busy year. Great time. (Oh and then we had an accident on M1 on first day of honeymoon on way to France and car was virtually written off and we ended up going to Somerset - story for another day). Memories! Yes, I know, and personal trainer is only 7 - spent 16 years thinking up good reasons not to have them!

    Giller - you mentioned Fingallians running club. They haven't got a website and only GAA club is listed in phone book. Do you have any contact names/numbers so I can find out a wee bit? Are you sure they're not going to be terribly athletic and sneer at mature novice(oxymoron)?
  • Sorry - forgot to say - Mr H and AATTB - thanks very much for the advice. Have cut and pasted it onto page separately to think about how to work that out. As you'll have seen from previous post, am making enquiries about local running club and agree that would probably be good for pushing me beyond comfort zone. Thanks again.
  • Julie - glad you enjoyed it, and the country. Living here it's very easy just to have a downer on it but I suppose it has its good points. Do you want to let us know your bib number so we can check out your photo on asiphoto.net? Sorry we missed you in Kennedys.
  • NRG2 - thanks much. Bib was 3109. Met some lovely people at Kennedy's anyway (they were there to support friends who did the triple). Can't remember their names at the moment, but have them jotted down at home. They were up from England.

  • NRG2, great story. Now just need to get Z to read all the proposal stories...

    Calypso. yep the socks are yours

    GFB, what about getting the train the whole way from Derry? best option to avoid travellers dead legs?
  • the port tunnel race is open for business

    POrt Tunnel race
  • smiley lady i have sent you a private message regarding the socks.

    kaytw - glad to hear you are on the mend.
  • the port tunnel run looks interesting. who all is doing it?
  • i can not believe entry for the Dublin Marathon 2007 is now open.

    that was quick
  • I guess a lot of places open their race straight away to get entries when people are still fired up from this year's race.

    I'm on call tonight..... and bored :-)
  • i guess mr happy can soon start the Dublin 2007 thread
  • I've started thinking of it as the thread that will never start..... They have turned the christmas lights on in Grafton street. I'm disgusted, which I guess means I'm an old foggy. I just don't have the stamina for 2 months of christmas :)
  • That Port Tunnel run is soon! I'd glossed over the dates & they hadn't sunk in - we're off to NYC on the 18th and I need to visit parents in Donegal so might be tough but I really want to do it...

    Some brownie points with Mrs A are in order I think!
  • Looks nice but this is more my budget
  • how many years have you been married young man? Do you not know your budget is largely irrelevant in all this.... Anyone know what the going rate for a shed in Limerick is? If we move it up to Dublin you'll probably get a quarter of a million for it!
  • Morning all, won't be around much today...going to belfast with MrGFB...do you remember the party we had in here last year, with the karoke (sp) and all the virtual booze!( "No, nay never!!")

    We'll have to do that very soon and get this thread closed...or should we have a party on the new one to launch it...anyway don't do anything fun while I'm away!
  • (Poor Zuppy he has his hands full)

    The woman who runs Jnr Ms A's montessori has just come back from a shopping trip to NYC and has been filling MrsA's head full of stories about how cheap clothes are over there. I have a feeling that all of my beer tokens are going to go to Mr Gap and Mr Hilfinger.

    And you can't move my CABIN, if you put roller skates under it to move it it would probably collapse...
  • we could turn the shed into art.... hee hee, do love a big BANG!

    http://www.chisenhale.org.uk/html/files/321_project_info.htmlShed Art Thing
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