Dublin Marathon 2006



  • NRG" - the treadmill thing really works - and to see the motion in your feet in slow motion is a little scary. Since I had it done I avoid left hand cambers because my right foot overpronates but my left is nuetral. If you have the wrong shoes it can lead to knee, hip and back problems so its well worth doing the treadmill analysis.

    We wanted to watch England V Argentina and I even considered upgrading my Sky package but couldn't remember my password on the web site and got sick of hanging on the phone waiting to be answered - its just as well - we got beat 18v 25 :(
  • Mr Happy: your latest thoughts on taking part in Dublin 2007?
  • If any of you have any photo's from the Marathon, I would be happy to adfd them to my site.
    I do not charge for my photo's, they are FREE to download by runners at their leisure.
    The site is


    Send any photo's to [email protected]
    Thanks enjoy
  • No you're alright Brian - Its already taken care of Ta at great personal expense :) - No photo's of any of us lot so I don't really see the connection?

    Chas - Thoughts on Dublin 07 - I'm in :)
    Will work on bringing the Wife thought for next year.
  • Great news! Will you still be up for meeting up with other runners next year for a meal or something? (I doubt the other half will come with me this time!)
  • Mr H - watched Argentina stuff England (oops, sorry, but why doesn't he just resign?) followed by our own majestic boys in green (ok white) beat the grizzly boys in old green shirts. Final delight of the day, watching French (albeit with rather too fast French commentary) being absolutely put away by the all-powerful Kiwis. Just for once, I was really glad of our Sky package.
  • Anyone coming to Luton this year. I will be there but not running the Marathon (Goat is) Hope to run in the relay if I can get a team.

    Treated myself to a CD today of Irish music so that I can learn how to play my
    Bodhran that was given to me at the Marathon Expo. It's not a full size one but I am thrilled to bits with it. There was a guy (I remembered him from last year)
    giving out 'spot' prizes and when Superman said I was running my 100th he gave me a Marathon cap and the drum. The CD is playing as I write. It is bringing back memories of the breakfast run (remember that Mr H ?), and a great weekend in Dublin.
  • The playing the spoons was a little surreal Pam but yes the breakfast run was great fun and I would recommend it to anyone.

    Chas - A meal yes - Pints of Guinness on Saturday night - definitely not and I hope that Liam is running next year!

    Some of the meeting up after the race fell apart - Kennedys was rather packed and quite a few of us went to the Pav. The more the merrier next year.

  • Morning all,

    Had my first race yesterday since Dublin, a nice 5 mile league race for the club! All I can say is give me a half or full marathon anyday! It was really hard having to try and run hard for a full 5 miles, no chance of slacking as if you do there is no way on Earth that you will make the time up!!!

    Anyway 35:40 for 5 miles so am pleased!!!

    Well looks like I am a deffo for next year, and firend of mine has been signed up for Dublin next year by his girlfriend as a way of making him give up smoking....He in a drunken converstation on Saturday, said if I could do an Ironman then him running a marathon would be easy! So his grilfriend signed him up without him knowing until later the next day......
  • Things that are difficult to say when you're drunk:

    Things that are difficult to say when you're drunk:
    a) Innovative
    b) Preliminary
    c) Proliferation
    d) Cinnamon
    Things that are VERY difficult to say when you're drunk:
    a) Specificity
    b) British Constitution
    c) Passive-aggressive disorder
    d) Transubstantiate
    Things that are ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to say when you're drunk:
    a) Thanks, but I don't want to sleep with you.
    b) Nope, no more booze for me.
    c) Sorry, but you're not really my type.
    d) No kebab for me, thank you.
    e) Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight?
    f) I'm not interested in fighting you.
    g) Oh, I just couldn't - no one wants to hear me sing.
    h) Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have
    no co-ordination. I'd hate to look like a fool.
    i) Where is the nearest toilet? I refuse to vomit in the street.
    j) I must be going home now as I have work in the morning.
  • Morning all...question...any sign of the new thread? You know we're waiting for you to do it MrH!
  • GFB, I also got brooks shoes on saturday. Will try my first run in them tomorrow.

    Other than that I had a completely lazy weekend. My first in several months.
  • They're very comfortable aren't they!

    I went a 3 mile run on Sunday and felt like dead meat the rest of the day! How did I ever go out and do long miles!!

  • I run in Brooks and they have been good to me.

    I went for my first run on Saturday night. Managed 7.34 mins and was feeling great until something suddenly went ping in my calf and I had to bum a lift home. Good news is it seems to be improving a little.
  • the video and step analysis they did in the shop said I was a neutral runner so could get away with loads of different types of trainers.... Of course the one's I liked were towrdsa the expensive end of the scale... I appear to have developed my mothers 6th sense for expensive things.

    Zuppy has managed to get himself involved in teh COrk marathon... Just had a text asking me to write a marathon trainin plan: Do as I say, not as I do, springs to mind. Input anyone?
  • There are some very good programmes in this site...especially the subscribers ones...I tried the Cool Running one and am definitely reverting to the RW schedule for London (and Cork!)
  • Cheers for the additional info on Rome - a review would be gratefully appreciated NRG!

    Busy man is our Zuppy (well, I say "our"). I've been looking at the Furman training plans as they involve 3 hard runs per week with the rest given to cross training (ideal for tri types I would guess) and it might be worth a nosy at them. Is it for the Cork website?
  • Amadeus - you haven't got your RW "email me" option switched on. You can e-mail me if you like (mine is on) and I'll respond this evg when I get home and scan the review.

    My knees are still not right. Clicking and achy. Need to find a physio. Sighed every time I saw a runner at the w/e. Ate lots - that's reallly going to help!
  • Amadeus,
    I don't actually know what it's for. I just got a text asking for advice. We're (to match 'our') dealing with a car service today and it I thought better than to interrupt a man and his car bonding moment!

    NRG2, can't remember where you're based but there is a really excellent running physio in Portobello.
  • Great Mr Happy! I am in for Dublin next year too! Hope to see many of you others there too!
  • NRG...you have to look at the signs!! People are buying new shoes all around you...maybe it's time for you to get new ones too!

    (Never overlook a retail opportunity!)
  • Hello everyone

    Get on over to 2007 Dublin Thread
  • I was going to buy new trainers but teh old ones still look and feel fine so I'm going to leave it for a while...

    I need to sort out a service on my car as well - def bonding moment the first time you hand over an outrageously large cheque to a grubby stranger on the basis that he's done unknown things in your darlings intimate areas.

    Not unlike greeting your wife gynacologist in many ways.
  • tell the truth Amadeus, you have more problems with the mechanic than the gynae!
  • Goodbye everyone, over to 2007 thread now
  • bye bye to everyone on this wonderful thread
    i don't think i will do Dublin 2007 but still going to have a good ol natter with you on the thread!
  • I'll just knock the lights out...
  • Night....

    <<Just tucking your sheets in>>
  • This thread is just Soooo tired.
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