Dublin Marathon 2006



  • SJ
    On 4th August 2002 we (100 Marathon Club) organised a Marathon in the Greenwich foot tunnel under the Thames to celebrate the tunnels 100th birthday. We had 100 runners and the race was won by Hugh Jones (London Marathon winner)
    There is also an annual Marathon in a salt mine in Germany although I haven't done it.
  • Mr Branson is putting 'em on the new A380's
  • Completely different subject...did you not think the medals were the best medals you've ever seen!!
  • yep great medals and good t-shirt. Next year I'm going to ask santa for an early stocking full of freebies...
  • A bit late, but just to add to Jo's "You know you're a runner IF" list:

    You know you're a runner (in my case) if you can remember your split times, chip time and bib number, but forget your 4-digit bike combination after you've locked the bike to a metal railing in Battersea...despite having remembered the combination at least four times already on that day.

    For those of you following the saga (OK, it was only one post) I went down there today, 5 days later, and took a hammer and chisel to it. It broke in about 10 seconds. Then I unlocked my D-lock with the key and was on my way. Hooray!

    P.S. Yes, I loved the Dublin medal
    P.P.S. Well done, Chas N-B. Pretty much on target, yeah?
  • hi gang,

    dunno about running dub again next year but can I hang out for a while anyway?

    Haven't run since....squash tomorrow just to test the legs...

    Pam - sorry you are still sick! It was all that talking - I introduced myself to Pam at around mile3 - and she apologised that she wouldn't be able to chat becuase of her throat infection - hee hee hee ho ho ho.......no wonder that throat is bad - 26 miles and my legs are knackered so no wonder your throat is :-)
  • Guys -

    I'm seriously thinking of investing in a treadmill for winter training to avoid having to brave the elements (cos I'm a great big wuss really).

    Any tips from you guys on what to look out for, reputable makes, key features etc?

    I haven't used one for nearly two years so I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

    All input gratefully received as always.

  • Giller -

    Course you can. What are you drinking?

    Sorry, but we're all out of Venos. Pam has necked the lot.

  • Never mind the venos - a large g&t would be nice ta.

    SJ - funny bout the treadmill - have just been offered one and am about to go google it -

    2 hp Continuous motor
    4 LED Windows 8 X 8 Dot Matrix give lap ,speed, distance ,time ,calories Hand Pulse
    One Touch Control ( OTC)
    14 programmes including HRC plus 1 user
    Quick Speed and incline controls/ incline to 15 %
    speed 0-18 kph
    198 X 83 cm running deck
    10 year motor warranty / lifetime frame

    1400 euro new - being offered for 1000.
  • Ice and a slice?

    That treadmill is very good value Giller. What make is it and are you sure it's 18kph and not 16kph? 18 sounds high for a 2hp motor.

    I found a 2006 model 20kph/7.5hp one on eBay but including delivery (from Germany) it's about £1,200.

    Oh, I do love a bargain.

  • SJ it's a Discovery TM 3001 - found a description here:

    ">Discovery TM 3001

    Don't think the top speed would ever be an issue for me!!

  • Treadmill rather than the elements?

    Is this the same SJ who gave me a virtual rocket when I wanted to duck out of a 6 miler way back in Sept and teh wind was blowing the rain sideways?!

    Pah! Skin is waterproof isn't it???!
  • amadeus I don't mind the elements but it's the dark nights I don't like. Also there are roadworks all around me and it's a real pain - not to mention dangerous.
  • Now then Amadeus, steady on. Let's not quote out of context.

    Had you said you wanted to do your six miles indoors as opposed to out I wouldn't have said a thing.

    If memory serves, you were talking about crying off altogether which is a totally different proposition.

    Besides, I need somewhere to hang the clothes Mrs SJ* doesn't wear any more but won't throw out, "just in case".


    * Stood in front of a wardrobe packed full of clothes she regularly proclaims "I've got nothing to wear".
  • I remember that Amadeus...SJ gave you short shift and told you to get out in the elements!!...one rule for one...(see these famous people)
  • btw, SJ, did the lovely Mrs SJ get shoe shopping in Dublin?

    I quite like the idea of a home threadmill too. I don't mind the weather but the neighbours will think I'm even stranger than I really am if they see me heading off in tights and a tea cosy on my head at 2am ...

    I also need a turbo trainer to mount my bike on for cycling training and at somestage to install a swimming pool in the back year. If you think running is an expensive business, try triathlons.
  • SJ
    How will you cope with the boredom of treadmill running?
    On the couple of occasions I've been forced to use them while away on business I've been bored rigid after 5 minutes. Give me the trafic and roadwork hazards anyday.
    (Knowing my luck I'll get hit by a juggernaut tonight for saying that.)
  • yeah = yard - of course!
  • Don't worry Jo...we don't mind you spelling mistakes cos we know how smart you really are!!

    Checked out the tris this year at triathlonireland and we can't even get to Lough Neagh this year which is a real bummer. Blinking work schedule!
  • I was quoting out of context, but why let the facts get in the way of a good rant?!

    I like the idea of a treadmill but they are bloody expensive, take up a lot of room and I have a feeling that they would end up like my excercise bike (loved but unused). Besides I always feel like a hamster when I'm on one.
  • Amadeus/GFB -

    Just got back from a 10 mile run. In the rain, you'll be glad to hear. So there.

    Jo -

    Yes, thanks. Didn't buy anything though. It was looking close at one stage in Brown Thomas but I pretended to feel sick when I saw and prices and we beat a hasty retreat.

    Do people really buy things that don't have price tags or is it a cse of "If you have to ask..."

    Ferret Master -

    It really doesn't bother me. I normally selct a programme that gives variety, put some tunes on and get on with it. Maybe I was a hamster in a former life?


    I told Mrs SJ I was thinking of taking these up a few years back. She got really excited. I think she got them confused with threesomes.

    SJ ;)
  • By the way, typographical errors in previous post down to frozen fingers.

    I've temporarily misplaced my magicians gloves.

  • I have a real soft spot for the lingerie and shoes in BT. Not something I can indulge in everyday but a treat worth waiting for. I have no shame and march straight up and ask the price. If they're completely outrageous I'll try them on, humm and hah for a while to drive the snooty assistant nuts and then leave.
  • I don't even know where my training gear is!

    Glad to hear you're made of tough stuff SJ!!

    There was a girl at our clinic yesterday (a local runner) who was chatting to me about the race and complimenting yourself SJ and I said..." I KNOW him!!"...I then had to explain that "know" was actually a "cyber know"...if you know what I mean...funny isn't it!!
  • I've stolen your gloves in the hope that their magic will rub off on me. Congrats on teh 10 miler. How do you feel after it?
  • I met the current quasi-bf on these forums. When people ask us where we met there is always the awkward silence and we say "through running". I suppose I should really embarass him and say he was an internet mail-order-male <ya see what I did there 2'male's in on sentence>
  • ...hmmmm...explain "quasi-bf"
  • who, commitment-phobe - me??????
  • Ok - running advice sought again - so apologies for any slagging SJ ;)

    I did Dublin in 4:23, which was more or less exactly as predicted by teh calculators, based on the bulk of my training runs. I was however totally gutted as I know I can go faster. The poor time was down (I think) to two things:
    (1) Poor prep - nephews 21st two days before race threw carb loading and propoer sleeping out the window
    (2) Poor refuelling during the race - I didn't "hit the wall" but I did bump gently along it, light headed and no energy from 19 - 24 miles slowed me right down, from 9 m/m average to the 4:23 finish time.

    At the end of my training I was easily going sub 8:30 on longish runs and I covered the first half of Dublin in under 2 hours so I know I can improve, so targets are now:

    (1) Paris in April in sub 4:00
    (2) Dublin in Oct in sub 3:30

    Soooo, advice needed - does anyone have any really good schedules that they reccomened for those times? I can only run five days per week but am open to ideas beyond that. Any other generic training advice? Apart from picking my feet off the ground how can I build the speed?

    Thanks in advance as always!
  • there are loads of ways to improve speed. I speak purely from a theoretical point of view but plan to impliment them soon.

    The easiest on to remember is yasso's 800's
    you just run a set (say 8) 800m's in the marathon time you want but mins and secs for the 800m and hours and mins for the 26.2
    so for a sub 4:00 do 8x800m in 4 mins once a week.

    running up hills is also supposed to improve speed.

    tempo runs are reasonably speed runs at above marathon pace but say 8-10km's.

    Most plans involve a long run at the weekend and some sort of fast run midweek with the other days doing shorter runs to recover, keep you loose etc.

    Are you a RW subscriber? if not I'll download their plans for you and e-mail them to you?
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