Dublin Marathon 2006



  • Mark L -

    Good to hear from you and sorry about the lurgy. Lot of it about as they say. I think you owe Doylie a drink.

    Pam -

    You were absolutely right. If you have any contacts who could tell me what to expect I'd be very grateful. Suffice to say my expectation is for heat, humidity and dubious sanitation. Not like those lovely (?) loos we were all so lucky (??) to have access to in Dublin last week.


  • Pam -

    Excellent. I know where he lives in Camden Town. I'm due to head down to the start of FLM with himself and some visiting Africans although I've never actualy met the guy. An old school friend of mine is his next door neighbour.

    I'll get him to pop round with a list of questions.

    Thanks a million.

  • SJ
    I have met Hugh many times and he even has time to chat to and old jogger like me!
    I'm sure I heard of someone who has run that race so will make enquiries for you.
    He measured a course for us (100 Marathon Club) in the Greenwich foot tunnel and asked if he could take part in the race. He won it by miles!
  • His 50th birthday party is any day now Pam.

    Think I'll send him a card just to keep in his good books.

  • sj - congrats. well done.
  • Thanks Giller.

    Treadmill now a distress purchase (together with a turbo heater).

    Looks like SJ is about to get even thinner.

  • SJ

    Sounds like good advice, i am attempting sub-3:15 in Paris and my programme will be mostly along the grounds you suggest.

    I am working on the theory of an interval session once a week, temp run once a week and a long run once a week with the rest at easy run/recovery pace, with a couple of half marathons chucked in along the way.

    The way races get full these days it does pay to sort your schedule out well in advance, book into the races and then stick as much as you can to your schedule.

    I have written marathon schedules for a number of people at the slower end of the scale and build them up using the persons ability, number of times they can sensibly run a week, factor in which days they can run and what races they want to do.

    This is then reviewed on a regular basis should any circumstances change (work, injuries etc)

    I have found people tend to stick more to a personal schedule rather than a bespoke one


  • I agree Doylie.

    I have often found myself running at teh strangest of hours in wierd and wonderful locations* due to the old work/home imbalance.

    Pam -

    eMail Hugh via the AIMS site. Full course description and likely conditions received within 15 minutes.

    Now that's impressive!


    * Laps of an airport car park anyone? No?
    What about a 4am sortie the day after the Xmas party then? (I kid you not)
  • Congrats SJ. We're all (especially the paddies amongst us) very proud of you. It's so much better when good thinks happen to someone you like

    left foot: you've got mail

  • Thanks Doylie. It'll take a while for me to get used to it...but I feel more anonymous already.
  • and I think I'll trade in my license to kill for a license to thrill.

    Kerching. See the sunlight sparkle in my eye.
  • It's no problem........Meeester Bond


    Can confirm that i have done similar things to fit it all in. Flew back from Australia
    and stopped in Tokyo, checked out of the airport and did 70 mins up and down a dual carriageway before eventally hopping back on a plane.

    Ran midnight one night 6 miles, went to bed, woke up at 6 am and did another 6 miles
    ran again that night and went to bed very early.......not to be recommended!!!!!

    Off to Oz for 3 weeks in Jan so lots of strange training regimes will ensue.....madness but all good fun

  • Taxi for Double Oh 7

    That didn't last long, did it?

    SJ ;)

    P.S. Thanks Jo, you're a sweetie.
  • Has anyone who did 2005 ordered the personalised DVD yet?

    Any idea when entries for 2006 will open?
  • Hi everyone...its been my day off and I've just spent the last half hour reading the posts that I missed (anorak).

    I got a letter from the MacMillan cancer people asking if I wanted to run Edinburgh for them, its £500 for their bond.

    MrGFB was calling me an addict!

    Congratulations SJ, we're so proud of you!

    Went a 3 mile run today! Felt great...I've stopped run/walking and I'm going to build up the time running only. I kept telling myself...you've done a marathon, its only 3 miles!!

    Its amazing how many times that pops up in my head re: situations, you know, what are you whinging about, sure you've done a marathon!!

    I'm hoping to take at least an hour of my next marathon, as I'm hoping to ditch the walking part of my training.

    Just hope I get into London.
  • is it true...that this bathroom is somewhere in Dublin!!?

  • That's her!!!

    The one on the far right was the girl who removed my shorts just after I finished when my diaphragm cramped.

    I'm sure of it.

    Sj ;)
  • Welcome back Do7 its good to see you again.

    I don't mind deadline pressure normally but the stuff I had this morning is left me a bit stressed - -get it wrong and it could cost the company £50k!

    I spent 45 minutes on the phone to my boss in Holland (I was a bit worried about stuff that was going on) and by the end of the conversation I had her falling off her seat and she had to terminate the call on the grounds that I was making her laugh too much.

    Then the doorbell rang and My Garmin arrived a day early - Hurrah, 10 minutes later my 2.7kg of psp22 arrived. Double Hurrah.

    Now I'm going to skive of work to go for a super fast run! (Its a relative term) er about 7mph.

    Sorry I missed the cappuccineo SJ - can I have it with a cube of ice as Frappe now?

    I have a vision of SJ running on his newly acquired running machine in the garage wearing 3 layers of clothes with fan heaters blasting him with hot air. Sampling the latest Science in sports Vindaloo flavour energy gels in preparation for Mumbai. If you take your phone I'm sure you can count on a few text messages from us lot. Its fantastic news.

    And to think you were dissapointed not to get a place in the Brass Monkey SJ!
  • The irony is almost tangible Mr H - from Brass Monkey's to Hell's Kitchen.

    Funny, that vision of yours won't be far from the truth. Imagine I'll look a bit eccentric still running in a Santa costume in the New Year!

    Might have to do a Double Oh 7 and change my RW Forum name to Sweaty Betty.

  • sj have you got an attic in your house? Would surely be hot enough up there for training. Think my expensive treadmill is going to have to be downgraded to a 150 euro exercise bike. My "new house" (two years in jan) is still in need of some basics that really can't be put off any longer - anyone know any plumbers in dublin?

    Mr Happy - my garmin drives me mad - it takes ages to find the satelite when I alternate between a run from home, and from work (6 miles apart).....
  • The things you miss when you don't get to the thread for a few hours...

    Belated congrats SJ! One training tip - an extra hot version of the local speciality before the off and you'll blaze (literally and figurativly) round that course!!

    Jo - e-mailed schedules would be brilliant, thank you.

    SJ - I think I can knock an hour off for a couple of reasons but a lack of long term training is the main one. From Jan 01 to July 22nd this year I ran exactly 17 times for a total distance of 29 miles - before Jan I hadn't run in about 15 years! Starting from a higher fitness base should do me huge favours. Besides to get over the Moon you have to aim at teh stars, right?

    The schedule I was thinking of was one of these. For family reasons I run Mon - Fri so I was going to drop the Wed session to make it a five day and join the 2 rest days together.

    As always all help gratefully recieved!
  • Mr H...I thought you already had a Garmin ? Have you been a naughty boy and upgraded on the quiet thinkning Mrs H won't notice the difference ? Cunning.
  • Do7 - I had a Navman 300R but wanted all the map nonsense and the heart rate monitor.

    SJ Got me on Google earth and now I've found myself subscribing so that I can use my Garmin with it - Awesomely clever stuff. Now I might be able to see my house more easily from my next Easyjet flight because I've already seen it all from above using google earth

    SJ I think you should change your name to Betty Swollocks!
  • Thank you for your suggestion Mr H.

    Please don't be offended if I politely decline.

    SJ ;)
  • Oh can i join in

    80% certain i'll do it. Chances are i'm not in a little known event in London in April.

    Would love to do this one
  • SJ,

    Theres a guy in US named John Wallace who has run Mumbai. He is a member of the 100 Marathon Club. I will contact him for more info. even though you have got stuff from Hugh it would be nice to hear from a runners angle.
    E mail me then I can pass stuff on.
    I have a treadmill a ProForm 360P. Recommended to me by my chum William Sichel (in Orkney) who set a world 24 hour treadmill record. He has the next version up from mine I believe. I got mine from JJB Sports for £500 earlier this year.
  • amadeus, can you e-mail me so I have your address
  • Hello again everyone - sorry it has taken me a while to get here as I've been away for work. Am I too late for the coffee and cakes?

    First of all, congratulations to SJ - we'll be expecting a full account of training plus race report, naturally

    Definitely on for Dublin 2006 myself and have persuaded a couple of pals to come along next year (it will be their first marathon; I've sold them on the idea focussing on the delights of Dublin and the pub at the finish and missing out the bits about the running in between)
  • sluggie, sorry I wasn't around to take your coat on the way in. SJ is seriously neglecting his host duties. Mind you it takes him 30 mins to peel off all the layers of clothes he has on these days. Is it too early for cakes <passes sluggie a breakfast roll to go with cup of steaming hot coffee>
  • Mmm, lovely. Just out for a run with my women's running group, so more coffee and cakes afterwards - the sort with real calories in!
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