Mumbai International Marathon

Anyone done this before?

Any help or advice on what to expect gratefully received.



  • I haven't done it but Ive been there towards the end of january 5 years ago & it was very hot & the air was filthy - honestly you could see the smog like fog from our hotel window,

    I imagine running in those conditions would be very hard - saying that - O don't know the route - Mumbai is incredibly busy traffic wise & you sort of take you life into your own hand crossing roads over there. Do they close the roads for the marathon?
  • SJ there was an article on it in RW a few months ago I think - expect they would send it to you if you can't track it down
  • I'll have some Rogan Josh and extra pilau, with a Peshwari Naan plse.
  • Ixus 123 -

    Thanks for that.

    I understand the route to be a flat 'out-and-back' near the coast with a 7:40am start so I'm hoping the heat may not be too bad at that time of day.

    Preparing for those conditions in the middle of winter over here will no doubt feature numerous challenges.

    You have confirmed by fears about air quality though. Might have to pack my own. The Met Office reports describe the weather there as "smoke" which is just great for marathon running. Not.

    Sluggie -

    I'll see if I can track that article down, thanks.

  • I think I may still have the race report SJ if you've used your copy to stoke the fires in order to produce artifical smoke for training.
  • Jo -

    That would be really great, thanks.

    Do you have access to a scanner or should I mail you a fax number?

    Can't find it on the RW events index.

  • Think I'll get started right away and buy 20 Woodbine on the way home tonight.


  • I've been there a few times. My advice, steer clear. Couldn't imagine running a marathon there, too many negatives come to mind, but you are a brave lad even thinking about it.
  • For anyone who doesn't know (and I hope SJ doesn't mind me blowing his trumpet for him) is that he didn't actually chose this race he was selected to run it for his country based on finishing third irish man in the Dublin marathon. The man is a forum legend!

    SJ, haven't been home to look out the race report yet. tonight hopefully.
  • I was only there for about a day & a half and killing some time before we cuaght a connecting flight down to the South.

    honestly you could taste the pollution. No idea what it's like at tha time in the morning as I got drunk & slept in till noon the night I stayed over there. Me personally, while I might be able to adapt to teh heat, I doubt Id' be able to run with the smog - even someone having bonfire on my run route is enough to have me gasping.

    This was 5 years ago though & I was a stones throw from the airport. Bombay (mumbai) may well have cleaned up it's air a little, it could be fine AM or better quality a little further out.

    If you're going to go, a pre / fake tan is not a bad idea - being less white makes it look like you haven't just stepped off the plane & you're less likely to fall for some tourist trap.

    I'm glad you're goign - I'm hope I'm not painting a negative picture. I really loved India when I went - it took a little while to adapt or maybe even toughen up - seeing extreme poverty can be a little hard at first. On the other hand everyone was friendly & I felt safe going out there at night
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