Anyone from Redcar Area?

Advice on hotels needed


  • Are you doing the redcar 1/2 AMG or are you just planning a holiday.
    There are a few of us who are hopefully doing Redcar over in the FFF club. (although the list seems to get smaller every day) Unfortunately there is no listing in events so it has not appeared in the Events thread yet (well I think it hasn't)
    As for hotels...well I'm not that sure but Redcar does not strike me as the kinda place that has luxury hotels...maibly seafront B&B's or 3*(max hotels).
    However there is some real beautiful countryside just South of the area so I'm sure you could find some nice hotels around there. I do know one that is V.nice (not cheap) south of Middlesbrough - Judge's - Kirklevington Hall. We put our American clients their when they visit and they rave about it, but this would mean a 25-30 minute drive to Redcar.
  • Thanks. I spent a lot of my childhood in Redcar and am doing the Great North Run this year. I now live in Kent and was thinking of staying in Redcar to show my daughter where I lived and travelling up to South Shields on the Sunday - we usually stay in Yarm but couldn't get into our hotel this year. We've booked a B&B but just wondered what it was like - don't want to stay anywhere too loud!
  • You should come and do the Redcar half as well AMG and then you could run around the town of your childhood :-)
  • Maybe a race for next year? Too busy this year!
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