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i have recently started running been running now for about the past month or so and have been reading this site for the last week or so and find it very helpful.

im just after some opinions on ho well im doing, i began running about 3-4 miles a day and still do that generally in about 25 minutes sometime i do a slighly longer run about 5 miles but im quite pleased with my progress today i ran around 7-8 miles in about 50 minutes thats about 8 minutes per mile im pleased with this, do you think this is ok for a beginner im looking to run a half marathon in october and am ultimatley training for the london marathon.


  • Hi Alex,
    I think you're doing very well to be running 8 min miles after only a month and for 7-8 miles. It sounds as if you've come into the sport with a very good level of fitness. Did/do you do other sports? I don't think you'll have a problem running a half marathon.

    My only advice would be not to build up too fast as you wouldn't want to pick up an overuse injury, which is quite common when new to running.

    Keep up the good work and happy running!
  • i wasnt really fit before i started running but i didnt find it hard to pick up within a week i could run without feeling tired or feeling breathless i now do not find breathign difficult at all, im surprised how well im doing i didnt think id be running this amount so quickly, i do feel however i may be doing to much to soon i run everyday and rarly have a rest day which ive heard is important, maybe thats a reason ive been able to progress quickly.

  • Hello Alex - you need to be dead careful about overdoing things - don't do too much too soon - you MUST have a rest day to let your body recover else you'l soon find that you're tired all the time, and worse you stand a pretty good chance of injuring yourself. Hope you've got some good shoes - it's the one essential bit of kit. I think you can't beat Asics GT2070s.

  • hi

    i think i will start having a rest day each week, i have some nike trainers havent invested in anything expensive really as im quite new to running but i will eventually buy some new trainers, how much are the asics gt2070s

  • Hi Alex
    Sounds like you're doing really well but as the others have already said, make sure you rest at least one day per week.
    Before investing in a new pair of trainers, get yourself down to a 'proper' running shop where you should be given good advice on which are the best shoes for you depending on your running style. What is good for one person may cripple another.
    Happy running
  • Prefer the Kayano m'self! Can get them for £140 for two pairs if interested!

    PS. 8 minutes per mile would be around 56 minutes for 7 miles or 64 minutes for 8 miles

  • Complete Ba***rd - no not really, I have been running for years and due to my rugby player/shotputter build I will probably never match that pace (not too far of it mind) you really must get some rest or before long your body will start to get chronic fatigue and you will get slower and slower and probably get the flu or something, I would advise at least 2 days rest a week for someone so new to the game.
    Also be sure to vary your running, some fast shorter distances, some slower longer, some hill sessions, some easy runs, fartlek etc.

    Good luck.
  • Well done Alex,

    We are always glad to meet someone who has seen the light, and come to join our merry band.

    What half marathon are you thinking of doing in October?

  • GT2070s are about £55 - can go up to £70 for the latest model (not necessary) - they're good support shoes - it's true that what suits one person may not suit another.

    Jon - what's the Kayano like? Never tried it...
  • Hi Alex
    Welcome to the madhouse.
  • Alex -- well done. That's brilliant for a beginner (she says, as if she knows what she's talking about!) It's better than me anyway :)

    SY3 -- When I started (about a month ago) I bought the latest (gel I think) Asics GT 2070s and they cost me £79.99. Excellent pair of shoes though - haven't half solved my shinsplints problem that I had :)
  • Hi Cath. I got mine from On The Run and got a free pair of Asics tights as well. They really are great shoes. Alex, did you say what shoes you've got?

  • Sythree

    I used to buy the Asics 2000 series but now buy Kayanos.
    In terms of support they are pretty similar but because they have forefoot gel I find they are more cushioned. If you are 15 stone like me it is worth investing, and you can get 2 pairs of last years model from On the Run I think for £140.

    Excellent value.
  • Sythree... Sorry for the belated response to your question! The Kayanos are great! I'm on my second pair now. They take a while to break in, but once you've gone over that hurdle they're fine! The cushioning isn't too hard/soft, the support is excellent (reason why I don't get on with the 2070 is cos of the change in the lacing and fit from 2060) and fit is great.

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