Any Advice Gratefully Received...

Advice urgently required for 1 recently new Mum, who needs to get back to her beloved running. Haven't run for 7 months and wish to get back in to the swing of things with out injury and to get mileage back up to 7 comforatble miles 3 times a week. Also If I'm honest I want to lose that 1 stone I put on!


  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Take it easy, very easy.

    Warm up and cool down properly. Start with low mileage and gradually build back up. Don't rush it. Do enjoy it.

  • Thanks Sezz, thought as much - just hoped there maybe a quicker way of kick starting things going. The thought of starting my running again from scratch leaves me cold. Suppose its a good excuse to go shopping and buy a new pair of running trainners though!
  • And remember:

    Clean house, bad mother

  • I came back from injury in the summer (not quite the same, I know). My first run was 500 yards, and I didn't run again for another 2 days. My next run was 800 yards.

    As Sezz says, take it easy - there's no hurry. Even if you only add 5% on each run, you'll get back to your 7 milers soon enough
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    If you ran before then you may find once you get going that you soon get back into it, and you won't be starting from scratch.
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    Sezz says


    Says sezz

    Says says
    Sezz sezz

  • If I do any more cleaning I'll scream. As for bad more like mad, as its true - pregnancy does make you lose your marbles. Such a sorry state for one so young
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    Hey JJ!

    8 months - how come?
  • Hope the injury is better and not causing any more probs. Tried a run last Thurs but v. slow, so slow even the snails were over taking me. Took 3 days to recover. Doing that walk/run/walk thing.
  • JJ

    Thanx for advice will take note and not do my using rushing around like an idiot. Was thinking of joining a local running club but thought they may laugh at me feeble attempts as not up to my old standard of running.

  • It is important to be patient with yourself. I didn't start running until I already had three kids, but it was a sanity saver. Put it high on the priority list.

    It may be better to spend 6 months/a year running without a watch, and don't set your heart on pb's in races. Young children aren't predictable enough to have settled training. It's not really all that long til you get a routine you can rely on, wiser just to wait til it happens.

    Best of luck.
  • Hi Ali/Hillrunner

    Thanx for the good advice. Husband looking after little 1 tomorrow so that I can go for a snails pace jog on the treadmill. Hope all is well up in Scotland.
  • Start off small and build up.

    Why are you called Sezz, Sezz?
  • Sezz

    Do ya have a girlie shoe fetish or do ya work for Clarks?
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