Sub-Arachnoid Brain Haemorrhage

I suffered a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage last month in Italy. I almost died.. I would like some advice. I have completed the last 2 london Marathons, GNR and South runs over the last few years. I have a charity space for the 2006 flm. At the moment i cant seem to walk for more that 5 minutes without having to sit down. I have been told that i will make a 100% recovery, but it will take time. I am not out to break any records with my running but i really want to take part in the 2006 run. I would like some advice on weater or not i should take part or wait till 2007. Thank you.


  • This isn't what you want to hear, Danno, but ...

    Little point asking round here. Unless, that is, we have a brain surgeon on the forum (always a possibility).

    I'm not being flippant, btw. I wish you luck with your recovery, but you really need expert advice on this one.
  • Thanks Muttley, you never know you do have to have a screw loose to want to run 26 miles dont you! maybe there will be a neuro surgeon around there links. I will wait and see.
  • Danno
    I'm so glad you're on the mend. Check with your Dr/surgeon/physio about how to progress with training. Don't stress about FLM, you can always postpone until 2007 if you need to and you don't need to decide until just before. I know you don't want to do that and you may not need to, but it's better to enjoy the race rather than doing it and feeling really terrible (more than you would expect from a marathon, I mean!)
    Good luck!
  • Glad you made it!

    Of course you should check this out with your Docs. And you have to listen to their advice! (not just hear the bits you like most of us do!)

    But if they give you the go-ahead, you probably need to look at FLM2006 as a celebration of still being alive, rather than trying to beat any previous times, run all the way etc etc.

    If you think you can restrain yourself from trying too much too soon - then (doc permitting) why not?
  • Glad you're here!

    You'll get there.

    How does your neuro respond to the R word?

    If he comes over all smiles, that would be a good way to start. If not, hmmm. It needs expert advice with knowledge about what actually happened to you!
  • Ditto what everyone else says.

    If it means you have to wait another year, then you may have to - although good on you for wanting to get up and go!

    Keep us posted.......
  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭
    Mad to even be considring it this year. Please don't be one of the statistics.Maybe 2007?
  • I've been trying to recall a neighbour's experience with brain haemorhage. You had the haemorhage last month, say four weeks ago. You are (I presume) home and walking now.

    Do you know why you had the bleed? That would make an enormous difference to the dangers of running - congenital weakness, or high blood pressure being, I would imagine, factors which would be likely to cause problems again, even if this bout is pretty well healed.

    How much have you got back already? Are balance, muscle control, vision and all ok? I remember my neighbour being very tired and wanting to sleep all the time. She was in hospital for about 6 weeks. Presumably your being exhausted after 5 minutes is sort of like her sleeping all the time, possibly an indication of some degree of disruption still present.

    I'm not a medic. I also believe in the value of a dream. Let us know.
  • as a medic
    Id say why not
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