Tuesday 15th November

Cheating really since its still the 14th here, so an easy line for y'all

what (Mon) ; 4 miles treaddy basebuild curtailed due to ankle so did another 16 mins hard bike
why : pass the evening productively
last hard : err
last rest : sat

tues plan : 6 miles steady?

hope all are well - will go an read up now I've stolen the first post ever!!

I missed the nrg-b / sister key post - hope all's well


  • Morning

    Didn't post here much lst night.
    Nrg-b (and sis and family) Thinking of you. Be Strong/

    WP - excellent run from you on Sunday. Getting close to my old time pb. circa 1988. Thats one of my challenges for next year.

    Don't know if i'll run later today Last few days my throat has been dry
    RHR - 59 (+12).

    The lyrics sound familiar. But can't think this early in the morning.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    thanks all for suggestions. Not overstriding Mike - I tend to do quite the opposite and mince along like my knees are tied together! RichK's pic of me at mile 3 at Abingdon is the only pic ever taken of me running where I actually look like I'm running.

    what: cycle to work (8 miles each way)
    why: alternative to running
    last hard: sunday

    Have a good day all.

  • Morning

    What: 4 miles am / pm 8 x 800m in 2.40-2.42 (with 200m jog rec in 90-120 secs rec) - jog 2 laps - 16 laps at 1.36/lap
    Why: it would appear we're starting do decorate the base:-)
    Last hard: Saturday

    Going to work yesterday this whippet dog appeared by my side after 2 miles. No tag or anything on it. I was a bit wary at first but all it wanted to do was follow me, so it did a further steady 3 miles to school with me then tried to get in everytime somebody turned up for work!

    Great training partner, tucked in behind and no surging! Took a few more toilet stops than even one of my Sunday training partners though:-)
  • Good morning

    Thanks to everyone for the pics,Mrs.Sportaloo checked each of them last night. She repeatedly remarked how young everyone look. (Bryn you don't count :o) ) I will post the link to the pics from Saturday's race as soon as they are up. In Africa these things take time.

    Mava - A new day has dawned and I hope you are feeling more positive.
    WP - Well done on that PB,the report was great too.
    FL - I am so happy summer has arrived here ;o)

    What: 6 miles
    Why: Ticking over
    Last hard: Saturday

    HR was very low this morning,averaged 142 where it's normally around 149 at the same pace.

    Have a good one!
  • Sorry,meant to ask advice again. I have that 20 mile race coming up the weekend after this one. This race is going to be a killer, route description here:


    Question. What to do for my long run on Saturday? My legs feel fine after the HM and I was thinking of doing around 16 miles. Will that be too much? I dont want to cut back much as it will be my first race longer than HM distance and I wont be going for a specific time. Any advice appreciated.
  • Morning

    Hilly: what do you mean you are wearing a gillet were is you Welsh toughness;-)

    Just shorts and t shirt for me:-)

    Thanks Pammie what is your old time PB then?

    What: 6 miles after work I am still tired and can't get lazy butt out of bed in the morning!!
    Why: Why not:-)
    Last hard: Poppy run

    have a great day out there today
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • mavamava ✭✭✭
    HR splits for cheddar

    1. 10.09 (149)
    2. 10.28 (150)
    3. 10.39 (152)
    4. 10.37 (151)
    5. 10.44 (150)
    6. 11.07 (147) started run/walk here
    7. 11.23 (143)
    8. 10.19 (145)
    9. 10.50 (145)
    10. 10.56 (146)
    11. 10.57 (144)
    12. 10.46 (148)
    13. 10.42 (149)
    0.21 1.57 (156)

    Right, off to work.
  • morning

    what: 30 mins weights, 30 mins easy turbo
    why: 5k race tomorrow
    last hard: XC on sunday
    last rest: friday

    congrats on your PB Welsh Poppy! sounds like a fantastic race
  • Greetings!

    What: 10M incl. 4x5 min @ 5k pace with 2:30 recoveries.
    Why: VO2 max session
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Friday.
  • Morning

    Did not get out last night, more work issues!!! What is it, when I was injured and got that extra hour or 2 to spare, yes I could stay at work, cause I did not need to go out and run. But there were no problems at work then, now I am back all hell seems to have broken loose. Left work last night at 5 pm thinking I'll get home and run about 4 miles, just as I got home and was getting ready for run the phone rings and there are more problems at work. So log on at home for a few hours and then come in to work till midnight. Did not fancy running after that so it was straight to bed.

    Woke this morning feeling tired from all the hours worked these last few days, so run was defo out the window this morning.

    Tonight I am telling boss I want a couple of hours to myself and am going to run and relax at home (mobile is being swithched off).

    What - run with mate John
    Why - see above

  • Morning all,
    Sportaloo - the race looks great - a real challenge - thanks for the link. I think if you just take your running quietly this week and make your 16 miler nice and comfortable I think it will be fine - you are looking at the bigger picture over-all aren't you.

    What: Little orienteering course with grandkids. Eldest one on a go-slow, youngest one - keen as mustard.
    Why: Had to take both of them as daughter has a sore foot.

    Have a good day.
  • Morning.

    Sportaloo, even though you're not going for a time I'd be tempted to run a bit shorter this weekend, say 12 miles. Others might think differently, but you want to have relatively fresh legs.

    Look forward to you pics too Sportaloo.

    WP, I forgot to add either a t-shirt or gillet:o) In other words I wear my gillet with just a crop top! Welsh toughness enough for you:o)lol

    what:7 miles with 1 mile time trial
    why:easing down for half marathon at the weekend, but giving the mile a shot this evening at club as they've got a measured mile tt.

    Have a good day all!

  • Sorry NZC, cross post there. Sportaloo go with NZC's suggestion she's more experienced than me!
  • morning all,

    BR, a training partner who will agree with everything you say at least?

    WP, congrats on the PB and high placing.

    Mava, i know you're dissapointed with your time but your splits show pretty consistent running.

    Club run last night and the inside of my left heel feels quite tender this morning. Not had that before. Any pressure applied feels quite painful. No run planned for tonight anyway so will see how it feels tommorrow.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    Plan to go out later for a speed session of some kind (mind is willing the body is behind)....

    I think Ive worked out the hyperlink thing, so for a second attempt at a photo -


    Its not changed colour so look like its not worked - sorry still in the dark ages with these things...

  • RFJ, links

    your words here

    just looked at mileage for the shoes i'm wearing and they've done over 400 so could be time for a shopping trip methinks.
  • bugger, that didn't work either. It was meant to be an instruction as to how to do links.

    Try again..

    a href="http://www......">your words here
    BUT you need a < at the front of the above and a > at the end.

    Nice pic by the way
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    Mava - those splits look pretty consistent and your HR was pretty low - what's your max?

    Mr D recovered well from his back surgery yesterday and was sending texts not long after getting out of theatre requesting all sorts of food! He was taking paracetamol for the pain though, because he thought he should save the morphine for when he really needed it! Says he has no sciatic pain so far... so fingers crossed.

    What: 4 miles easy and then spinning class and yoga this evening
    Why: it's in my plan and I've never tried yoga before
    Last hard: sunday
    Last rest: last wednesday
  • oh i give up. You need to add at the end of the your words here bit.
  • aggghhh. the bit i'm typing does not appear. bloody html.
  • Morning

    What: 6.75 steady miles
    Why: Need 2 days recovery from LR

    Last Hard: 2 days
    Last Rest: 4 days

    BR, you should take your new friend down to the track, he could have potential over the shorter distances;-)

  • Morning,

    Mava - nice to hear you sounding more positive. Your splits and HR looked nice and steady to me, with the 6&7 being typical tough bits. I think the pacer idea is great though - what do you think?

    What: 40 swim and 60 turbo.
    Why: need to swim and want to try new turbo
    Last hard: forgotten
    Last rest: Thurs

    Haven't run for a few days but I had a little niggle and wanted to rest it, so have stomped on my usual practice of 'I feel like doing something: I know, I'll go running' and kept it quiet. Long run tomorrow, so we'll see.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Mel - those IM experts over on the other side would say an hour was a lot for a first turbo session... having said that I think I did 30 minutes the first time and then moved up to 45 and yesterday I did 1.5 hours because it was too windy to go out on the bike. I kept the resistance low though.
  • Thanks Debbo - I will put the tv on and see how I go, but at least now will not feel bad if I get off after 30 mins!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    The worst thing is the sweating - make sure you mop it off your bike afterwards - it's bad for the paintwork!!
  • Morning.

    What: 7 x 800m, off 1min recovery

    Why: speed

    Last hard: last thursday

    Last rest: sunday

    Train well
  • morning,

    my first post in here after lots of lurking.. Mel, just keep the HR nice and low and if you can deal with the boredom you will be fine ! I love my turbo...

    What: 3x5km @ 172 HR at track, and no doubt annoying all the 400m rep'ers
    Why: HR drift test and aerobic work session
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: not sure, but ages ago
  • Morning

    What: Crazy Sporty Day today, AM 44K bike (28k on veledrome/track with tri club and rest there and back), then 8K very easy run (ended up with bad stitch, not had that for ages and walked quite a it). PM First ever club run, was very very scared but it wasn't as bad as I though, no way I could keep up with the others but we were all in the same area of the park doing our different bits so kept passing by people and saying hi which was nice.
    Why: Good question - tired now, going to bed as swimming at 6am tomorrow
    Last Hard: Sunday's 10K race, although the cumulative effects of todays sessions made the day pretty tough. Still, just making the most of not working at the moment as it's not going to last!

    WP, you're too modest about your achievements, you must have been pretty pleased with 5th place!!

    Thanks for all the well dones on my 10K. I was very pleased, official result is 59.02 so not too much work to do now to gate 58 something. Have a good day all of you.
  • Welcome Cartman.

    BR - like your new training partner. The toilet stops obviously helped him get a bit of interval training in.

    Just back from a fantastic biking weekend in Afan_Forest_Park (S.Wales). Just right for marathon recovery and a short break from running.

    Saturday: 46km bike - Skyline Trail
    Sunday: 23km bike - Wall Trail
    Monday: 15km bike - Cwmcarn Trail
    Today: Sports massage
    Why: Monthly massage
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Friday

    Hope everyone raced well at the weekend.
  • Morning All,

    Sorry haven't had time to read back through yesterdays thread...bit busy at home! Well raced at the weekend to those that did.

    Thanks for all the congrats and good wishes.

    Managed a 5 miler last night. Running will be fitted in somewhere this week as will my posting on here.

    Run well all.

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