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  • Yep Sportaloo, take the advice, I tend to try to have an easier week before a big race week. For example, after the HM the other week, I did the XC the following weekend and could still feel the effort in my legs, even after 7 days. The recovery from the XC and HM on subsequent weeks also slowed me down somewhat. 12M from hilly for a long run sounds right, or more but at a lower tempo than normal!

    What: club run tonight (in longs cos it's cold!). I'd like 8M so I can do another higher mileage week!
    Why: 46M last week, and I want 50M!
    Last hard: watching the 10k!
    Last rest: Friday.
  • Evening all:

    Just in from an hour and a half at about 6:45 pace. Didn't feel great but struggled through. Think I'm beginning to feel the effect of increased volume.

    BR - like the look of that session, I can see exactly where he's going with it, overcook any one of the 800s and that's it!
  • good evening all.

    managed to survive cycling through central London today. HR went up a bit once or twice (and nothing to do with how hard I was cycling!). But I'm definitely not cycle fit. Think I need to spend some time getting into practice before hols.
  • Evening All.

    What: 6.5 mile tempo run.
    Why:felt like it.
    Last Hard: Sunday.
    Last Rest:4 days.

  • cartman - hello

    mellisa - cartman is the turbo master as you probably know already. bike thong's are good. i put a towel over the handlebars and then have a gym towel to mop my brow with. i've kind of got used to being drenched with sweat.

    turbo session this evening has been canned as i got home late and friend was here when i arrived. nice swimming lesson to look forward to this evening though.

    what: swimming lesson
    why: bit of training
  • think i'll leave the early morning bike rides till i live out in the countryside some day! i'm looking forward to the summer and lots of early evening bike rides though.
  • BR, what became of your training partner in the end. Was he waiting for you at the end of the day ?

    Melli, I get the impression that you don't race very often, and wonder whether you wouldn't benefit from frequent shorter races eg cross-country. Are you a member of a club, which is part of a league with races on Saturday so they don't mess up your long runs on Sundays.

    What: am 8.5 ml inc 3x8mins tempo, 1 min recovery
    pm: c 6ml club run
    Why: a) able to run offroad in the daytime, so chose to do my tempo run then, though I could feel my shin afterwards, so I'm still going to have to be careful
    b) recovery and haven't run with the club for ages, but I know I'm going to get a lot of stick for keeping it to a recovery run and not pushing myself.
  • Evening – been really busy at work so I’ve only skimmed the threads for the last few days (I didn’t realise what I was taking on when I decided to post daily to these threads!)

    Sportaloo – by popular demand there don’t seem to be any photos of me on the web (last race I did was the Hastings 1/2 and I can’t find the link to the photos)

    All – what does LSR stand for?

    nrg-b – I don't know what’s happened with your sister, but best wishes.

    Congrats again to all racers over the weekend.

    Hello Cartman

    What: 5 miles easy(ish) - done
    Why: planned
    Last hard: April
    Lat rest: Friday

    Finally a question – I’m currently using a HRM when training to stay in my target training zones as I tend to get carried away and run too fast. However, when I run in the HRM calculated “easy” zone it feels too easy. I think the HRM is using Max HR to calculate the zones so should I be using my working HR to define the training zones? (I hope that make sense!)

    Enjoy your day (what’s left of it).
  • Doh!

    Lat = Last
  • Evening folks.

    Just a quick post.

    Lizzy - sorry to hear the ankle problems have returned...but please, no knitting chat!

    For me today...pretty much the same as yesterday...

    What: 30k on the ekky bike followed by ankle exercises in the pool
    Why: the recovery continues apace...

    Have a good night.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Hyperlite LSR = Long Slow Run

    What - 5.75m with 10 x 1min 30 sec fast and same recovery

    Why - Speed

    Last hard -That session

    Last rest - Sun

    Given up on the link thingy - doh, not made for computers......
  • What's wrong with knitting?!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    hiya , quick post,

    what 3km easy warm up then 5*1km fast with 400 recovs, 2.5kms cool down.
    why speed (after a fashion)
    last hard this morning (no energy)
    last rest Friday


  • Welcome Cartman

    What: Back from Croatia this pm so late evening gentle run with Mary profiting from mum's presence here and feeling the effects of Sunday's hills on the front of the thighs.

  • Evening

    Very good stress releaving run tonight. About 5.5 miles fairly fast and was surprised how warm i felt. Then a nice long soak in a bath with a bottle of beer. Wound me down from all the stress from work.

    Been some good running over the last couple of days now that I have back read. If your on the bench relax or cross train and the recovery will be faster. If not don't worry to much about the cold out their dress correctly and you won't feel it, or if you live in hot places you just make me jealous.

  • Evening peeps.

    What: 5 mile run with the club
    Why: Thought I'd best put an appearance in to show that I'm still alive.

    I went out with the group running at the easiest pace. It felt good to be running with them again.

    Have a good evening.
  • Hola!

    Just a quickie from me, lot on me plate (yum!)

    What: hilly run, 69 mins@78.5% MHR
    Why: Work session

    Coming down with a cold I think, blergh.
  • debbo, glad the op went well for Mr D!

    Welcome Cartman.

    tt & Lizzy, but I'm Welsh. Only kidding I wasn't really wearing a crop top. I might occasionally for a race, but certainly not for training during cold weather!

    Melli, I think I'm a little the same when it comes to speed over shorter distances. I too think a bit of it is mental with me. I've told myself for so long that 10k isn't my distance that I'm finding it hard to clear that thought!

    Knitted shorts, AF?:O)

    Nothing wrong with knitting Melissa. I used to knit when my kids were babies and they had some lovely things, me too!:o) No time these days.

    I went to club tonight and had a good run. Did the measured mile in 5:54, which is my quickest on the route.

    Then went on to do 7 more miles with about 6 hills at sprint pace. Even the bits in between weren't easy tonight, but a very satisfying run!

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good running Hilly, funny how some days we feel fully charged and other days fatigued.

    Drew, URR, Lizzy.. a swift recovery to you all whatever your ailment.

    Will you cyclists please stop talking about bikes! I have been patiently waiting 8 weeks for delivery of my Airborne and I've heard a whisper that it is finally due this week. Patience is a virtue etc. Fingers crossed {o:

    Club night.. a couple of the younger lads fancied an hour or more so I volunteered to accompany them. 1 mile at 7:30mm warm up, then 8 miles at 6:53 pace, a useful tempo run. Felt great all the way, pleasantly surpised 2 days after a 10k race.

    Have a good night all.
  • MikeB - not much danger of me overcooking the 800s with my leg speed:-). I did the session and felt good on the 800s, but a bit fed up halfway through the 16 laps after. Glycogen low I think as I hadn't refuelled in time after Sunday and ran 13.5 miles yesterday.

    Mellifera - great idea suggested for you to do a few more low key races like XC. If you're short of a club we at Barnsley AC always extend a warm welcome:-)
  • Ive been out

    thats it
  • was planning to do a nice easy run at the club tonight whilst still defending my unbeaten record till I ran into something dangerous, one of the runners from the top pack who'd had an awful day at work. Within teh first mile he was over 100m ahead and showed no signs of stopping. Accelerated eventually caught him and ran in with him, but not the easy run I wanted before tommorow!

    6.65 miles in 42 mins ( irritated runner ran over 20 seconds faster than he'd done this route in the last 2 years, we run this route every week :S). over the hilliest route possible :).

    BR- never stop recruiting do you! Barnsley were blessed with a press gang sergeant the day they recruited you :O)
  • Bryn, sounds like you need more self-discipline there. Club runs shouldn't turn into races, certainly not each week, and when you sound as if you wanted an easy run before tomorrow !
  • Evening runners - and hello Cartman.

    Rest day today. Feel too tired to run. Don't think I'm going down with anything, just a work/sleep imbalance.
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Mr D is recovering well and has had the odd twinge of sciatic pain - they said it wouldn't go away completely - but nothing much. He is up and walking around and is hoping to get home tomorrow.

    Stickless - I will certainly be suggesting pilates or other core strength stuff to him.

    Hilly - I used to knit lovely things for my babies - no time these days! That was before the days of the internet of course!!

    Spinning was tough tonight, but was followed by ashtanga (?) yoga, which I enjoyed - first ever yoga session for me.
  • Knitted shorts - hardly technical!!

    What - Pooped
    Why - went to the gym
    Last Hard - getting up a hill on my bike on Sunday
    Last Rest- hmmm, actually I can't remember.

    I'm STARVING! It must be this bike riding. I devoured peanut butter on toast with chopped banana's on top this evening. AND then I ate chocolate for good measure!

    Scooby snax needs some LARGE DOUBLE DECKER WHAMMIES!

    P.s. return to running going well. Achilles is being good and behaving.

    Puff, puff! (and that's after 15 mins)
  • On a dark desert highway (√)(deserted?)
    cool wind in my hair ☺
    warm smell of colitas (must be a brand of engine oil)
    rising up through the air.
    Up ahead in the distance
    I saw a shimmering light
    Oh no it's a Police car
    And he's stopped me, oh Sh.te.

    At least I managed to avoid 3 brushes with the Law in 3 days. Another 300 miles commuting today. No time for a run.

  • Evening all.

    No time to read what's been going on, will catch up tomorrow.

    What: 1:17 at 70%HRmax
    Why: Still base training
    Last hard: Monday

    Club run tomorrow.
  • Good one Hilly - my bench-mark - sub 6 for 1 mile - sub 7 for the marathon especially doing all the long work you do!
  • I should start tomorrows thread really.
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