Asics GT 2110

If I could source for you a pair of Asics GT 2110 in your size, how much would you pay for them today ?
I don't mean pre-order for when they come out in the UK. I mean physically have them now.
Is there a premium for this sort of thing ?
Or, are runners quite content to bide their time...


  • Always bide my time - give it 3-6 months for them to change colour and you'll get £20 off the old model. Why pay top price if you don't have to
  • Already ordered from Startfitness for £20 off rrp so happy to wait another 2 weeks.
  • Puts paid to my import/export plans if this is representative :-)
  • I needed to replace my 2100's and the 2110 was an easy choice as they're almost identical - JJB are doing them for £64.99.
  • Certainly would not pay a premium.
  • Runners are generally shrewd people and wait a while for the "fashion models" to go out of date and drop in price. After all they are going to get a bashing and won't look too smart after a few miles in the rain. I always buy a couple of pairs of last year's models to take me through the season and then see how others rate the new models before I buy them a year or so later.
  • For anyone wnating a cheaper pair of the Asics GT2110 I just bought some from Start Fitness (item ref: TN6040150) for £59.98. Needed some shoes and like the range so just bought them. Great shoes for me.
  • Tried to buy a pair from JJB and they do not do half sizes!!! Got them from an internet direct site, and no probs - have been running in the 20 series for years
  • These were the best ever day-in day-out trainers for me. The shoes in the same series before the 2110 were good. The 2110 were perfect, in my opinion. Unfortunately Asics messed up big time when they brought out the 2120 and they have continued with the same poor formula. The 2120 were a completely different shoe from the 2110 and Asics should have named them something else. Please, please bring back the 2110. If you do, I will start buying Asics again. 
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