Your favourite race T Shirt/Singlet

Can't believe that I'm starting this thread - maybe I'm the only sentimental one or nobody else has noticed "T-shirt Tales".


  • My favourite piece of gear is a tatty Melbourne Marathon jacket that my father wore after running in the Melbourne Marathon ( ofcourse ! ) many years ago. It has a big iron mark in the back where it was accidently ironed for too long...but I love it and still wear it.My Dad can't believe that I still have it.
    Sentimental value = off the richter scale.
  • One of my favourite tops that I couldn't possibly wear anymore looks like it came out of the ark. It is white and home-sewn and made of cotton with Auckland embroidered on it - early '60s before screenprinting etc had come to light it was my first provincial x-country running top.
    It brings back great memories.
  • okay sounds stupid but there's this little plain black marks and spencer singlet, think Grease style!, very nice side vents and really comfortable material. This was my racing top until I joined a club!, Still fits me today, use it for the odd track session and any race I fancy running and seeming to be unattached :). Was there for me at the beginning, and it's still here now. Might in future race when it's really cold use it as an under vest as it's so clingy :)
  • My Sachsenman 2000 finisher shirt, not because it looks nice or anything, I happen to think the design is pretty ugly. It's just because it's the first Ironman finisher shirt I got, and I feel I really earned that with almost 16 hours of blood sweat and tears.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    I still have the t-shirt from the first race I ever did - Hatfield Broad Oak 10k, 1999.

    It's got very thin and faded and small holes are starting to appear, but I can't throw it away.
  • 2 tops, bith of which are too small now.

    My first AAW vest
    My yellow Kodak sponsored school T Shirt
  • A Singapore Marathon 2004 shirt which I haven't worn yet, it says "The Courage to run, the spirit to triumph" on the back. I bought it as a spectator last December when Scotty ran the marathon there, partially in honour of my late brother, whose family still live there.
  • My Springfield Striders 10 mile race T Shirt incorpoarating the Essex Champs - circa 1991 they only gave them to the first 50 finishers - I ran just under 58 minutes and was the only one from our club to get one - and although my old training partner Terry Knightley went on to win nearly 40 Essex medals, I beat him that day and he didn't get the T Shirt! and has never forgotten it!
  • i like my 2004 london marathon t-shirt - crap quality but as it was my first marathon that's the reason

    on an (almost) related topic i received a bath half marathon t-shirt yesterday for next years race!
  • This year's favourite T/shirt was my 34k "Legend" one. The race was an inaugral event over the famed Waiatarua course where Arthur Lydiard had his runners train.
    You can imagine my dismay when I came back from a training run and found my car broken into and my running bag with this shirt in it stolen.
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