Does anyone on here go fell running?

Is it possible to enter races without being a member of the FRA and/or a running club? And where do you find out about the race dates? Or am I on my own here?


  • Yes you can run as an unnattached runner, and you don't have to be a member of the FRA.

    Race dates you can find on the FRA website (some of them) or on the websites of vatious luminary fell clubs such as Bingley, or Dark Peak.

    I'd recommend you join the FRA though, if you're intending fell running on a regular basis.
  • Its £12 pa BTW

    And you get a full race diary and a thrice yearly mag (which is a good read)
  • I just want to try it. Given that I enjoy running and the fells, I thought I'd try combining the two. Given that it's not that simple, I'd like to give it a go before parting with my hard-earned. That said I've already bought the shoes and an extra £12 shouldn't break the bank.
  • Well its cheaper and more laid back than road running. Most I've ever paid for a race is £5 (apart from the Three Peaks - but thats special). Most are just "turn up and run" races at around £3.50
  • I want to do the Three Peaks eventually having walked it three times, but apparently you can't enter unless you've run two other medium or long races. That will have to be my target for 2006 (running two med-long) providing I don't break my ankle or something, then maybe I can do the Three Peaks in 2007.
  • Thanks for the link FR, that'll keep me busy this weekend.
  • There are plenty of med/long races to choose from - especially if you're prepared to travel. the Cumbrian calendar is bursting with 'em.

    I'd suggest that you start with a couple of short races - just to get the hang of it - then move on to something a bit more challenging. The shorter races generally don't have much navigation in them, the longer ones can be a real navigational challenge - especially when the field gets a bit spread out.

  • I'm always prepared to travel to Cumbria.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I spent a lot of my youth orienteering, but have got lost enough times in the higher lakeland fells in poor weather to know that I'll need to work on that side of things!
  • there is a thread on the tri / ultra bit of the forum (called 'Fell Running') where hills & mud types tend to congregate.

    I'm a bit of a lightweight 'cos I live in flat York, but it's definitely to be recommended. Friendly (usually wind up in a pub on the way back) & usually cheap (my local fell series is i think about £3 a time).

    I'm not a member of the FRA but my local all-round running club has a decent fell running contingent, who will usually let me know what is going on & provide lifts.
  • DG - I also live in flat York, and would probably also describe myself as a bit of a lightweight.

    Is the club you refer to Knavesmire, cos I'm about to join them?

    "Hills and mud types" - must pay it a visit!
  • Try the North York Moors AC site, they do a number of races and would not be as far as Cumbria (nice though it is) and list ther races in the area.

    Website is

    You want Acorn / Rowntree. Vastly superior to the Old Enemy (despite being nearly identical, and ghastly rumours of a merger). But last year, as the club newsletter put it, the fell team probably won enough to stock a small bar.
  • Halfmanhalfsponge

    I just love that animation.

  • My kids found it from a Spongebob Squarepants site, so I knew I had to use it, my running style exactly. Especially on the downhills in fell races!
  • Hmmm, now all you need is a hat like Bob's!
  • Fell Liker - What! r u saying I already have the Pants/Shorts?
  • Duck Girl - If you're still there, what is the local fell series to York?
  • Jonny - for a 'safe' taster of what fell running is like (but without the mud/ice/need to carry your own safety kit/suicidal descents and true tradition) you may like to try one of these Cumbrian trail races. They're great fun and well organised - the Garburn Race in June does, I believe, make the FRA calendar as a 'short' event.
  • it's just called 'The Winter Fell Series' or some such. Mostly North York Moors area, 3-10 miles. Get thee down to club & find out! (btw i won't be doing any racing or club nights till after christmas - sorry!)
  • HMMM any welsh boyos do this?

    Hills are nowt to me, i live in sight of pen y fan.
    Do I join the welsh fell runners, both? Or do I have a choice?
  • Well I posted my application form for the FRA yesterday, so that's a start.

    However, I also went to see my GP because of persistent shin pain (assumed shin splints), and she told me that she thinks I've got a fracture of the left tibia. Awaiting x-ray results to confirm, but no wonder I've got through a lot of Nurofen lately.

    That'll be no running until the New Year then.

    I think I'll hold fire on joining a running club until I can actually run.
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