Weekly rhythms

Take Fridays for example...

My coach likes people to work off a Tuesday / Friday cycle for the harder runs. On a number of separate occasions I've pitched up at the track after work Friday ready for my session and body has just not wanted to play.

Today, after a stress free and relaxed day at work I managed to get some work experience visits completed early and went up there for my session. Did the warm up and first set and it just wasn't flowing. Dug in hard to maintain goal pace but drifted out to 2 secs / lap slower before end of the first set.

The stupid thing is, I'll go back up there tomorrow and it will flow like a fine wine.

Odd thing is there's also been occasions I've crammed the session in on Thursday instead and nailed it.

What is it about Fridays I wonder...


  • That they follow Thursdays?
  • Thanks for that.

    Maybe if I tried the 20mpw approach I might be fresh for Fridays?:-)
  • BR Now I know why you didn't do last nights hilly run. I couldn't run for toffee today. Went out for 20 minutes and that was enough. I know why they say after a Hard day have an Easy day? Funnily enough, I often find Sundays a slog.
  • I've already gone over 20mpw this week. With today's 2 I am up to the grand total of 24!!!! With a long run at the weekend I might even get over 30.

    As you know I am trying to up the mileage. Man cannot live on speed alone (or distance)
  • your mind is probably on switch off on a Friday afternoon, even if your body is up for it ( so to speak)
  • JARS - that's what I make it but if it's a mental thing I should be able to overcome it - hence the puzzlement today.

    HMHS - there's a Sunday run setting off at 9.30am in Darton if you fancy it - a 75 mins and 2 hour option.
  • Unfortunately can't make this Sunday. Last 3 been racing/marshalling so under pressure to stay at home :'(
  • BR - I'll try and dig out an email I've got from George Gandy which makes interesting reading, hopefully will be back with it soon!
  • I often find by friday I am shattered and keep this generally as an easy day, here is an extract from the mentioned email, and i believe a longer artice appeared in novembers RW

    ......."Build things up very gradually - use Tues workouts as your main evaluation/safeguard that things are progressing properly. Try to be solid/consistent in Sun-Wed training (with easing off/opting out, if needed, on Thurs/Sat TO ENSURE YOU ARE OK FOR SUNDAY RUN AND TO START NEW WEEK IN APPROPRIATE CONDITION TO BENEFIT)."
  • Thanks for that Mike. I take that's based on a normal Monday to Friday working week?

    I find I can run well on Saturday morning but then the Sunday run becomes a time on feet exercise. At the moment I'd rather get the sessions in twice per week. Nearer FLM I'll be looking to make Sunday a long run / hard session rolled into one.
  • No, thats the strange thing, I work a rotating week with 5 days on and 2 off, but I'm still always tired on a friday, and take it easy no matter what.

    I've been ramping up the milage recently and am pretty shattered (feel the Stortford 10 on Sunday could go badly wrong) but will still give it ago.
  • Called being Human.......
  • By that i mean i think we all suffer from good days ,bad days sometimes,i recently races over 5 miles and was only slightly quicker than i train...
    nothing in the tank ,and i had prepared correctly,next day ran the same route 2 mins quicker on my own....afetr 30 odd years of running,racing i can't work it out...lol.
  • Yeh Barnsley Im not quite at the "getting coached" stage yet but I have tend to have off days on Fridays also.
  • A la last night when it took me 3 miles to feel "warmed up". Saying that it was bloody freezing last night.
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