Happy ending stories??

Hi all,

My poor Mum (50, fit but not a runner) was walking the other day, and all of a sudden she felt this awful pain in her calf. Ultrasound in A&E confirmed she's torn her calf muscle (gastrocnemius, luckily soleus is still intact). She did it a week ago now, but is still horribly bruised and in a lot of pain. She can't sleep much because it is so uncomfortable.

Of course we're all being as positive as possible, but she's not taking to injury well (does anyone?!). She's the most stubborn person I know (worse than me!) and is determinedly walking about (with crutches) - but is very very depressed. I'm really worried about her.

I know this will be a long haul. Anyone got any stories (pref with happy endings!) of recovery from such an injury? How long did it take? Did you get physio? What was it like?

All comments gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,



  • Keep it moving - massaged - stretched - otherwise it could stick as it mends which means it would be stiff and likely to go again.
  • hi mighty fish
    and your poor mum

    i was thinking, didn't that big singer lady off celebrity fit club tear the calf muscle?

    she recovered over the course of a few months

    a mate of mine in her 30's tore hers and recovered, though it was over a year before she was back to running 10k - but your mum is presumably not looking to run 10k yet!

    personally, i've only "tweaked" mine and it took a month or so before it felt strong

    i think she is gonna have to be really patient

    is there something new she can take up to divert her mind from it a bit?
  • Thanks for messages David & LOK - she has her first physio appt soon - I imagine that will be pretty painful, but will help it progress.

    As for being patient - I can report that patience is in rather short supply! Poor thing, she feels really depressed about it. Am sure that the lack of sleep (apparently it hurts a lot at night) can't be helping.

    We're having an evening watching strictly come dancing - hopefully that'll distract her for a few hours!

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