Mens Tights or Tracksters

Hi, I'm a Beginner and would be grateful for some advice on the above. I have a skin problem and am very embarassed to expose my legs in public. I never wear shorts in public. I'm looking for something smooth and comfy. Is there anyone else out there with a similar problem, and if so how do you cope with this? This is question is open to anyone. Please help.


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    Every runner I know wears Ron Hill Tracksters in the colder weather (but the hotter weather might be a problem for you)
  • Some men wear tights for running all year - you can get some thinner ones (or at least ladies can....never checked out the men's section) that would be not-too-hot for milder weather.

    Lycra is usually very smooth and comfy, and there are even ones that are lined with a little fleece-type stuff if you find fleece soothing for your skin. (no good for summer though!)

    Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you might what to look for single-colour tights/tracksters so that there are less seams that might rub. If you do get any sore points, Bodyglide is very good for preventing chafing (but depends on whether your skin can take the Bodyglide!)

    I understand a long t-shirt can help if you feel rather -err- exposed in lycra! experience running outside is that no-one is looking at your legs/wobbly tummy/bright red face/sloooooow pace (delete as applicable - or select all if you are me).....maybe if you try running in tights/tracksters over the winter you'll start to see this too and might feel OK with shorts in the summer.

    In the gym, things are a little different - people do look around....but mainly out of boredom/need for distraction ....never noticed anyone mock anyone, but in a gym setting I guess you'd be more comfortable in long-trousers all year.

    Good luck with the running!
  • Frank you had better get some long leg gear real soon, as I thing snow may be on its way.
  • Agree with HH. I ran in tights for the first time on Saturday, having run in shorts until then. I was slightly self-conscious at first, but this soon disappeared as I realised that no-one actually looked at me (their loss...)
    It might be the way to go for you too - if you can run in tights and not be self conscious, then you might find shorts OK in the milder weather?

    Plus, tights are incredibly comfortable.
  • ShinyShiny ✭✭✭
    Go for tights! I never felt self-conscious about them personally and I've got annoyingly thin legs.

    My big problem was moving from shorts to short tights during marathon training to avoid chafing. There's something about the short ones that focuses your attention on the 'package' in a way that long ones never seem to.
  • I've discovered that my Ron Hill leggings leave my bum a bit cold- probably because it isn't doing a lot of exercise when I'm running. SO I move into wearing an extra pair of loose shorts (unlined) over the top when it's frosty.

    I'm a real fashion victim, me.

    The only time I ever get "shouts of encouragement" is from lardies who need to get out a bit themselves, and it really wouldn't matter what I was wearing.
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    I can recommend the Ron Hill Trackster Treks for the really cold weather - two zip pockets too.
  • hello frank
    even in summer i wear 3/4 leggings
    Longer tights in the winter

    (im a girl btw)
    er i dont know what your skin conditon is but really people dont look as much as you think they do
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    You're a girl !!
  • yes

    I like pink as well

    you didnt know?
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    How long have you been a girl then?
  • Many thanks guys. I appreciate all your advise and expertise. There is surely a mixed preference about but it has given me some good and professional guidance on which one best suits me. Kind regards to you all.

  • If I may add my twopenn'orth, I have the skinniest legs in the world, and have been self-conscious about them all my life, but am now happy to wear shorts in races as nobody bats an eyelid.

    In the cold and in the gym I always wear tracksters, as tights are not tight on my legs so look stupid, and tracksters are the mutts nuts. Trackster treks are great for walking, but I find them too hot for running, even in cold weather.
  • I lycra my soft silky nylon elastane tights. cling to my muscles and clamp me tight. nothing under or over. just gotta be brave and go commando. bulges are in and girls love it. I get hundreds of whoops, whistles, comments, laughs, giggles ( lots) MAINLY COLLEGE GIRLS. I love being looked at checked out and giving early morning runner a smile and being oggled at. sports exhibitionism has never been so great.
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