foot injury

I have been running for 2 years now firstly to run a half marathon then got the bugg and carried on doing variuos 10k's and stuff.I have never had an injury in that time but now I have what seems like bruised and strained toes and ball of my right foot
being uncomfortable after around 3 miles.Do you think this is indicating that I should change my shoes,or is it something that will wear off.I run in asics 2060's which I really find great but have had them for about a year now although they look fine do they lose there cushioning.I run around 15-20 miles aweek and working op to a half marathon in april so I feel i should sort it out now.Any advice on this would be very much I am sure a visit to my doctor's would be time wasted
Thanks a lot

Alan Locke


  • I love 2060s too, but at 20 miles a week for a year, you've run over 1000 miles in them, so they'll be knackered!

    Having said that I got a similar problem with new 2070s, last time I was in a running shop they said that the 2070s (and 2080s) had a stiffer midfoot which meant that more bend had to come under the base of the twos, which had caused problems for some people. They said it was true to a much lesser extent on the 2060s. Having said that lots of people love the 2070s, but I never got on with them and have gone for 1080s which so far seem good (had them a couple of weeks, not tried any long runs yet).

    That's not as definite answer as you'd want I guess but hopefully food for thought!

    Good luck with it!
  • I agree with Iain, your shoes have had it! Manufacturers reckon on 500 miles as a life span but of course they have a vested interest in this! But, over a 1000 miles is too far for the cushioning to be offering you any protection now. I did have a problem last year with pain in the balls of my feet (felt like I was running on bone) and it turned out to be "seed corns" which were removed by a chiropodist - may be worth a visit? Good luck, Amanda
  • With the on going saga of my foot problem.I have changed my shoes to the new asics 2080's.Has anybody noticed instep support Cos after 5 or 6 miles it really gives my instep some grief and has blistered it once or twice,Do you think I should perservere and run them ina bit more or have they made it a lot stiffer
    and not telling anybody? or maybe it's just me!!
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