Dog dazer

We've had a discussion of the Dog Dazer on the Base Training thread.

Anyone used one? Do they work? Any adverse reactions, eg playful mutt turned slavering hell beast?


  • I'm interested to know what exactly happens (to the dog). Does it wail and try and run away, or does it just stand there paralysed? If the owner knows that I've got a dazer, will they attack me instead?
  • We've had discussions about this before and it seems to anger some dogs rather than scare them away. So its probably not ideal.
  • Good product description here>

    Does say it is harmless to the dog and I have heard is is highly effective.
  • real life reviews here>
  • Let's see when it might have come in useful:

    My worst encounter, when I was injured - I still have the teeth marks on my leg: it was all over so quickly I wouldn't have had time to use it. "I'm sorry, he only attacks tall lady joggers" is my lasting memory from that one.

    The large black hound snarling and scratching my leg: it might have been useful there - I don't see how it could have got worse.

    The big 'playful' dog with its paws on my shoulder: I'd worry about how close its teeth were to my head, if it turned nasty.

    The large white poodle 'playfully' clawing at my heels?: Could have been useful there.

    The medium sized dog running full speed at me, barking. (Why I chose to bark I don't know!) It scared me so much I contemplated jumping the sea wall, rather than having to stand and fight it. Fortunately it responded to its owners calls and I wouldn't have needed the dazer.

    The whippet that got mud all over me: might have been useful.

    The yorkie, snarling extremely aggressively, straining for all its worth at the end of its lead: that would have been an interesting test of it, as I was 'safe'.

    The farmer's collie, during a race, which already reduced the woman ahead of me to tears, and was now slowing me down, refusing to head my aggressive shouting: it was a race. Why would I have been carrying a dazer?

    The Heinz57 that ran out and tripped me over during a race, giving me a groin strain: again, a race - I wouldn't have been carrying a dazer, and it happened too quickly anyway.

    Have I had more than my fair share of dogs?
  • It didn't work on my ex-girlfriend....
  • sry - couldn't resist.....
  • i had a particularly nasty encounter with a pitbull last week - teeth round my arm, legs up to my waist, blood trickling down my legs. (after it ran up to me i stood still and only shouted twice to attract the owners attention - i grew up around working dogs and am fairly used to them). the lady owner then proceeded to swear at me, tell me that 'joggers' should not be allowed on paths where there might be 'young dogs' [actually we were about 100m from a children's playground on university grounds], and there was no way she was going to put it on a lead. she then proceeded to have a rant about students. not really the sort of thing that gives one a good impression of dog owners.
    am quite worried about this as i often run that way (not usually at that time of day) with a blind friend who can't really defend herself from dogs or anticipate what they will do. i have date-stamped photos of my legs and wrote down a description of lady & dog as soon as i got home then emailed it to myself (date-stamped).
    if this does happen again does anyone know if there is anything i can do?
  • Duck Girl,
    Unbelievable. That's outrageous! I'm sure you could report the dog to the police.
    At the very least the owner should be made to keep the dog on a lead or be muzzled. Muzzling the dog could be useful too!

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  • That is disgraceful. Stupid woman. Poor you DG !
  • I was bitten by a dog whilst running on a public footpath next to a primary school.... It was a "workimg collie" type dog, it ran up to me from behind and bit my ankles, drew blood, his owner (an elderly lady) giggled and said " ohhh he does LIKE to do that"
    I was lost for words....
    More worrying than that the footpath is reguarly used at that time of day by the children walking to school.

    Two weeks later, in the same village someones Jack Russell lauched itself from a hedge and took a lump out of my thigh.
    Knocked on the door of the house and surprise, surprise, no answer, tried on several occasions after to catch the owner, to no avail.

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  • Checked this scars from Penelope the Pitbull's attack on Sunday.....unfortunately this means I cannot join the club.

    Incidentally, I spoke with my postman yesterday and he has a "Dog Dazer" which is standard issue for Royal Mail. He says it has never not worked yet. So I bit him on the arm and said "let that be a lesson to you." Actually, he said he takes it everywhere and that is does not harm the dogs at all. I ordered one yesterday from here(much cheaper than rip-off Britain):

    So when it arrives I'm going to see if Penelope can clear the Solent from Soutshea seafront to the Isle of Wight. Only if she attacks of course....
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    Duck Girl
    Windsurfin' Susie
    Tiggers bouncing

    Just remembered, am going to Cornwall at Christmas and, where I run, I am regularly chased by dogs. In fact there's a farmyard which is part of a footpath on Bodmin Moor that lots of walkers use. You have to go through the farmyard as the farmer has erected walls and fences everywhere else. He has put a sign at each end of the farmyard saying "Warning guard dog - enter at your own risk". Bloody cheek. What about "right to roam"?

    The dog was out once when I ran through the yard - had to leg it then jump over a gate to get out. Sounds like the perfect place to try the Dazer!
  • Bodmin Moor eh?

    It doesn't say anything in the the technical specification about the Dazer working on "Beasts."

    I should buy two if I was you Running Bear....and a shiny holster.....
  • Dogs which injure you in a public place are usually put down by law if you decide to prosecute. Under the dangerous dogs act. Police are the people to talk to.

    Often happens in a private place as well.

  • Actually weren't pitbulls a proscribed breed under the dangerous dogs act, i.e. they had to be muzzled in public ?

    I am generally a dog lover but certain breeds (pitbulls being no.1) should be outlawed.

    Also often live children it is usually down to the parents/owners as epitomised by some of the owner reactions reported above. Dazer for the dog, Tazer for the owner - that should fix it :-)
  • Can I join the dog scar club? I was bitten on the thigh by an alsation. The owner said it was because I was carrying my hat in my hand. Obviously my fault then. I wish I'd reported it, but I had no way of taking down details, and was miles from home.

    That encouraged me to buy a dog dazer, which I've only had to use once in anger, but it worked a treat. The Jack Russell that was going for my ankles leapt backwards with all feet off the ground and an alarmed expression on its face. The owner was none the wiser and I carried on running.
  • Stewbeedoo,
    I'm still waiting for your review. Have you used it yet?

    ...and in time honoured RW tradition:

    Members of the dog scar club:
    Duck Girl
    Windsurfin' Susie
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