Treadmills Upstairs

Hi, I'm a beginner and I have just purchased a Carl Lewis MOT25 treadmill(it seems OK but I'd like to hear any opinions on it). I live in a 4 bedroom semi-detached relatively new build which seems to have a good structure. I have the treadmill upstairs in a good size bedroom but have heard scare stories from people but have had no real concrete advice.
-Is it ok to have this upstairs?
-Does it affect the structure/beams?
-What kind of mat would you recommend to reduce noise?
Any advice would be appreciated.


  • I have my tready upstairs, and it's a heavy one too (100kg). I have got it straddling, lengthways, a brick dividing wall though. If I was you I'd try and position it as close to a downstairs wall as possible, better still - on top of one. I haven't had any cracks in the ceiling and it's been there for 2 years now.
  • I have mine upstairs in a 2 year old house. Not had any problems with cracks in kitchen ceiling below, but noise is a bit irratating for anyone in the room below.

    I have the treadie on a non-slip mat, on carpet....heavens only knows what the thud-thud-thud would be like without it!

    I'm in a detached noise travelling next door is not an issue. Suspect it could be in a semi though.

    How heavy is the treadmill? It was a bl**dy nightmare getting mine up the stairs.....
  • Had mine upstairs for 18 months now, no problems so far.....apart from lugging it up the stairs, shall NOT be doing that again!
  • Put it wherever you like................ then go outside and run in the freash air :-)
  • i think we discussed the science of this on a thread somewhere

    there's more pressure from a stilletto heel than there is from a treadmill, because the weight is spread widely on a treadmill

    i agree vibration could be a prob though

    and noise

    but you get that a bit anyhow

    mine's downstairs on carpet and seems ok
  • Thanks for the comments, that has set my mind to rest. The thing was really heavy to get up the stairs and I nearly did myself an injury getting it shifted. That would have been a great start to the new fitness regime. So if it's Ok structurally it's really only the noise and vibrations to sort out, which means getting a good mat. Cheers again.
  • random question for EP (and anyone else with treadmill in garage).

    did you manage to get your home contents insurance to cover your treadmill in garage? when i phoned my insurance company, they told me they would cover it in the house, but wouldn't cover it in the garage, and there is a maximum for contents in garage which we already exceed anyway due to lots of petrol driven garden tools etc.

    (not telling you where i live because now you know my treadmill is uninsured you will all come round with a big van and nick it!)

    actually was worried less about someone nicking it and more about water leaks and stuff.
  • how many people wearing stilletto's stand in the same place for two years ?

    most of the treadmills i've seen rest on feet giving an average four contact points.
  • yeh pony
    but the feet are fairly wide and widely spaced

    have you seen the tip of a stilletto?

  • ...or tried walking in stilettos? Standing still is easier :-)
  • apparently the stilletto exerts 1600 psi

    so if we knew the weight of this treadmill

    we could work out the psi for it too
  • Yeah, but it can't weigh more than a few hundred pounds, surely. That's going to be loads less pressure than a stiletto heel.

  • dont forget treadie + weight of runner.

    upstairs = floorboards are we agreed

    my bed on boards = 4 dents in floor to a depth of approx 4mm

    I agree that this treadie appears to have a wide contact area.

    anyway easy answer.. put the tradie on top
    of a piece of MDF or plywood a bit bigger than the'll spread the load and stop it marking the floor.
  • and maybe a rubber treadmill mat under that to reduce vibrations
  • apparently
    an elephants foot only exerts about 100psi

    because it has wide feet
    and there are usually at least two feet on the ground when walking

    whereas we have one at a time

    so in theory...elly could come in to

    but you wouldn't necessarily want an elephant in the house

  • (especially not on the treadmill)
  • Anyone tried running on a treadmill upstairs whilst wearing stillettos???
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