Post-op rehab problems

Had a partial medial menisectomy in the left knee about 6 weeks ago and 3 weeks ago was signed off by the hospital.
Walking and stairs are generally ok now


I cannot run for more than a few minutes without intense pain down the inner margins of the same knee (not site of original pain btw)

I have done all my fizzio exercises diligently and started back training very very gently i.e. not more than three times a week and building up from a mere 5 minutes gently jogging

Is it possible I've overdone it (I find that difficult to believe but don't want to consider the alternative) :((


  • have you spoken to Physio or consultant about the pain?

    are you only doing as much as they suggested at this stage (or trying to do a bit more as you want to get back to your previous levels quicker?)

    are you still doing what ever rehab exercises they prescribed ..often people stop doing them because everything is "ok " again when really they need to keep doing them (for life!)

    maybe worth phoning your physio and having a chat

  • (((Poddler))) have to agree with Buney - the hospital may have signed you off but if you're not happy that you're as better as they think you are then you need to talk to them again. It probably never crossed the consultants mind that you'd be trying to do something as silly as running:-) Hope you're soon back on the road.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Hi guys

    My consultant is very pro athletes and running so that's not an issue, however...

    Having pulled a few strings at the hospital via people I know, it appears I should have been given a physio referral and wasn't!

    One of the hospital physios is going to get the referral made retrospectively and hopefully I'll be able to go in for an appointment and assessment next week

    I had been doing the basic rehab exercises (but probably not as often as I should have) but I think they've got some more lined up for me

    We shall see!
  • PP - you definitely should have had physio. They started on me 2 days after the op. Hope it starts to improve now that you are getting physio.

    Btw, it took me 2-3 months to recover and did suffer some pain when trying to run initially. I put that down to having muscle wastage in areas where I needed muscles for running.

    Good news..I did "fully" recover and have posted PBs all the way over the last year. Bad news...I think I might need another op on the same knee:-( Got that tell-tale clunkiness and weakness. Oh dear!
  • Hi PP,

    I had a miniscectomy in April.

    Listen to your physio. Great advice.

    I built my knee up little by little with cycling (after 2 months) and power yoga (about 2 months). Don't push yoga, do what you can not so it hurts, but the results were fantastic!

    I didn't run for 4 months. Seems a long, long time but better that than never being able to run again.

    Think about getting new trainers. Your body has changed a lot suddenly. I use Ascic gel trainers. They are fine for me. My running shop were really helpful.

    Take it easy and good luck. I am now almost 100% better. Did 10k in October and a 5k Sunday - snow willing.
  • Oh forgot...

    I was only just back to work at 6 weeks. Still using one crutch. Give it another 2-3 weeks. I am sure you will be running around in no time!
  • Thanks for the support guys

    One of the frustrations has been not being able to cycle either as that has been painful.
    although I was mentally prepared to sit out the running for a while, I did think I'd be able to swim and cycle to maintain some fitness :(

    Am now seeing physio 1st thing Monday so fingers crossed
  • Well physio is top notch (deals with World championship gymnasts) and she seems to think the most likely is still post-op inflammation of the medial hamstring...

    2 more weeks non running + exercises and then we shall see.....

    On that note I bow out
  • Best of luck with it PP hope it goes well.

    Have just crocked my knee - seeing big doc on Thurs :(
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