Nottingham in 4 weeks. Am I ready ?


Having run in two race for lifes over the Summer - 5K 35 mins, I thought I would enter the Robin Hood half Marathon.

My 'training' amounts to one 5 mile run a week and two shorter 3 mile runs or 'speed' session on the treadmill. The longest run I have done is 75 mins and at 11-12 mins a mile that was probably 6.5 miles. I have just come back from 2 weeks holiday with no running (although we did cycle 30 miles every day) and am really concerned as to whether to take part in the half marathon.

My plan would be to concentrate on one long run a week 8, 10 and then 12 miles with a couple of shorter ones during the week. I am aiming for about 2hrs 30min but will genuinely be happy to finish.

Just wondered if any of you who have been through this 'over ambitious' stage have any advice ?



  • Hi

    Assuming that you have no history of injury or a medical condition that could cause a problem, my advice (which many may disagree with) would be "do it".

    I would recommend running long every weekend up to the race (which again many may disagree with). Don't run at all in the three days leading up to the event.

    Make sure that you kit is in good shape - shoes should be comfy, proven, and have less than 300 miles wear. If they are your old school pumps, bin now and get fitted into a fantastic new pair instead.

    On the day, adopt a strategy of run / walk. Run a mile, walk for one minute, run the rest of the mile etc. If you can't bear that proven strategy, drop to a very slow jog for a minute each mile instead.

    Remember these things well - Hydration is important, drink enough water before, during and after the event. Pace is important - start very slowly. Belief is all important - have confidence that you will be able to complete, create a mental picture of you completing and rehearse that picture 1000 times before you run it.

    My apologies to the coaches that may consider my advice a little cavalier! It is a crazy plan, but "it just might work".

    Good luck


  • Gavin,

    Thanks for the encouragement. About the only thing in my favour with your crazy plan is the Adidas Supernova shoes I bought 6 weeks ago that have about 60 miles on the clock. (And I have never knowingly had a running injury and am generally in good shape)

    Great advice about taking it easy before the race (I would have tried to fit a long run in on the Friday but have binned that now).

    Really appreciate your reply because I realise I have left it late but really want to give it a try.

    Run and walk it is for me.

    Thanks again
  • You should be ok with your plan and the advice you've been given above. Make sure you get some long runs in though.
    I'm also doing the Robin Hood as part of a full marathon training and i'm a bit nervous as well. It's my birfday on 15th Sept as well....yikes !
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