Six weeks of separation.

I'm running Paris on the 6th April (I wear my London Marathon "Fleece of Failure" with pride). I'm then running the Prague Marathon six weeks later. Any ideas as to what I should be doing to recover between the two races?



  • I'm doing something similar - London and Edinburgh 8 weeks later...there's a page on Hal Higdons site that suggests some recovery/training plans:
    haven't really thought it through yet, but this might be a good starting point
  • Perfect. It even gives a training schedule for the time period. Thank you very much TwoDogs. I wasn't sure whether I should ask this question in this particular forum of wild young bohemians, but of course this group came through.

  • sshhh! I think you got away with mentioning training on this forum!

    I'm not convinced about Hals plan for this tho...I was planning at least 1 week complete non-running before starting again..
  • I'm doing two in 2 weeks - my "plan" is to try and get my mileage as high as possible asap with lots of very long ones so that the 26.2 seems "just a bit longer" than a normal long run

    I spoke to some guys who've done the same with no problem but they looked quite athletic

    I will look at that link thank you very much
  • TD, I'm going to keep running between the two races.
    I did London, and recovered quite quickly, after running (albeit only for a mile) the next day.
    I also did Sydney last year, and the lactic acid in my quads was beyond belief. I didn't run in the days following the race and it took ages to get going again.
    Still, that was six months between races, not six weeks. I want keep up on the training as my main race race for the year is the Half Ironman in August, so I need to stay regular (hemhem). I'll be spending my summer doing a lot of cycling! I'm starting at Addiscombe Cycling Club tomorrow morning. This and the Dartford 10 in one weekend. I'd better watch out for overtraining!

  • I did London then Belfast last year...3 weeks apart with 2 half marathons in between but virtually no other training during the period.
    I also did Dublin/ Loch Ness within 4 weeks of each other. No problems with any and all in reasonable times. I know everyone is different but I'm of the opinion that the more you do, the easier it becomes... unless your going for under 2:30 or the likes.
    In an ideal world, time, money and injury permitting, I would like to do a marathon every 4 weeks with a half on free weekends. If you were going for a PB I'd take the weekend off before. I'd reckon I could get by with about one six mile training run a week on that schedule. I know its not the recommended way but I would far rather race than go on aimless 15-20 mile training runs.
  • Teapot managed Barcelona, London, Belfast last year each three weeks apart, all within 2 minutes of his old man speed of 3:50. I felt quite proud of this as I enjoy a few pints after each run and sometimes one or two before, but later in the year I came across members of this 100 marathon club who do marathons like we blow our noses. One, doing number 237 in Monaco seemed very friendly, sane and healthy. Also met a pretty young lady doing her tenth of the year (in Amsterdam in October)- now the amazing thing about her, apart from her prettiness, was that she did no training at all, simply following a sort of "marathon a month keeps the doctor away routine".
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