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  • minks - glad you are feeling more relaxed about it, although very sorry to hear about your hamstring. that sounds awful.

    cinders - are you still out there? how are things going?
  • Hope everyone is well. I am suffering today and it is all self inflicted !!! A local restaurant with an excellent reputation was doing a spouse on the house deal midweek till the end of march. Basically you get the cheaper starter, main and dessert free. It was too good to pass up so hubby and i invited my Mum and Dad along as well last night, unfortunatley we couldn't get a table till 8.30pm which was maybe a bit late. The meal was absolutely wonderful and i indulged and had 3 courses. However the meal has sat in my stomach all night and can still feel it there and got terrible burps !! Definetly worth it though !!

    On another completley different note, i'm cooking sunday lunch for my Mum and Granny (and the rest of the family) for Mothers Day and Mum has an abundance of Baileys and has suggested i use some of it up to make some wicked puddings. Does anyone have any good recipes for Baileys Ice Cream in particular or Baileys Cheesecake, these are the two she really fancies. Any other Baileys recipes would be greatly appreciated as well.
  • A couple of fooodie questions. Is it ok to eat medium steak when its still pink in the middle and a wee bit blood running out of it? and is it ok to eat soft cheeses like Philidelphia and supermarket own brand versions, they'll be pasturised won't they ?
  • mrs o - virtually all processed cheese is pasteurised (as is goat's cheese). It's only the really gooey french ones that tend not to be, and quite frankly with refrigeration standards as they are today there is little risk from cheese. I must admit that I ate some unpasteurised cheese when I was pregnant but there is still a risk as pointed out by the health service.

    Re: medium cooked steak, etc, again I ate rare steak when I was pregnant but I guess there is a risk of picking up bugs from it - apparently most of the bugs on meat is on the cut surface therefore if you have cooked the outside properly there should be no major problem.....

    I do point out, however, that this is entirely my own opinion and does go against the official line of the health service.
  • Hi Mrs O

    The advice on meat is well done I am afraid. I love mine medium rare too! Unless it is fully cooked, there are potentailly live bacteria still present. When you are pregnant you are more suceptable to food osoining or tape worms due to you immune system being weakend. Saying that my swiss friend ate loads of rare meat - but then there will always be exceptions!
    this a great link for cheese and lists them all by name.

    I know what mu 1st meal will be after giving birth a rare steak with brie on top washed down with a glass of red wine :-)
  • Was negative, with maybe a very faint line but hubbie thinks I imagined it. But am sure I am, so shall I test again in a few days time. I feel awful running, am starving and very tired. No sore boobs though or ickiness yet, but was 6 weeks when I found out last time not 35 days.

    My urine was very pale though so think may have drunk too much before as well.
  • lol at post pregnancy meal, clare!

    is it ok to have all these things (soft cheese, rare meat) when breast-feeding? if you get food poisoning/listeria when breast feeding, is that not a risk to the baby?
  • mitchie moo - fingers crossed.

    thinking of you.
  • Mitchie Moo - wishing you all the luck in the world. I have had a negative then positive and the line for this pregnancy was very faint to begin with.

    Caramel - oh yeah forgot about that - lets change it my first meal post breast feeding then - god I will be gagging for it by then especially the wine!!

    The cross trainer is going well. I am doing about 35-40 mins daily. I must admit it is very comfy to do while pregnant.

    I DO miss running so much though. I gaze longingly from the car at people out on their runs. I even loved running in cold weather and miss it so. To try and manage my withdrawals, I have been planning some comeback races and have book marked a few for next year :-)

    Hope you are all doing well
  • Hi all,

    Well, now I´m in my 18th week and still running. That is, untill recently I have been running. For the last week there has been other things on my mind:

    A few weeks ago my midwife called me regarding a rare hereditary lethal disease (the child dies as an infant), I had stated as having occured once in my family. Since it IS a rare disease, I had not thought more about it after having informed both my own doctor very early in my pregnancy AND my midwife.
    But now, my midwife wanted to test both me and my boyfriend to see if we both carried the recessive genes coding for this disease. So.... yesterday, we were told that the both of us actually WERE carriers. I have never had such a chock!

    Yesterday, they took tests from the amniotic fluid and now we "just" have to wait and hear whether our baby is healthy or sick.

    So, I am not doing a lot of running now.... my thoughts are ceaselessly around the statitics of still having a healthy child. I am totally at a loss, untill the test results from the amniotic fluid are revealed (which is still 5!! days away - HOW do I get through those days). Also, I am enraged over the fact that my own doctor did not follow up on this sooner....
    Our lives are completely at a stand-by right now. This is the most terrible feeling I have ever had.

    I still have not told friend or family about this unfortunate turn of events, but I need to vent somewhere... hope it is ok, that I do it here.
  • (((Oh Turtle!))))

    I want to send you lots of positive thoughts and good luck. I can only imagine what you must be going through.

    You must feel very let down by all your carers.

    The next five days will be hard, but just take things slowly and I am wishing that all is well for you. And vent all you like!!!!
  • (((((Turtle)))))
    Don't know what to say, but will send all the positive vibes/thoughts that i can over the next few days and vent all you like here.
  • HI again,

    Thank you both. I can use all the positive thinking I can get right now! This is not exactly how I imagined my first (or following, for that matter) pregnancy to evolve.

    Thank you again.
    Right now, I am clinging to the 75% chance of still having a healthy baby. Ask me again in half an hour, and I am probably focusing on the 25% risk of the child being ill.

    It is great to have this place for support through both good and bad times.
  • (((turtle)))

    i had been wondering how you were as you hadn't posted for a while, and now this has happened.

    i'm SO sorry to hear this.

    there is nothing that you can do now, apart from wait, which must make you feel so helpless. but you can try to stay positive, and you are trying to, even though it's very hard.

    you had at least a 25% chance of having a miscarriage, and you didn't. you now have a 25% chance of having a sick baby, which means the odds are the same as they are for miscarriage. it's not a good odds, but you've defied the odds once already, and i'm crossing everything i have that you and your little one will do the same again.

    it's so awful that you have had this dumped on you at this stage. it might not have made the actual waiting any easier if you had known from the outset, but at least you could have prepared yourselves...

    please keep posting.

    i have just had an email from a friend today who has just got her blood results back for downs, and she has a high odds. she is devastated and now has to have an amnio. i must admit, we just went straight for the nuchal scan at the outset because of the inaccuracies of the blood tests, but that doesn't help her right now. and she has to wait another week before she can have the amnio, so she is also in a terrible state.

    hugs all around.
  • I am also, periodically, clinging to the 75% chance of a healthy baby.

    But I can not forget the fact that, earlier, I was also clinging to the fact that the carrier frequency of this recessive gene was 3%. But this did not help us one bit since we both still had this gene (3% statistic or not).
    "Funny": When you already have experienced that you are one of the minority in a statistic, your faith that you actually can belong to the majority of another, related statistic, dwindle to something like zero.
    Wow..! Statistics really are a complex, confusing and scary subject.

    I am at work right now, but I can not seem to get anything done.
    But rather sit here that walk around at the house, alone with nothing but these betraying, stupid thoughts
  • (((Turtle)))
    Thinking of you - fingers crossed, and we all send you our most positive vibes (I hope I can speak for everyone here).

    Re: food & breastfeeding - you can eat whatever you like - foodpoisoning et cdoesn't get passed on. However, alcohol can get passed through breast milk, so neck your vino straight after a feed ;o)
  • Hi Turtle,
    Just to let you know I'm thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed. 75% is good odds-keep focussed on that. I'm not even pregnant yet, just trying and I get very scared all the time worrying about risks.
    Try to keep cheerful.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Turtle, my heart goes out to you. How many weeks along are you? I would be so furious that the tests weren't done earlier on you and your husband.

    Like Viks, I'm not even pregnant yet but worry about these sorts of things and what I'd do if the baby wasn't healthy or there was a chance that it might not be healthy.

    Hang on to that 75% figure - that's good odds. Fingers crossed for you at this difficult time.
  • Hi Minks,

    I´m actually 18 weeks along now, and I can´t stand to think about the consequences if we actually DO lie in the 25% risk of a having a baby with a lifespan of max. 1-1,5 years (perhaps I shouldn´t even mention this possibility - it might be a self fulfilling prophecy; my god I´m going crazy here). I am sick to my stomach right now, and I have NO IDEA how I will get through the waiting. If only I could do as the bears and hibernate until the answer lies ready...It literally feels like I AM going a little crazy.

    I am also getting more and more furious at my physician for not following up on this when I first told him 2,5 months ago.
  • turtle

    statistics are just awful. they don't help. in some ways, our mothers were better off because this kind of screening wasn't available, and you only knew that there was a problem once the baby was born.

    the only thing that 'helps' is knowing one way or another whether your baby is affected. and even then, you would have some very hard choices to make.

    i can't give you any advice on what to do *if* the tests show your baby does have the illness. i know that you can't stop thinking about that, and a million other related things. but your baby is the same today as it was yesterday and the day before and the week before, when you didn't know that you both had the recessive gene. whatever the result shows you (and i have everything crossed that it will be negative), it's there already - you just don't know what it is. there is NOTHING that you can do to speed up the 'knowing', or change it in any way.

    you can just hang onto your hope, and keep pacing the floors, and keep talking to us.

    have you been talking to your boyfriend?

  • Hi Macchiato,

    I know you are right. There really IS nothing else to do than wait. We talk a lot about it here at home, so both my boyfriend and myself can also vent to each other.

    We have already agreed on what to be done IF the test result is positive; but this option is really very nasty to think about.

    I will keep trying to focus on the 75% and think positive until the result is in. There are actually only 3 whole days left to wait, if the result is in monday... perhaps it will not be in before tuesday, but I will only focus on that if I do not hear anything monday.

    I really appreciate the support from all of you. Thank you all, for letting an ear to all of this.

    I really wish all of you good luck in your pregnancies and in your trying to get pregnant. Fingers crossed for all of us in here.
  • ((Turtle)) You are incredibly brave. What will be will be but it doesn't make the waiting any easier, I am sure.

    It's also good that you and your boyfriend are agreed on things too - it sounds as if he is being supportive which is very important too - this on top of all of those hormones must be unbelievably hard to deal with.

    Thinking of you

    Hegs x
  • turtle

    from what i know (which isn't very much) of amnio results etc, they are often back very quickly - at least everyone i know who has had one has had a phone call on the day it was supposed to happen. i think there is a general recognition that this of all things needs a quick answer.

    you are being very brave, as hegs said.

    and i am so relieved that your boyfriend is supporting you on this.

    i will keep thinking positive thoughts for you.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your support.
    I feel a little better about all of this today (I think...).

    It feels like I have a little more strength for the positive thinking today. It also helps a lot that my boyfriend will and can talk about it with me, and he IS really great support. I feel that he really IS the pillar of strength and support that I have heard other people talk about or want when things get a little rough.

    However, I think I am developing a pronounced superstition towards this issue: Whenever I am thinking possitive OR negative thoughts about this, I am convinced that I am jinxing this whole thing... a weird development in my head.

    Anyway, I WILL keep trying to think positive. Thanks once again to all of you in here.
  • turtle

    glad you are feeling a little better, and it's great that your boyfriend is being so supportive. i've read stories of a few people in your situation, and sometimes their partners have seemed less than supportive. i know for a fact that my husband is undyingly positive about everything. he would be totally supportive of me, but his understanding only stretches so far - because he would believe fundamentally that everything was going to be fine. sometimes, you just need someone who can share, empathise with and completely 'get' your fears and worries. and who doesn't try to focus unstintingly on the positive ALL the time.

    i can totally understand why you are worried about jinxing it - but, like i tried to say yesterday, you can't do anything to chance the result. the baby either has the illness, or it hasn't. and (god forbid), if it has, it's had it right from the start, before you ever knew that you and your boyfriend carried the gene, and before you knew that you could be tested, and before you had the amnio. you CANNOT jinx it. so please don't torture yourself over your feelings. it's natural to sway from being positive, to being negative, but please please don't worry about what effect that will have on the baby. obviously, if you can, it's definitely best not to get very hysterical, as too much of that is not good for the baby (although some of it, i'm told, is fine - and i guess most women get hysterical on at least a few occasions during their pregnancies).

    still thinking of you...
  • Hi again everybody,

    Thought you all should know asap, because you´ve all been so kind and supportive during this day and yesterday:
    The baby is fine!!! They have just called (earlier than promised) from the hospital to tell me that (like its parents) the baby is a healthy carrier of the gene.

    My god, what a relief. I´m almost crying now again.

    This is the best news in my whole life.

    Thanks for your support and understanding in here. Tomorrow, I will go for a run.... and enjoy feeling so lighthearted. This is just wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Enjoy your pregnancies and your running.

    Kind thoughts from turtle0411.

  • ((((((((((Turtle)))))))))))

    Sooooooooooo pleased for you, that is brilliant news, the two of you must be so relieved. Now you can get on and enjoy your pregnancy.

    best wishes, mrs o
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Oh, Turtle - that is SUCH fantastic news! What a relief for you and your boyfriend. You must feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. The world now looks a rosier place and you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your new arrival.

    Enjoy your run, and your weekend. I'm so glad that the hospital was able to put you out of your misery today rather than making you wait the whole weekend for the results.

    I am so pleased for you!
  • Turtle that is FANTASTIC news! I am so delighted for you :0)

    Have a great weekend one and all - I am off to Spain this weekend with Mr and Master Hegs - we will have more luggage than the Beckhams ;o)

    But at least I get to do my 3hr FLM training by the beach..... :o)

    Hegs x
  • Hi Everyone - hope all bumps are well. I've had flu and just about starting to feel a lot better now. Hasn't helped that hubby has had to go away with work for 2 weeks and have struggled on me own with the wee one - only another 7 days to go before he's home (where's the vino).

    Turtle - I'm so pleased that you've had good news, I expect its a weight lifted off your mind. Are you going to complain about your Doc?

    On a high at the mo as have recieved my appt with the Neurologist (Mini MoJo does a little dance in the corner of the room) and its all systems go for 19th Apr.

    Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
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