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  • Mrs O - 11 weeks pregnant
    DCM - 24 weeks pregnant EDD 08/07/06
    MM - 5.5 weeks pregnant
    Clare - Sadie 2 years & 17 weeks pregnant EDD 31/08/06
    MMJ - Amelia 24 weeks and have just started the fun games of weaning and the poor little sausage also looks like she is cutting her first tooth!!!
    MVE Liesje Amelie 17 weeks after caesarian, still fully breastfed

  • Hello, what a great idea to list everyone again, MMJ; how's the weaning going? I'm not ready for that yet, time really goes far too fast!! Everyone always says that babies grow up quick but it goes TOO fast!!

    Clare, good for you to keep running whilst asleep, I'm sure it'll do you good! I hope the bleeding stays to a minimum.

    Have a great holiday Mrs O, can you let me know if taking a nearly-one year old to Sharm is ok (we go there in october)

    Caramel, my shin felt much better after weekend and I went for a walk on monday, which was fine, saw physio yesterday (for first time in my life) and he's given me some excercises. He looked at my pelvis and it all looks ok so that is reassuring. He has told me that I should halve my I will just do 5km run in gym tomorrow, but will have to make sure I don't run further that I should at the weekend, it'll be soooo tempting to go for a long run if the weather stays like this. He said I should run small distances more often....HOW?? But clocks are changing so hopefully lighter evenings, although at the moment Liesje feeds for nearly 1 and a half hours in the evening, don't know how she can drink for that long but if it means she sleeps all night I don't mind at all!
  • I don't suppose I could add to the list "trying for my 1st and hopeful...."? I love this thread. Although I'm not pregnant yet it's so informative and i love reading about everyone's progress. Makes me feel optimistic.
  • I will know more tomorrow I hope after seeing the specialist. At the moment it appears not to be the placenta, but just from my uterus. Resating has helped and stopped the bleeding.

    Must make sure I write down all my questions for tomorrow. It is so frustating to go in there and then come and thinking why did I not ask that?

    Hi Viks - all are welcome and I hope you have some good news soon!

    Have a good day all
  • Caramel, yes just waiting for dating scan appointment, should get it sometime after we come back from holidays, although i already know my EDD, its 9th october, as i was on fertility treatment, i know almost to the day when i ovulated and when i got my 7 week scan at the fertility clinic they reckonned that the dates were spot on.

    Marijke, remind me when i get back, will be back online 4th april, or i'll forget !! From what i've been reading on the internet, Sharm sounds brilliant and i've found loads of really good reviews of the hotel we're staying at and not one bad report, so hoping its as good as everyone says !!!
  • clare - good luck with the specialist tomorrow.

    MMJ - weaning huh? so is that carrot face now, then?

    went to my 3rd antenatal class last night, and ... am now thinking of a home birth. oh i know - it's a bit weird and stuff, but my idea was to go to a birthing centre rather than a hospital so i could use a birthing pool, and at the birthing centre they don't do anything other than gas & air and pethidine anyway, so if i had had any complications or needed an epidural/caesarean, i would have needed to be transferred to a hospital, which is a good 25 mins drive from the birthing centre. so, actually the birthing centre gives me nothing over having the baby at home, because i can have a birthing pool at home, and gas & air and pethidine, and the transfer to the hospital is actually shorter if there is an emergency or complications.

    i'll discuss it with my midwife next time i see her, but i'm sorely tempted by the idea now! and apparently, the welsh assembly have set aggressive targets for numbers of home births, so if i really want one, i can't imagine they'll refuse me.

    my husband is just worried about the mess on the carpets ;-)
  • Hey ladies,
    not sure how this thread works and if I can post a new message/topic out of the blue?
    I have a 16-week baby and I need to get back into running, I really want it, I've been missing it for the last year. I am still overweight: 170cm, 86kilos (BMI = 30).
    So, I don't know where to start: I don't have much time, still quite tired from lack of sleep and don't want to have an injury (because of weight on knees).
    Any advice??
    (I'm already cutting back on sugary snacks as breastfeeding almost over)
    Mainly, I'd love to hear from working mums (I'm going back full time at Easter) who were where I am, and who managed to come back to a normal weight and life balance?
  • What a fantastic thread!!

    Can I butt in? I'm mum to two boys who are now nearly 12 and 9 years old but I have a tip for you.

    PLEASE don't focus too hard on the EDD! I went overdue with both my boys by over 2 weeks and needed to be induced with them as well (otherwise I swear I'd still be pregnant!!)

    Going this far overdue was really tough mentally (not to mention physically) because I'd got the dates stuck in my head. I soon learnt though that babies have a schedule ALL their own!

    All the very best to everyone!!!

  • Hi Mum2Liya


    I am pregnant with my second baby (17 weeks). During my first pregnancy, I was unable to run and ate whatever I craved. As a result I put on ernormous amount of weight up to 80kg and i am normally 62kg.

    I would advise getting your pelvis alignment checked before you run again. I did not and had a repetitve strain.

    Start small and plan your runs in your day. For example, I would always be ready to go as soon as my husband got home and fit in 2 runs at the weekend. He was very supportive and flexed aroound my need to run.

    I started with just 1-2 miles and built this up to 5km initally. I am no good with the run walk thing - I just want to get going. Others may have better advice there. As I felt stronger I added in a few speed sessions and built up the mileage. Before you know it you will be back to where you were - if not better.

    Also as you baby gets older, you will find you have more freedom to fit things in. But as you now have a baby to think about, build in a regular time for you to run - time for you is important too. The hardest part I found was making that first run & seeing how unfit I was. Once you take that step things do improve quite quickly.

    I got was smaller than I was before my baby and in a very short time. My running indeed my running was better than before. That may have been my determination - but they do say that pregnancy can improve performance.

    I also booked a few 5km races to start with to aim for and them some 10km a month or so later. It gave me something to focus on

    I have some complications with this pregnancy and I am unable to run again this time. I am watching my diet more carefully this time, but will loose a lot of fitness. I would love to hear your progress as it will give me encouragement to start again in the autumn :-) Good luck!!
  • CLARE, Thank you! I am definitely going to go and get my pelvic alignment checked (it's unbelievable that I told my GP and nurse that I wanted to get back into running and everything and none of them mentioned this..) before I start.
    But next week I'm at my brother's in france, so there'll be lots of babysitters in the house for me to pop out for a few easy sessions.
    Also, I've printed out the beginners 5k schedule and 6th May is pencilled in for my first 5K comeback (in Twickenham).
    I can't wait now!!
    Thanks for your advice
  • Great stuff.

    I think I used the 5k on the RW site and booked in a race 4- 8 weeks later

    An osteopath or physio can check the pelvis and supporting area.

    Good luck - I am very jealous!!!!!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Mrs O - 11 weeks pregnant
    DCM - 24 weeks pregnant EDD 08/07/06
    MM - 5.5 weeks pregnant
    Clare - Sadie 2 years & 17 weeks pregnant EDD 31/08/06
    MMJ - Amelia 24 weeks and have just started the fun games of weaning and the poor little sausage also looks like she is cutting her first tooth!!!
    MVE Liesje Amelie 17 weeks after caesarian, still fully breastfed
    Minks - TTC

    I will echo those who have said what a fantastic thread this is. Although I'm not pregnant yet and have no idea if/when it'll happen, it's great to have so much information from those who have either been there already or are currently going through pregnancy. It's really interesting reading all your posts.

    I've got an appointment with my GP on Monday. I will have been off the Pill for a year in June, but I don't think my periods got back to 'normal' until October. (I say 'normal' because my cycle has been anywhere from 33 to 37 days since I stopped the Pill). So I guess we haven't really been trying for that long (and we're not always successful at trying either: it's been 3 weeks today since we last 'tried' - one week of that was my period and another we both had heavy colds and just didn't feel like it; rest is down to going to bed too late/not being in the mood). I don't think my GP will take me very seriously unless we've been having regular sex (i.e. every 2-3 days - how do you do that??) for a few months, but as I'm 37 in June, I want to know that everything is working normally and I'm ovulating etc. Bet I won't be allowed any tests yet though.
  • mum2liya

    you are in the right place, and of course you can post whatever questions you have!

    hegs is a good person to talk to but she's on holiday at the moment. not sure when she's back. she went back full time at about 6 months, i think, and is now training for FLM, and has managed to lose most if not all of her pregnancy pounds. i'm sure she'll pop in again when she's back and tell us how she did it!

    on the normal life balance thing - i don't think it is EVER normal again after you have a baby. but i guess if you want to run, you have to come to some arrangement with your partner or a carer to look after the baby while you run, and you have to do the run when you plan to - irrespective of tantrums, tears, how tired you feel etc etc... can you run during lunchtime when you go back to work? if so, that might be a sneaky way to get your training in without compromising time with your partner and/or the baby!

    hello bootlegger - yes, i know the little blighters have a mind of their own when it comes to putting in an appearance. i think it's meant to be even worse with boys, and we know that ours is a boy, so i'm also expecting a long wait!
  • minks - good to hear from you and good luck with the GP. it's almost impossible to have sex every 2-3 days unless you are a rabbit, and what you need to ask for is some help from your GP working out when you are ovulating because your cycle is a bit erratic. don't let him/her fob you off by saying to have sex every 2/3 days for the whole month because it's just not feasible - at least it wouldn't be for my husband and i! if you ask for help determining a) that you are ovulating and b) when you are ovulating, that should give you a much better chance of conceiving. and that also shouldn't require invasive tests. i think they can do blood tests - perhaps clare knows, as i think she said she had them?

    also - if he/she suggests the peeing on sticks thing, ask if you can get some advice on when you should do it, because your cycle length varies. it could get quite expensive as well, given that you will have to do it over quite a long period of time, rather than just 2 or 3 days as most people with regular and shorter cycles would.

    thinking of you. and good luck!
  • Hi Minks

    Yes the 1st step is a couple of blood tests at different times in your cycle ( 1 think day 2 and day 21 ish). These can check if your hormones are kicking in at the right time and if you are ovulating ok.

    Ask your GP as they will be happy to do these for you. If they find a problem you can take it from there. At least you then know where you stand. If all is OK then you can carry on at the right times!

    I hope all goes well
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys - will let you know what GP says. And thanks Caramel - sometimes you start to feel you're not normal if you're not at it 24/7: everyone they interview for womens' magazine articles on the subject must lie through their teeth. A straw poll amongst my close friends indicates about 1-2 times per week in a good week! I'm sure in an ideal world every 2-3 days would be possible, but not when you hardly ever get to bed before 11pm and have to be up again at 6:30am. It just doesn't 'happen' for me if I've got one eye on the clock the whole time!

    Perhaps the GP will suggest blood tests. Believe it or not, I've never had a blood test in my life. That's one thing that puts me off about getting pregnant - all the prodding and poking you have to endure, especially as I'm someone who's never been medically invaded up to now!
  • Hello, just been for a careful run at the gym, Liesje goes to the creche there, makes me feel very very guilty (especially when I picked her up last friday and she wouldn't look at me for ages.....oh, the guilt the guilt) but I know I am a nicer person for going out for a run a few times a week. Mum2Liya (is that your daughters name? It's beautiful) I'm back up to about 10 miles and my little girl is 17 weeks. I started easy, but was very lucky not to put on much weight during pregnancy (put on more during Christmas afterwards!!). I put Liesje in the creche at the gym twice a week so I can run on the treadmill. My husband can only look after her at weekends so I try and get two runs in then. Maybe when the nights get lighter...but then bed is such a tempting alternative to a run...
    Starts slowly, like Caramel says, and walk in between if you can do that. Good luck!!
  • Marijke, So it's true they can definitely be angry with us at such an age, huh? I'm impressed by how much you're doing already (esp after caesarian), this inspires me!
    I was about to go for a walk/run this morning, and then Liya's coat was not dry yet so I had to wait, and now she's been asleep since 11! Yesterday she slept 5 hours so hopefully today is not a repeat..
    I'll definitely let you know next week how my first training has been (I've booked appointment for Monday for a pelvic alignment check)
  • mum2liya - marijke is a huge inspiration! did you know that she ran until 37 weeks AND did a half marathon at 30 weeks!!! i think perhaps she's actually not truly human, although she seems very nice! she's definitely a superwoman anyway.

    minks - well, we must be abnormal as well then. once a week was about all we were managing before we started 'trying'. we hit the jackpot on our first month (i know - we were very lucky!), and i think we had sex every 3 days for about 10 days. even that was knackering! by the time you get home from work, have a run, shower and something to eat, it's often 10pm, and you just want to sit down and relax for a bit before going to bed and sleeping! i guess everyone is different, and some people really are rabbits, but there are plenty of people who aren't!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Phew! Caramel, that makes me feel SO much better! As you say, even every 3 days for 10 days feels like climbing a mountain!

    Problem is, because my cycle is a) long and b) not hugely regular, working out which are the most appropriate days is tricky. Most resources I've looked at advise that if you're in this position, you should just make sure you have sex every 2-3 days (yeah, right). I've got to the point when I'm actually glad when I get my period so I don't feel under pressure to perform!
  • minks - TOTALLY understand. which is why hopefully the doctor will help you to work out when you are ovulating.

    and don't worry about the blood test, if that's what they do suggest. it'll most likely be almost totally painless, and at most you'll end up with a bit of a bruise afterwards, as long as you have veins somewhere near the surface.
  • waoohh! I would never have thought I'd have to come to a forum on running to find out that our (seemingly) lower than average sex drive is actually quite average ;-))

    I won't even start talking about what having a baby has done to it!!

    (have just been walking for 1.5 hours with buggy, by the way. what a gorgeous day!)
  • Weaning going well and mini me enjoying all food. I've been having so much fun making puree food. Her fav is sweet potato, carrot and parsnip and for afters apple and pear with cinnamon. If its not one thing its another, on close inspection have found mini me to be teething!

    Getting slightly stressed at mo as got a Wedding next month and haven't managed to get out running (see previus posts) to lose that last few pounds - argh! Like Mum2Liya went for a 3.2 mile walk with buggy today and it was sunny but cold, nice to get out of the house. Have found a Mothers and Baby group so off to that next tuesday for a cuppa and some adult conversation - if thats possible with other new Mums.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Just been for my doctor's appointment.

    Basically they won't start any tests until we've been trying for a year, even taking account of my age. On the plus side, my GP must be the first person I've spoken to (apart from you guys) who didn't immediately write off my chances because I'm over 35. In fact, he didn't seem to think it was necessarily a problem, just that it was likely to take me longer to conceive assuming all other factors were equal. He said I should go for a Day 21 blood test for LH/FSH although as my cycle is anywhere from 34-37 days normally this probably won't be very accurate. Also I should be checked as a precaution for underactive thyroid, high prolactin and kidney problems as although it's highly unlikely that I have problems in any of these areas they can impact on fertility if there are issues.

    I did mention the marathon training and my fairly low body weight, but again he didn't seem unduly concerned about either of these although he did weigh me.

    Not really sure what to make of any of it at the moment. I guess I'll go for the blood tests and see what they throw up, if anything. If those are all normal, next step is to test hubby. I'm now officially a 'primary infertility, unexplained' case according to my notes. Think that depressed me more than anything else!
  • Hi Minks,

    Definitely have the blood tests done, it makes you feel like you're doing something about it and helps you relax. Keep trying, with your cycle maybe try from day 10 through to 21. We did this for 3 months every other day, forcing ourselves, and it worked, so shows it can be done for those of us who have to work at it!

    It will be fine. Keep positive.
  • Morning all, and welcome to the new ones!
    We are back from our first trip overseas with mini-hegs and pleased to report that he loved it (ate sand, paddled, etc).
    Even the flight was OK and I was worried about that because he's well into crawling and standing up at the moment, neither of which is easy on a packed plane to Spain!

    Glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing OK and Minks, I think that it is a really positive sign that the GP is fairly relaxed about things - I'm sure I read somewhere that it takes 18 months to conceive on average but I know it must seem like forever when you are trying...

    Mr Hegs and I are decided that we'll wait until next summer before trying for no.2 - at the moment we are soooo enjoying our little chap (who will be 1 in May) and I am enjoying having my life back too ;o)

    Marathon training is still going OK - haven't managed to do as much as I would have liked, and think that my 4hrs 30mins is a little bit ambitious, but we shall see!

    Love to all,
    Hegs x
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Thanks Mitchie Moo and Hegs, not going to try this month at all as am so close now to FLM that I think I'd be gutted if I suddenly found I was pregnant a few days before the race, after all that training! (I know what'll happen now though ...)

    I think it will be a lot easier post-FLM to focus on getting pregnant. At the moment I think I'm probably a bit stressed out as this time around I have felt guilty about all the training. After two marathons, everyone loses interest and I've felt quite isolated. Mr. Minks, while generally fairly supportive, does get a bit fed up especially with the long runs. I get the impression he also thinks I've prioritised training over trying to get pregant, which isn't true - I only entered this year's FLM because I got a GFA place last year and wasn't going to put my life on hold while we were trying to conceive.

    Also I should put a bit of weight back on once my mileage drops and that may help - might even find my cycle is a bit more regular with a bit of extra meat on my bones!

    All in all, think I'll feel more relaxed in general once FLM is over, and have promised I won't do another one next year (hopefully I won't be able to anyway!)
  • minks

    glad that he didn't poo poo you anyway, and the blood tests are definitely a sensible thing to do. don't worry about the label. my medical notes have 'ANOREXIC' in big red letters right across the front of them, because i had anorexia in my late teens/early twenties. now that's a lovely thing to see whenever i go to the GPs! especially now that i am a big fat heffer :-)


    welcome back. and glad you had a great time!! mum2liya joined us asking about how to lose weight and get back into running after having a baby, so i thought you might be able to shed some light on how you did it, because it sounds as though you've been very successful!
  • Mine do too Caramel, awful isn't it, and my illness was 18 years ago now!

  • i've been out of treatment for 14 years, and it does seem a bit of a damning thing to be labelled for the rest of your life. not sure why they do it really? i guess it's done at the time because it's potentially a fatal illness. wonder if they do that with other mental and physical illnesses that are on a par... anyway, i don't actually really care; it's just not a nice thing to see on your notes when you sit down at the table. it makes me feel like the GP is going to think 'hey up, we've got a totally barmy one here'!
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