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  • Yes have been wearing them for a week now, they worked a bit last time but not this time. Had to start eating crackers at 4.30am again. Poor hubbie says it sounds like there is a rodent in the room!

    Will try the lucozade sport option, there is a drinks machine downstairs.
  • i think my husband would be booting me out of the bedroom if i started munching crackers in the night! he's SOOOO intolerant of any noises in the night, which really makes me wonder how he'll manage with a little one sleeping, snuffling, snorting and wriggling around in the room!

    i'm not sure how you are with milk, but some people have said they guzzled loads of chocolate milkshakes etc. you can get soya ones if dairy is a problem.

    another one of my friends ate loads of toast and crisps during her first trimester. i would have thought crisps would be too greasy but she said they were about the only thing she could stomach.

    i was quite fortunate in that, although i felt sick pretty much the whole time, it didn't seem to be made any worse by any particular foods, other than my home made soup! so i could still eat, but i just felt grim all the time.

    try ginger biscuits as a bit of a change from crackers, if you can stomach them. i ate quite a few oatcakes on long journeys to help with the nausea, but they might be a bit fatty/heavy, i guess...

    the other thing some people have said helped are dry cereals - things like mini weetabix or frosted shreddies or mini shredded wheat. sounds a bit dire, but it's dry, and wholegrain (in spite of the sugar), so not the worst thing you could be eating.
  • Caramel, know what you mean about noises in the bedroom, my hubby is a bit of a light sleeper as well (unless he's had a few too many beers !!), so don't know how he's going to cope with a baby either !!!!

    On a different note, are any of you mums or mums to be out there keen hill walkers (i.e. big lake district hills, scottish munros etc). If so did you still go hill walking when pregnant ?

    How long were you able to hill walk for ??

    and how much did it slow you down ??

    Got friends coming up in May and they are keen to do a munro, but not sure how slow i'm going to be or if i'll even manage it, will be 19 weeks by then, anyone any advice ??
  • mrs o

    yes - hubby and i love hill walking, although it's mainly in the brecon beacons as those are the nearest decent hills to us.

    i don't see why you wouldn't be able to walk at 19 weeks, as long as you are keeping active.

    you will probably feel a LOT better by 19 weeks and may have plenty of energy, although you may not!

    one word of caution, though - i've found right from the start of this pregnancy that 'al fresco' peeing is quite tricky. i'm not sure whether it's just me, but i seem to need to be on a toilet to pee! the last walk we tried to go on had to get called off (after over an hour's driving to get to the start of the walk) because i couldn't pee and we had to try and find somewhere which was open with a toilet i could use (which was over 20 minutes back in the direction we had come).

    by 19 weeks, you could be needing to pee quite a bit, so worth having a trial run at an al fresco pee to see how it goes beforehand!

    (i'm not obsessed with bodily excretions! honest!!)

    have you got a scan date yet?
  • I do a lot of hill walking in the lakes as my mother in law lives there. I was still walking at 8 months although on the length of my walks were only a up to an hour by then.

    I was slow and getting up the hills took time, but it was so worth it when I got to the top. Quite a few wee stops too!

    I should point out that I was not doing scar fell pike at this point but smaller hills like school Kott, Troubeck & around ullswater etc by then.

    I am hoping to go up to the lakes again soon, but I think it will depend how my next scan is on 24th April and if the bleeding has resolved itself.

    If not hard as it is I will just have to go and look at the views from my MIL patio. She as a fab view over windermere and hill behind.

  • Hubbie is being quite sweet as I'm being useless in the evenings, can't do anything and certainly can't cook, just opening the fridge makes my stomach go at the moment. He says I'm growing our baby though so he doesn't mind doing most things for a while. Awww!

    I did drink hot milk last night and that was very nice, so will keep doing that, helped me sleep too.

    Slightly concerned am not putting on any weight yet. I am very small so feel I need to. I guess it will happen though once I feel better, if I do!
  • Also mrs o. When hubbie and I walked the one of the Grest walks in NZ last year, which was 3 days, 6 hours walking a day, one of lasses doing the same route was around 5 months gone. Her partner carried most of the weight though, and she had just food in a small rucksack. It was very hot too, with some massive climbs, she seemed to be fine though.
  • mitchie moo - don't worry about putting on weight yet. it's totally normal to LOSE weight in your first trimester. some people lose loads (more than a stone). obviously, if you are small anyway, it's less likely that you will lose lots because you won't have lots to lose. but really really don't worry about putting on any weight at the moment.

    i didn't put on anything in my first trimester, and in my second trimester i put on about 10 pounds! eeek! i'm still way behind on the schedule of weight gain though according to all the official charts and my bump is 'too small' according to the graph in my maternity notes, but baby is totally the right size, and there's plenty of fluid etc, so there's no problem.

    just concentrate on snacking away and drinking high calorie things (milk, lucozade etc), and soon enough the pounds will start piling on.
  • ((mitchie moo)) - I suffered dreadful nausea like you, and had to tell my boss when I was only 7 weeks pregnant as I was becoming a virtual part-timer! My work were very good about it all, but I work with a lot of people who have young families.
    Lucozade, lucozade, lucozade! That's all I can say. Anything hot made me feel sick (tea, coffee, hot choc, etc), but I guess everyone's different!
  • I may tell her when I get back from hols, will be 9.5 weeks by then, if all is OK tomorrow. Am finding cheese is a god send, obviously my body telling me it needs more fat, so cheese and crackers it is. I only work 4 days as it is, so feel bad.

    Really sweet stuff makes me feel sick too, but will try some lucozade today.
  • Caramel, scan date is this friday, so will let you all know how it goes
  • mitchie moo - fingers crossed for tomorrow. it sounds as though everything should be absolutely fine, given how rough you are feeling.

    mrs o - good luck for friday!

    do both let us all know how it goes!
  • good luck with your scan today mitchie moo... thinking of you.
  • yes, good luck Mitchie Moo!
  • Well!

    Bad news is not as far gone as thought so babies are only 4-5 weeks (so am 6-7 weeks pregnant). Am assuming thats what the midwife meant as there is no heart at 4-5 weeks of pregnancy? Good news as you may have spotted from previous sentence is that there are two. Both with hearts fluttering away. So very good news. But still feel very nervous as well as being in total shock.

    I suspect they are non-identical as my brother and sister are. Looks like running maybe out for a while.
    Phew! Am shaking just thinking about it!

    Off to see doc this afternoon for booking appt, then the long wait till dating scan.
    Just eaten most of a tin of baked beans, seems to hit the spot, but feel icky now!
  • Congratulations!!!! I am so pleased that things are going well for you. Twins how fantastic. It is completely natural to be a little nervous and shocked.

    Only 4-5 weeks till your next scan - please keep us updated.

    PS I hope your beans stay down :-)
  • Mitchie moo - many, many congratulations!
  • Mitchie moo, congratulations, twins, goodness, you'll have you're hands full, probably why you've been feeling so sick !!!
  • TWINS!!! wow!!!
    that's amazing - well done :-)
    and that probably is why you have been feeling so rubbish.
    my goodness - no wonder you are shaking. what a lot to take in!
    you will certainly have to take it easy with twins! but you *can* still run (unless you have been advised not to), but you will probably have to stop earlier...
    that's great news though - congratulations!
    and don't worry about the dates being slightly out. lots of people find that their dates are out by quite a way.
  • Mustn't get excited though till 12 weeks, as one could die am told. It never stops hey! But can't help but be slightly excited. I was having dreams about seeing two sacs and two beats. Must trust my dreams I think as was right about the last scan too.

    Well a week's holiday now to chill. Foot is still hurting so won't be running anyway, may just leave it till after next scan and walk in fresh air instead. See how I go. Feeling positive as well as nervous.
  • it's amazing anyway. and i think you are right to be a tiny bit excited and to stay positive.

    it's always a waiting game for the first 12 weeks, whether it's twins or not. but staying positive and calm is very important. as is having a nice rest and giving your body the chance to work its miracle for you!

    your husband must be dead chuffed as well.

    ooo, congratulations to the pair of you!
  • mrs o - good luck for your scan tomorrow. what time is it?
  • Poor love is just shocked caramel. Funny when we were waiting he pointed out a poster on the wall about a twins club. He must be pyschic too!
  • Wow! Mitchie Moo - massive congratulations! What a lot to take in!

    Just take good care of yourself and enjoy your holiday.

    Hegs x
  • Caramel, scan tomorrow at 2.30pm, so probably won't be back at work after, may put a message up from home computer if its working, otherwise will let you all know on monday
  • a question on exercising as pregnancy progresses:

    as you will know if you read my post on tuesday, i had a bit of a disastrous run on monday (!) and ended up with a bad stomach and feeling quite sick. i put that down to running being bad now that the baby is breech.

    so i swam on weds and thurs and that was fine, apart from a little bit of a stitch after about 10 minutes, but it went.

    yesterday, i went to the gym for an hour and did 30 mins on the cross trainer and 30 mins on the upright bike. when i finished, i had that feeling of an upset stomach again (without the dramatic toilet antics of monday, though) and felt really sick, so that i had to lie down when i came back and couldn't eat any dinner (shock horror!)

    this isn't normal for me, and i really wasn't working THAT hard on the x-trainer and bike.

    so - has anyone who exercised in the 3rd trimester had similar problems? i could understand it if i was really pushing myself, but i wasn't. my HR didn't go above 150 and the gym wasn't excessively hot, so although i was sweating, it wasn't copious amounts. and i was hydrated, and didn't have low blood sugar before i started.

    any ideas?

    i don't want to have to be restricted to swimming only because i can't get there every day, so it will limit the amount of exercise i can do... and i weighed at the gym last night and have put on 5lbs in 2 weeks (which is half as much again as i had put on the WHOLE of my pregnancy to date, so i clearly need to be careful not to keep piling it on at that rate!!)
  • Caramel - couple of my thoughts (Hegs puts on her stern voice) - 1st thought: 3rd trimester is when you will put on the most pounds and that is both NORMAL and generally a GOOD thing! You want that baby to come out with a bit of a fat store to get him through his first few days when your milk is coming in. Also, you have (as you have said before) not put on much weight to date so it's hardly going to be cause for concern - the average weight gain is I believe, around the 25lb mark but up to 40lbs is also not considered over the odds.
    the 2nd thing is that if you are starting to feel discomfort exercising you should LISTEN to your body - how about walking? Brisk pace, undulating terrain will give you a good low impact workout and combined with the swimming should keep you pretty fit. Otherwise I think you do need to accept that you will have to slow down a bit in these last few weeks and hey - enjoy the rest while you can get it ;o)

    [Hegs puts friendly hat back on] - Lecture over!

    Have a good weekend ladies,

    Hegs x
  • Mitchie Moo, congratulations!! It sounds great (for a while I dreamt of having twins, partly so they could have fun together, partly so that my biological clock would shut up for good;-)
    Yesterday I spent the day with other mums and babes and one of them had twins: she's loving it, and doesn't seem seem as overwhelmed as I would've thought (she had had a daughter 3 years before). So, it's going to be a lot of fun, you'll love it!

    Caramel, I'm not an expert on exercise during pregnancy (I became quite lazy after 4 months and only went swimming occasionally and tried to walk as much as possible), but you sound like you need to take it really easy, and don't force yourself if you feel you have to do less. All I can think of is "if your body tells you to slow down, just do it without questioning it".
    If that means you will put on more than planned, be it, it may be water retention? if so, that will go very very quickly after giving birth.
  • thanks ladies. i am *trying* to be sensible - ie i have actually stopped running now as the pain was just too much. i guess when i read of marijke continuing until 37 weeks, i hoped (naively) that i would be able to the same.

    i have been doing some walking as well, as we live right next to the estuary so i can walk along the sea wall and it's quite pleasant.

    but i've become so used to exercising just about every day that NOT doing so (when i actually feel absolutely fine most of the time) seems dead odd. i guess i have to accept that my body doesn't like it all that much.


    swimming, as you say, is a good thing to do, and i will keep it up. i've even improved in my swimming since i got pregnant, and am now able to alternate lengths of breastroke and crawl (previously could only do breaststroke) for 60 lengths or more.

    we are going to paint the nursery this weekend, so at least that will keep me active without (hopefully) causing any tummy troubles!

    hope everyone else has fun weekends!

    and mrs o - if you are still around, good luck for 2.30pm!
  • Help - just returned from Milan Half Marathon last weekend and found out yesterday that I'm 10-weeks pregnant! No wonder I wasn't feeling 100%.
    What sort of distances / mileage are you ladies managing in training as the weeks go by?
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