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  • Welcome LozF and congratulations!
    Entirely up to you when and who you tell about your pregnancy but I must admit that I did appreciate the support from friends and family in the early days when I was totally knocked for 6 with morning sickness.

    I also cycle as part of my journey to and from work and my family applied a bit of pressure on me to stop, but like you, I pointed out that nothing untoward had happened to me when i wasn't pregnant, so why should it now. I did actually give up quite early though as I had problems with my blood pressure and also felt completely rough ;o)

  • boing for my last message, nobody got any advice/suggestions as to my achy abdomen, not so bad this morning, maybe its just my womb stretching with the baby growing ??? Reassurance would be good if anyone's out there, i suppose a lot of you will be away for easter hols
  • mrs o - really I wouldn't worry overly - it's probably your ligaments or stomach muscles complaining a bit because you (a) they will be stretching apart by now and (b) you will have been giving them a workout during your run.

    If you have concerns I would suggest a quick chat with the m/wife, but I think it is safe to say that all of these weirdy aches and pains are part and parcel of being preggers ;o)

    My GP told me that the pains to really worry about are the crampy, period type pains accompanied by bleeding. But that also after 11 weeks you need to expect some aches and pains/ strains.

    Not that I like to bang on about toilet troubles, but apparently a lot of these tummy feelings can be related to constipation! So tuck into that All Bran all you expectant ladies!

    Happy Easter to you all,

    Hegs x

  • Many thanks Hegs for putting my mind at rest, have been a bit ahem, windy as well so maybe thats part of it. Aches are definetly not crampy more like being stretched etc. Suppose i better get some All Bran into me to counteract the easter eggs over the weekend !!!!!

    Happy easter to everyone
  • Being pregnant is soooo undignified! Why is it that no one tells you about all the yucky stuff like constipation until it is too late??

    One of my friends was telling me all about her home birth the other day (a wonderful experience apparently) and how her placenta literally slapped out on the floor while she was on her way to the kitchen for a cup of tea!! Gross, but very amusing!

    Joknig aside though, I did find All Bran to be a lifesaver.....
  • sorry mrs o - got side-tracked by service reporting yesterday (joyousness) and missed your post. but agree with hegs - it is most likely to be your uterus stretching but if you are concerned, speak to your m/w...

    as for me - my nausea is back!! with a vengeance! week 28 and i feel like i did in week 8. how unfair is that!

    i was up in the night heaving in the bathroom (much tutting, huffing and puffing from my very supportive husband at the amount of noise i was making!), and doing the same this morning. yuck!

    and i agree about All Bran - hegs. it's wonder stuff!

  • oops the :-( wasn't supposed to be about all bran. it was supposed to be about the nausea.

    oh well.

    happy easter everyone, by the way!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Happy Easter all!

    Hegs, I did laugh at your description of your friend's placenta literally slapping out on to the floor! I'd better not opt for a home birth then - we've just had the entire house recarpeted in a light stone/honey colour! I'd have to give birth on the kitchen floor (bathroom isn't really big enough)!

    CM, hope this is just a blip and nausea subsides soon.

    One of my support staff has just gone on maternity leave (this will be her second week off as she decided to use some holiday up before her official maternity leave starts). Had a text from her yesterday afternoon to say waters have broken - her due date wasn't supposed to be until 3rd May! We're all on standby at work awaiting more news.
  • Hello,
    I'm 32 weeks preg.and want to know when others were able to start running again after they had their babies??
    Also how far gone did you stop running when preg??
  • Hi Marlo, Congrats, and not far to go now!
    I stopped running at about 17 weeks. Now, my baby is 4.5 months old and I haven't started running again, partly because of weather, partly because of overweight: I want to avoid any injury, so I'm walking a lot at the moment, and have just joined Weight Watchers, so hopefully I'll soon be back!

    I thought I'd start running again after about 6 weeks, and by then I was very far from having the energy!! Long, miserable nigths didn't help, so at least you'll have nice weather to enjoy when the baby's here.
  • Thanks Mum2Liya. Am really hoping I'll be able to strt running again after 6 weeks or before!! I've still been running...although quite slow and max 2 miles 2/3 times a week. I feel like it is becoming harder though and don't know how much longer will be able to keep it up!!!! Can't believe others from what I've read on the forum have continued for so long!!!!!!
  • Hi MZB

    Congratulations. I am pregnant with my second child. Unfortuantely due to complications, I have had to stop at 12 weeks both times. So there are others that can give you more advice there.

    As for starting back, I did loads of walking with lots of hills after 6 weeks. I then started back 3 months after. This was not a physical thing, it was I just felt that Sadie and I had got through the difficult initial sleepless weeks. She was in a routine and I was getting to sleep through most nights and therefore had more energy.

    Well done of making it so far!! I am very jealous, I had hoped to continue this time. I am sure coming pack post birth will be a little easier as you have been able to keep going.
  • Hi Marlo - welcome & congratulations!
    I am mum to a soon-to-be 1 year old, and although I didn't run much when I was pregnant (lots of probs in pregnancy which I will not bore everyone with again), I was up and running albeit VERY SLOWLY, after 4 weeks. And I had a c-section delivery too. My advice(as always), is listen to your body - if you feel that you are ready and feel OK then go for it, but don't ignore medical advice (I did check with my obstetrician first) and don't ignore your body if it doesn't feel right.

    Good luck & hope everyone had a great Easter break

    Hegs x
  • morning


    sleep - what's that? i am sleeping SOOO badly. i guess it's good practice for when junior arrives, but 4 hours a night of broken sleep is just not good for me. i am feeling so rubbish. :-(

    and my gums are now bleeding and i have a crop of mouth ulcers.

    oh the glamour of pregnancy!

    welcome mzb - it's great you are still running. i stopped at 26 weeks because it was just too uncomfortable. in fact, even walking is now uncomfortable as it gives me a feeling like stitch after a while. swimming does the same thing! it's soooo frustrating!
  • Morning all,
    I'm back at work today, after 6 months off.. How strange to be back, when I've been a housewife for 6 months (and a mum for 4.5 months) and have been loving it: can I be bothered with office politics, gossip and all the rest of it?? We'll see..
    have a good day and a good week.
  • You certainly go back with a changed perspective and are much more choosey as to where you spend your energy when a returning mum.

    All in all once settled which took a month or so, I found this change in prespective to be a postive thing.

    Good luck, I can appreciate how unsettling those first few weeks can be and it takes a while for the brain to kick in :-) - It will come back I promise!
  • Hi, me looking for some help/advice again. I've heard that on of the things you can suffer is a blocked nose when pregnant (and think someone on here said its likely to last till end of pregnancy). Well i certainly have a blocked nose and blocked sinus-y/headache-y feeling as well and not very pleasant, has anyone found any remidies to help this or get rid of the stuffines ??
  • Hi all,

    Back from hols, and still very sick and exhausted. Am not running at all, as can't even walk upstairs without being out of breath. Have gone from 70 mpw endurance queen to exhausted invalid. We went for a 5 mile walk on holiday and I was so ill that evening and the following day. Everytime I get in a car I feel sick or am sick as well, so have had to keep a supply of sick bags in the car. Really awful.

    Have had a date for my second scan but its not till May 30th. Which from my last period is 15.5 weeks. They reckon I'm 2-3 weeks less than this though, quite how this can be I don't know, as I am a regular 28 day woman, unless it was an immaculate conception. I have to have all my ante-natal at the hospital and no home births for me either. Hence this is the first date they have to see the consultant. But what if they have the dates wrong? I get the nuchal scan free but this is supposed to be at 14 weeks. Will they beable to do this if I am 15 weeks?

    Bit concerned about it all, but GP isn't concerned. It seems a long time 6 weeks more of sickness. I have a small bump already. Am small 5'3" and was 7 stone 6, now put on 1-2lbs, but have lost weight from my legs and bum!
  • mrs o - you can try a steam inhalation (boiling water in a bowl - nothing in it though! - and put your head over the bowl with a teatowell over your head). that sometimes helps. otherwise, you will just have to grin and bear it!

    mitchie moo - can you talk to your midwife about this? i don't think they can do a nuchal scan at 15 weeks. it's only up to 14 weeks, i think. and the guy i saw prefers to do them at 11 weeks because he says it's more accurate then, although i think that may just be him because i haven't heard anyone say they were told that. however, the dating from scans is pretty accurate, and if they are sure about the dates from the scan you had before you went away, it probably is right. one of my friends was given dates that were so late that she wouldn't actually have been pregnant when she got the positive pregnancy test according to the scans, but the dates were consistent throughout (ie the scans at what they said were 12 weeks and 20 weeks all had the right measurements for those dates, even though they were WAY out from the dates she had based on LMP, ovulation and when she got a positive test!). i don't know how this works but sometimes perhaps it just does!

    but do give your midwife a call as you are right to be concerned and they definitely should be able to do that scan earlier for you.

    by the way - you *can* insist on a homebirth for twins if you really want one, unless you are a particularly high risk twin pregnancy (breech positions, BP problems etc). my guess is that you may well not want that anyway, but if you do feel very strongly about it, the NCT should be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you argue your case with your health authority.
  • I don't have a community midwife as its all done at the hospital. Just have my GP. I may ring the hospital later this week. Means I don't really know how many weeks I am. Thought I was 9.5 now. But looks like may be only 7.5. I may see if I can get an intermediate scan as well.
  • Have been offered an earlier dating scan in 3 weeks time. So hopefully all will be resolved then. Trouble is hubbie can't come on the day they have offered, he works for himself and things like this are always troublesome, and they don't have any other free dates. Not sure about going on my own. Have any of you guys had to go on your own to a scan? May have to get a friend or family member to come along.

    Struggling at work today, the work we have to do is so boring at the moment, which doesn't help.
  • mitchie moo

    great that they will offer you an earlier scan. i haven't been on my own to a scan, but i know plenty of other people who haven't had their husbands/partners with them. it would be best to take someone with you if you can, as you are likely to be very nervous if you are anything like me, and it's best just to have someone there who can distract you a bit.

    i go on my own to all my midwife appointments though as she is always running late and they are always in the middle of the morning, so it would be very inconvenient for hubby. i hadn't considered before what i would have done if she'd found something wrong... maybe i will have to consider taking him along in future!
  • Thanks for welcome and comments. I suppose all I will be able to do is see how I feel after baby is born and listen to my body! Hopefully remaining active for so long during pregnency will help!!
    I know what you mean about lack of sleep...the further on time goes the worse my sleeping gets!!!!
    Mitchie Moo,
    When I went for my first scan- thinking I was 12 weeks- they then said I was 10 weeks according to measurements??? I then had to go back two weeks later for the 12 week scan.
  • I so wish I could do something am really missing my running but even walking seems to aggravate my sickness, and really don't fancy feeling sick in the pool. Am so out of breath as well.

    Oh well maybe in a few weeks time. Am finding this first 12 weeks very hard, and time is going so slowly.

    Thanks for re-assurance on dates glad to know am not the only one, it is confusing though.

  • It is frustrating, I totally understand!!!!
    My first 12 weeks were horrible - I felt so sick all the time. After the 12 weeks though I went back to feeling normal, as normal as can be expected. Hang in there!!!
  • I went to most of my scans on my own - hubby came to 13 and 20 week "milestone" scans but I even went to my 7 week scan alone!! And that was a scary one as it could have been ectopic/ unviable etc etc. Problem was that my husband didn't want to tell anyone what he needed to go out for (as early days etc etc) and his work told him at the last minute that he couldn't leave :o( Fortunately everything was fine.

    NB. I realise that most people only have 2 scans - I had about 20 because of all my health issues, so it wouldn't really have been too practical for my husband to come.

    I also struggled like mad in the first 14 weeks - dreadful sickness and nausea, exhausted, emotional and generally p***ed off with the whole thing. It's rotten, but it is a good sign in terms of hormones etc.

    Hegs x
  • All being well I will have had about 4 scans in the first 14 weeks, and then have to have one every 4 weeks after that.

    Am currently guzzling ribena. Have been quite dehydrated I think and can't drink water for some reason, but ribena tastes very good.
  • mitchie moo - ribena was a godsend for me too!

    i hope things will settle down for you soon. my nausea really didn't slacken off until about 20 weeks, and even now it comes back every week or so just for a day to stop me getting too complacent!
  • Mitchie moo, i'm 15 weeks and my nausea is starting to get better now, my sister reckons her's went away at about 4 months with all three kids and a few others have said that as well, so hang on in there a wee bit longer, it will get better. Also the tiredness has improved a whole lot, for a while there (about 8 to 12 weeks) i was coming in from work and collapsing on the sofa for a snooze most evenings, but haven't done that for a few weeks now. Can't say i've enjoyed the physical side of my pregnancy yet, am still waiting for the 'blooming' phase to arrive !!!!
  • Forgot to say as well, got out for a short hill walk at the weekend and felt much better for the fresh air and exercise. Also yesterday i spent the day feeling tired and headachey (blocked nose etc and don't think air con at work helps), but forced myself out for a gentle run about 5pm and felt sooooooo much better for it, really woke me up and made me feel alive again. Feeling quite pleased as i have friends coming up mid-May and they're keen to do a munro, so was good to get out there and do a hill walk and know i'm still capable and not too much slower than before.
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