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  • Yes I went straight to bed after work last night. Got up to be sick at 8pm then slept right through till this morning. Hope that doesn't happen every work day!

    Only 5-6 weeks of sickness to go. Joy! Then my mother has told me with twins the indigestion kicks in. She used to guzzle gaviscon straight from the bottle!

    Thanks guys, will hang in there.
  • I have a friend who had twins and she said the SAME thing!!!
    The weeks will go by fast!! Good luck!!!
  • unless you have a tummy bug :-( Off work today been sick twice already. thought it was delayed morning sickness, but the cramps have confirmed def a bug.
  • Oh no clare thats not good. Had this a few weeks ago, in what was probably my first week after conception. Hope you feel better soon. X
  • (((clare))) - not pleasant. hope you feel better soon.
  • Thanks all for the welcome. My pop ins will be a bit sporadic due to having to wait until lunchtimes or finishing work before I can log on. Haven't been running since I found out I was pregnant - I can't face it as my boobs are just so sore. They're not small at the best of times, and the thought of them jiggling around makes my toes curl. And I'm only just 6 weeks......

    It certainly sounds like some of you have been through/are going through some tough pregnancies. I hope if you are still going through it, things work out well - I'm sure they will. And you have so many helpful tips - keep them coming! All advice gratefully received! Clare - I hope you feel better soon, stomach bugs are horrible normally, let alone when preggars as well.

    I'm off to the doctors to let them know on Friday, so hopefully all will be well.

    I hope you are all doing well! I'll try and log on again tomorrow to see how you all are!
  • LozF

    Great to see you again. I can sympathise on the boob front. Mine are not huge but they were sooooooo painful to start off with. I found that strapping them down with two sports bras did the trick though - although I was close to tears when it came to peeling off the bras afterwards!

    After a few weeks (can't remember how many but possibly after 10 weeks or so), the pain got less, and then I had a few weeks of burning/tingling sensations. In fact, one night, my boobs felt like they were on fire, and they were actually hot to touch! That settled down after a couple of weeks, and now they are just permanently a bit sore. I can't drape myself over my swiss ball for very long before it becomes too uncomfortable.

    But the major pain did go after about 10 weeks, so hopefully it will be the same (or better!) for you!
  • Oh pooh,

    Been to midwife this morning and she says that our local health board don't give you anymore scans after the 12/13 week one, unless they are worried about how the baby is growing.

    On a happier note, all my tests came back fine and she had a wee probe thingy to listen to the heart and you could hear it, sounded nice and strong.

    She said you can pay for a scan, there's a place nearby, she thought they were about £130, but one of her patients got one for about £60, so will need to see what hubby thinks, not sure if we should pay for another one later on (would love to know if its a boy or girl) or just wait and get a surprise when i give birth
  • Bummer mrs o!
    I soooo looked forward to seeing my little fella onscreen ;o)

    There seems to be a huge split in opinion over finding out the sex - we were adamant that we wanted to know and I would have paid to find out, but that's just my opinion.

    Great news that all is well though - good for you!

    I will be offline for a few days now - gearing up for FLM on Sunday!! If anyone is out and about watching I will be in a bright yellow CHASE (children's hospice in Surrey) vest with "Helen" (my real name!!) on it.....

    Hegs x
  • Mrs O, that's a shame. I'm sure if you told a little white lie about how worried you were about the baby, they might give you another scan...not that I'm advocating lying, obviously (he he he...evil laughter...)

    Just been for a gentle run this morning. I feel great now! I was even slower than normal (I'm pretty slow at the best of times!) and I managed 4 miles. After the first 10 minutes of boob agony it reduced to a dull ache and I managed to carry on. I don't know how long I took as I purposefully didn't take my watch, but I know the canal so well I do know how far I went.
  • Good Luck with the FLM on Sunday Hegs. I'll be looking out for you on the telly!
  • Thanks LozF!

    If I remember rightly, the boob soreness does lessen quite a lot after about 15 weeks, but I am very small chested so it was easy to strap 'em down ;o)

    If you think they are big/hurt now, just you wait until your milk comes in..... My friend likened hers to two torpedoes (she has a big bust anyway)... And I even went from a modest 34B/C to a 34E!!
  • Oh blimey. I'm a D cup normally, heading rapidly to a DD, so that is sounding painful!
  • Hegs, good luck on sunday, will keep an eye out for you on the telly !!!

    Not one to boast, but mine have gone from 34E to 34G already, goodness knows what size i'll be when my milk comes in !!!! Luckily mine weren't too tender earlier on and a couple of sports bras reins them in for running !!!!
  • Enough already! I am back to a meagre 34A/B especially with my marathon training... Pregnancy does for your boobs, that's for sure :o(

    In all seriousness I will consider a boob job once I am sure that I am done having babies (want another 2 first though!).

    Hegs x
  • I have a lot more back than you guys to support my boobs! I'm a 40D, so at least I've got the back to carry it!

    (Many years playing rugby, using a sledgehammer and boxing have made my shoulders and back rather broad, that and the excess poundage I've been trying to shed for the past 3 years!)
  • Good Luck with the FLM. If i have licked this bug, I hope to be a finish for a friend - so may see you!
  • Yes good luck Hegs, I will be watching from the sofa. Hopefully I will be tendering a marathon start line sometime next year. Not sure I'll be up to my normal speedy levels by then though. Well see hey!

    Normally I am a meagre 32-34AA, but now am getting on for 34B and definitely have a small bump emerging at only 9 weeks. Am sure I felt something move last night too, must have been my imagination though.
  • I've been um-ing and ar-ing about posting here for a few days. Here's a little history:

    I have a nearly 7 month little boy (who doesn't sleep well at nights), it took us a year to concieve, so I stopped running through pregnancy, I felt too tired and was worried - so wasn't enjoying it. I still went to the gym (cross trainer and bike). I started back running after Christmas initially on my own in the evenings after hubby can home from work, but I found it hard to get out, so bought a baby jogger which I have been using most days and I can now run up to 5.5 miles with it, although most days I do 2.5-3.5 miles.

    Anyway there's the history, last week I found out that I'm pregnant again, after last time we decided to just let nature take it course!!! A bit of a shock that I'm coming to terms with - it's early days yet (6 wks) and I know anything can happen.

    I'm going to try and keep running (my speed is very slow) with my baby jogger, as I still have some pregnancy weight to loose, but will need to speak to the midwife to find out the best way to do this (in 2 wks time).

    Anyway just wanted to introduce myself as you lot seem very friendly and I may need some support in the next few months.
  • hegs - lots and lots of luck for sunday. hope you have a GREAT day!! and let us know as soon as you can how you get on!

    mitchie moo - i think it's probably too early to feel anything move yet, although you will feel it earlier with twins than the rest of us. i felt movement from 16 weeks and that's quite early for a first baby. some people feel nothing until about 22 weeks!

    my boobs have gone from a 34/36 C to a 38 C? go figure that one?! given that i haven't put on excessive amounts of weight (although i haven't weighed in 2 weeks now!), my back seems to have grown but my cup size hasn't.
  • new mum - congratulations!! and welcome! you are definitely in the right place.

    keeping running as long as you are feeling fine is a good thing to do.

    on the weight loss front - i'm fairly sure that the midwife will tell you that you mustn't diet when you are pregnant, even if you are overweight (apologies if you aren't - you don't say how much weight you still have to lose). however, there's no reason why you can't eat modestly whilst meeting your nutritional needs, so that, whilst you don't lose any weight, you don't pile on lots of pounds. she will work out your BMI for you and then tell you what you should be looking at in terms of weight gain. if you are really worried, i think you *can* ask to be referred to a nutritionist, but that's probably over the top for you.
  • oh and mrs o - re the scan. it's a real surprise that you don't get the 20 week scan! that's the one most authorities give you, even if they don't do a dating scan at 12 weeks.

    the 20 week scan looks for anomalies and problems (as well as sometimes telling you the sex), and some of the scans you can pay for privately don't look for anomalies - they just tell you the sex. so if you REALLY want an anomaly scan to find out whether there are problems like heart defects and limb/bone problems etc, you must make sure that that's what you are getting, and my guess is that will cost more. i think some of the sexing scans only are about £60.

    if you wait until later in pregnancy, you can get a 4D bonding scan where you get a good look at what you baby actually looks like (rather than just bones), although they are very expensive, and again - they don't look for anomalies.

    if you are sure that you wouldn't terminate the pregnancy whatever the scan found out, then there's probably little point in paying for an anomaly scan (other than that you are 'forewarned' of any problems), and a private sexing scan would be a very good option.
  • Thanks for all the messages ladies - am off now!! Eeek! Very scared!

    Caramel - the increase around your rib cage will be because your little fella is breech - I went from 34 to 38 within the space of 2 days when my little boy went breech.....

    Hegs x
  • afternoon ladies

    hope everyone is well.

    just got back from midwife's and, for the second time only, have actually seen my community midwife rather than a locum. i'd forgotten how nice she was, actually.

    everything seems to be fine - my bump is now registering on the scale (!) but still below average, which is fine with me!

    and the best bit is that the baby isn't breech! hurrah! i know he can still turn etc, but he was breech at the 20wk scan and still breech at 25wks, but he's definitely now head down!

    and his little heart was beating away nicely at 135bpm and my BP was even lower than it's ever been, so all is looking well.

    hope morning sickness and sore boob sufferers get some relief shortly.

    >CM goes bouncing out of the thread before she annoys anyone!<
  • >pokes head around thread door<

    forgot to mention: the other reason i'm bouncy is that i'm off on holiday for the next 2 weeks! yippeeeeee!

    we've got a few days at home, and then we're driving over to the loire valley on thursday for 9 days. nothing very exciting planned; just some sightseeing and lots of red wine, soft cheese and pate. (only kidding!)

    so i'll be conspicuous by my absence for a while.

    'phew' says everyone else!

    will try and pop in again before we head off to france on thurs to check all is well with everyone and to see how hegs got on!

    >skips out again<
  • Hi all

    Had my 21 week scan today. The news is mostly postive. The baby is growing well and there no problems have been identified with all major organs/checks etc.

    There is still blood or bleeding present in the uterus. I suppose this is why I am a little disappointed. As I had had not signs of bleeding for 3 weeks, I had half hoped to they would find nothing. Still at the moment is is not affecting the baby, so I just need to continue to take it easy - aaarrrgggghhhh!!! As ranted before, very hard & not in my nature. Still it seems to working so far.

    Have a follow up with the Obs next week, but do not expect to hear anything different from him. Unless things get worse, it will just be more monitoring.

    Any way over the tummy bug, just a bit drained and hungry. So a good excuse to pig out for a few days!!!

    Have a fab holiday CM!!

  • HI, quick query - my wife is 6 months pregnant now and is running OK apart from on the clothes front. After growing out of all my running clothes she is now after some more comfortable shorts, shirts, etc. Any ideas where to go or do you just buy bigger shorts?

  • Hi Gary - well done to your wife. Unfortunately, I have never made it that far due to complications, but have had these siteas reccommended to me:

  • Hello all, I'm back after what feels like months of absence.. Hegs! You'll be finished now, sorry my good luck message is a bit late, but I hope you felt great and it all went well despite the rain! I must go back a bit, Mitchie moo, are you expecting twins? How exciting, I hope you are well. We've just come back from a week in Holland, unfortunately my sister still hasn't had her baby...she's now 8 days overdue, and I'll just have to go back soon to see my new nephew. I did see my little niece, she is much better now, although I think Liesje and I have caught her cold...poor little Liesje didn't quite know what hit her yesterday, she was soooo poorly, has slept most of today, and feeding ok despite snotty nose. I'm contemplating going out for a run later on, haven't been for a few days and could do with a little run.

    I ran the Utrecht half marathon on Easter Monday; ran the same last year, just before finding out I was already seven weeks pregnant during the race. I ran my personal best, and last week improved my PB by just under a minute!! Very very pleased, as I hadn't had much time to train enough, I felt great on the day, and felt very proud at the finish seeing my husband with Liesje in the carrier as I finished. So it's true, that childbirth can improve your running times...

    Congratulations new mum, exciting news.
    Mrs O, how was your holiday? Is it nice out there? You went to Sham al Sheik didn't you? We aren't going till October and Liesje will be nearly one year old, but would like to hear what it was like.
    LozF; congratulations, I fell pregnant three weeks after taking my last pill, and ran until I was 37 weeks pregnant. I'm glad I didn't know I was pregnant when I ran the Utrecht half marathon, as I would never have tried to hard, but am glad I did it as it reassured me to keep running. I think it helped that I was 9 weeks pregnant at the first scan, so all the worrying weeks had already passed as I didn't have any inclination that I was pregnant. I was only when the cat stepped on my boob that I decided that that hurt so much that I did a pregnancy test..

    About boobs, mine never grew during pregnancy at all!! Only when my milk came in did they grow!!
    Must go now, hope everyone has a nice sunday, Marijke
  • Morning all!
    Well, I survived FLM - just! Took longer than I had hoped for but did my absolute best and didn't stop once (did have to walk a bit though). My official time is 5hrs 15mins which is 5 mins better than my previous PB back in 2003. I had hoped for under 5hrs, but hey ho.

    Glad to hear that things are mostly good with all you ladies, I am enjoying a day at home with my feet up before back to work tomorrow,

    Hegs x
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