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  • Thanks Clare for the info.

  • Congrats Hegs. Hope you have a lovely relaxing day. Sounds like you deserve it
  • Guys..need a few tips on how to deal with my mother...

    Am hoping to go to Memphis on holiday next week for 2 weeks and my mother is going balistic to say the least.. She says I should be saving for the baby..that i should save the holidays till i start my maternity leave ...flight not good for baby/me etc etc etc
    She's not too fond of my hubbi-to-be at the best of times and she thinks he is forcing me to go. as if !
    We want to go to America now as we feel we wont have the chance to go for quite a few years and we know we'd enjoy it better as a 2 some.

    I'm 22 wks now..and I really want my holiday now when I can actually enjoy it rather than keep it for later when all I'm fit for is lying on the couch.

    No matter what I say to her to explain she just wont listen. She doesnt realise how much this is upsetting/stressing me out. She keeps sending me text messages saying how much I'm upsetting HER by going !?!

    It doesnt help that its my Dads birthday coming up this week (he passed away just over a year ago) and she is obviously feeling quite low becoz of that..

    I just dont know what to say to her to make her understand..
    I wish my Dad was here to talk to her for me and calm her down a bit

    Sorry for the ranting and raving
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Well done Hegs! I ran 3:23 which was a 17-minute PB, so am very pleased.

    Now I can fully focus on other matters ;-)
  • Minks, not sure if you're interested but I bought some ovulation tests when we were trying to concieve the first time. I think I remember reading that you have a bit of a irregular cycle, so they could be quite useful. I bought mine from these people, next day delivery in brown unmarked packaging, think they came with pregnancy tests too ;-)
  • Well done Hegs and Minks, you must feel great for having run over that finish line!! It did look very wet though, I ran the Utrecht half in bright sunshine, felt like summer and was very lovely even if it was windy.

    Oh, mothers... I think we've already had a thread going some weeks ago about mothers. Mrs T, I think going on holiday would be great and a very good idea to do it at this stage in your pregnancy!! I went on short flights up to 34 weeks and never had any problems, as long as you go for regular walks around the plane, and wear some of those tight stockings you should be fine. It is only later on in pregnacy that it can become a problem. How to convince your mother about his... I'm not sure if she will listen to any reasons you have, and she probably is feeling sad at this time, but then you must do too, I used to think that my mum forgot that my dad was not only her husband but also our dad and that we were hurting too.

    I'd say go for it, and only switch your phone on once a day when you're away so you're not racked with guilt all the time. Before you know it those two weeks will be over..

    Poor little Liesje had surgery this morning. It nearly broke my heart and my husbands too, but she did really well and was smiling and playing when we picked her up from recovery. She has just vomited up all her feed and all the paracetamol that I'd given her so carefully so I'm just going to let her sleep until I can feed her again. Poor little thing, I'm glad it is over.

    Still no nephew.....
  • Sorry Mrs T, meant to reply to you too, agree with Marijke, you need a holiday, your Mum has to accept that you are an adult and you know whats best for you and your baby. I can't really offer advice, just let you know that I agree with you going.
  • Hi new mum! And congratulations!

    Hegs and Minks - I stand in awe of you! Well done!

    Mrs T - mothers are a nightmare - you have my full sympathy, mine behaves in a very similar manner.

    I had a 'situation' with my mother about six months ago when she both upset me and made me very angry (it was nothing to do with babies or anything like that). I wrote her a letter in which I explained exactly what had upset me, why, etc. Not only did it clarify things in my mind, it takes the heat out of the situation. Also, when she read it, she had to read exactly what I was saying without interrupting, only hearing what she wanted to hear etc. Maybe you could put in it that you've already budgeted for the baby (you could even put some figures together) quote from a medical book about how safe it is to travel, or even get your midwife to put in a note for you, and explain why in particular you want to go now.

    I also think you should put something about how you would appreciate her support at the time when you need her most, instead of fault finding. Explain that it's your baby and it will always come first, but that her worrying and nagging is making you very upset and may affect the baby. I know it's a bit of a guilt trip, but she obviously feels it's okay to lay the guilt trip on you.

    You could always finish the letter off by booking a weekend/day just for the two of you, so that you can remember the good times you had with your Dad, and plan for the baby. It could be she's just trying to get some attention (it's a trick my Mum uses), and feels a bit left behind as your life is going so swimmingly well.

    Good Luck, and I hope she starts to understand soon.
  • Thanks for your wise words Marijke, Loz F and newmum.
    I feel better about going away now. Just needed to hear it from someone else. All I can do is call her and reiterate all the reasons why its ok to go..and that ultimately it's my decision to make..and my responsibility

    You're right LozF I think a certain element of it is that she feels a little left behind..and that she is trying to get some attention..
    I'm going to leave it a couple of days(I hope to be a little less emotional then) before I call her and see what happens then.

    Oh Marijke thats awful about Liesje. I hope she's ok. It must be awful to see her suffering
  • Yes Marijke I am. Scarey indeed, but very exciting. Am focusing on next scan on May 11th, as am so sick can't run. Am trying to get out for a short walk each day but this makes me retch for ages afterwards.

    Well done to Hegs and Minks, my running are over till christmas I think!
  • Marijke, Sharm el Sheikh was lovely, the Naamay Bay resort is very geared for tourists, very clean, loads of restaurants, staff in our hotel were amazing and couldn't do enough for you, seemed to be a lot of young kids there having a good time, so would say its pretty child friendly, would definetly recommend it to anyone.
  • Sorry to here about the return of your sickness Caramel, I can only sympathise and express 'I know how you feel'. I have permission from my boss to work from home after 3pm each day as this is when I start to feel really ill, so that should help.

    How are you feeling Clare has the tummy bug gone?
  • right girls - just checking in before we head off on thurs to say hello and goodbye!

    congrats hegs on your time in london - hope you had a great day!

    and nice to see you again marijke. hope liesje recovers very quickly.

    mrst - i get LOTS of disapproval from my mother about everything i do/don't do. i find you have to become resilient to a certain extent! and absolutely i think you need a holiday now - it's a great time to go (all the pregnancy books recommend you travel in your 2nd trimester as you will likely be feeling your best and there's next to no risk of you going into labour). so it's official - you absolutely HAVE to go!!

    of course, we've left it until my 3rd trimester but that was because hubby was supposed to be doing a marathon on 2 april (he pulled out because he'd had a stinking cold for about 4 weeks so hadn't done enough training in the end, so we could have gone earlier!).

    anyway, take good care of each other while i'm away :=)

    CM x
  • oo and congrats minks on a WONDERFUL time in london!!
  • Hi Mitchie Moo

    Yes I am feeling better thanks. It was a grim 24 hours with lots of heaving! Still now I have my apetite back, I am making up for it with a few treats :-)
  • Have a lovely hols decaff

    Hegs and Minks - great running in London.
  • Yes, have a lovely holiday decaff CM.

    Anyway another question for all you lot out there. I'm worried i'm not drinking enough fluids, every morning i wake up with a really dry mouth feeling thirsty even though i sip away at water or dilute juice in the evenings (at least one pint an evening) and am still up at least once through the night to go to the loo. Also yesterday i thought i was getting cystitis, could this be down to not drinking enough as well ?? Am ok today, some cranberry juice and gallons of water yesterday seem to have done the trick.
  • I worry about this too mrs o, as water makes me want to heave at the minute. I have been drinking lots of dliute ribena, but probably only 2 pints or so over the day. Nowhere near as much as used to drink when not preggers and running lots.
  • Have a lovely holiday DecaffCM.

    I worry about the "drinking enough" too Mrs O..I always wake up in morning with a terrible thirst and dry mouth. Dont know why as I .. like you have plenty of loo trips in the middle of the night. From about 5pm till 9pm I'd usually have 2 pints of water or diluted robinsons.. cant understand how I possibly could be dehydrated.. Maybe someone else out there has the answer for us?

    MM I was the same as you in my first trimester..I used to drink bucket loads of water b4 becoming pg..but couldnt drink it at all in first trimester. The only thing I could enjoy drinking was coke..even just 1 sip made me feel better and it got rid of that awful metallic taste in my mouth. I limited myself to a couple of sips of coke a day..and boy did I look forward to it !
  • Another question guys, sorry, went for a run yesterday and felt quite knackered, was running with a friend who is a lot faster than me at the moment and i'm sure i maybe ran a bit faster than usual just trying to keep up. Anyway i have an ache right over the right hand side of my pubic bone, like a bit of a muscle strain, has anyone else had this? should i worry about it? is it a sign that maybe i should stop running, too much bouncing going on and straining my muscles ?? (only 16 weeks and not really showing yet, just look like i've got a bit of a pot belly, although my waist has definetly disappeared). Have been running about 2 times a week recently and not had this or any other problem before.
  • I would suggest just a twinge as your muscles relax so much when you're pregnant. Take a couple of days off and lightly stretch the area. A friend of mine used a pregnancy band when running to stop things bouncing around from Boots so this may help. I had several twinges when I ran last time, am not running at all now though. Are you running by heart rate, as you must try to keep this lower than normal running.
  • Don't have a heartrate monitor or anything but when i have been running or hill walking, have been stopping regularly and measuring my pulse rate. Have read that in general you shouldn't let pulse rate go above 140bpm, or 160bpm if you're used to exercise. I have been stopping when i have been running at a good pace and measuring pulse rate straight away and its never been above 135bpm, so is below 140bpm and well below 160bpm. As a result i now have a good idea of how 'puffed' i can get without pulse rate getting too high.

    Am just surprised that the bouncing could be causing these twinges and aches already when i'm only 16 weeks and haven't really got much of a bump so far. Will my ligaments and abdominal muscle have started to relax and stretch already ??
  • Hello, I would strongly recommend the pregnancy band Michie Moo mentioned. I had one that I used throughout most of my pregnancy and also after my caesarian and I felt it really helped. I can't say anything useful about the pain Mrs O, I used to get a strange stitch in my right lower abdomen that would stop me from running every now and then, but other than that I didn't feel the bump was bouncing around too much. I think the difference in your hormones changes the ligaments in your body, but not sure how early on in pregnancy you'd notice that.
    I've got a horrible cold at the moment, haven't been running since last week and really missing it. Didn't help that I ate half a chocolate bunny this evening... Off to the Lake district tomorrow, so lots of long walks ahaed with Liesje in the carrier. Can't wait really, just hope the weather is good. It'll be our first wedding anniversary too!
  • Mitchie Moo and Marijke, what do you mean by these support belts, on the web i've found ones that are like bands that sit kind low or alomst under your bump and then theres other things that cover your whole bump, which is best for running and do they all do the same job or are some more designed for supporting sore backs rather than for support during exercise ??
  • I had one that I bought in Holland, and it was the one that has an elastic belt that sat low under my bump with the bit above it covering the bump. I'm generally a size 10-12 and had to get the XS size to feel it supported properly and used that until I stopped running at 37 weeks. I don't know how much it supported but it did make me feel 'safer' if that makes sense. I also used it at work (I had a few...) because I work 12 1/2 hour shifts standing up so needed some support. Oh, just thinking about going back to work makes me cringe, I don't know how you all do it, but I have a lot of respect for working mums and will need to get my act together sometime soon to get ready to go back later this year.
    Anyway, blooming marvellous ( do the belt I had, it's called the 'anita maternity baby belt' and costs a staggering £29.99 but I do think it is worth it. Off to the Lakes now, will watch the fell runners falling of the mountains again and wish I was one of them...
  • Thanks for that Marijke, i'm really impressed, running till 37 weeks and working 12 hour shifts standing up, you must be superwoman !!!! I was a size 16 when i got pregnant and the scales are going up already, maybe the extra weight doesn't help the running much either, almost 14 stone already (was just under 13 when i found out i was pregnant and am now 16 weeks). Hope you have a lovely time in the Lakes, we are hoping to do a munro this weekend as the weather is looking good, will be my first munro in ages and since i found out i was pregnant !!
  • Am jealous of both of you. Just going to tesco this morning was too much and I ended up heaving as soon as I got home and have had to sit quietly ever since, am finding it really had going this first 12 weeks. Being so sick just exhausts me all day, as I'm also sick at night so am getting no sleep. Please let it get easier in the 2nd trimester!
  • Am not sure what belt it was mrs o. Just know my friend bought it in Boots and its called a pregnancy belt or band. i'll ask her when I see her next but that may not be for a while as she doesn't know I'm pregnant yet!
  • ((Mitchie Moo)) I was exactly the same - heaven forbid I ever get preggers with twins - might it be doubly bad??

    All I can say is that it did ease off after about 14 weeks, but with good and bad days after that. Funnily wnough, the best I felt was in the last 3 weeks before my son arrived - but that may have been down to the copious amounts of tablets I was taking for my blood pressure!

    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend ladies
    Hegs x
  • Have a great BH all. I hope the sickness gets better. Although not physically sick, the queasiness stayed til about week 14.

    Have an appointment with the Obs today and he was really positive. The bleeding has stopped and the baby is doing well. I feel I can relax a little & enjoy life for the 1st time during this pregnancy.

    Take care
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