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    New Mum, thanks for the link. I've started taking my temperature each morning and am charting it so see whether any patterns emerge (and hopefully assess whether I appear to be ovulating or not) and I might get some of the tests to use as well.

    Bottom line is, we need to have more sex! Which sounds oh-so-simple but is actually really hard when you both have full-time jobs and spend Monday-Friday feeling knackered! Hopefully using the charts will help with that as there will be a couple of weeks each month when we don't need to be at it hammer and tongs!! (Sorry to be so blunt!)

    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend. Clare, really pleased to hear you can relax a bit at last. Mitchie Moo, hope your sickness gets better soon - it does sound horrible :-( Caramel - have a FAB holiday!

    Went for a run again today and felt the same as last time, really uncomfortable in the abdomen, like i was REALLY desperate for a wee and everything was bouncing around too much and just really spoiled my enjoyment. Apart from that i was feeling fine, but really i feel its too uncomfortable to continue running if its going to feel like that all the time

    Do you think a pregnancy band will really make that much difference or am i likely to suffer just less discomfort ??

    Maybe i will just need to switch to less impact exercise like brisk walking, swimming etc.

    Clare, glad to hear things have settled down with you and you feel like you can finally relax and enjoy your prgnancy now.

    Minks, another thing to check is your cervical mucus, yukky subject but a good indicator of ovulation, have a look on the internet or ask your doc and they will explain the changes to look for. Also if you need to have more sex, have a rule in the house like, once its dark and the curtains are closed, get your kit off and laze about in the buff, the sight of each other naked may help things !!! (that is assuming you have the house to yourself, no lodgers, flatmates, kids etc)
  • Another question, is the discomfort i've been suffering from running possibly due to having weak abdominal muscles, weak pelvic floor, so everything isn't being 'held in' as it should, or is it just a case of bad luck that some women can't run as far into their pregnancies as others. Am really quite disappointed to have stopped running this soon.
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    Thanks Mrs O, am also incorporating cervical mucus into my chart but it's a bit tricky to tell sometimes what 'stage' it's at. I suspect my problem is going to be that I'm not ovulating, which hopefully charting these things will help to highlight if that is the case. So far I've had no sign of a temperature 'spike' but as my cycle is quite long (33+ days) it may well be that I don't get one for another few days.

    As hubby said over the weekend, we just need to get into the habit of having more sex regardless of the baby thing - but it's very difficult to separate 'having sex' from 'trying to conceive' no matter how hard you try.

    I think with regard to your issue, it might just be that there will be a certain level of discomfort to running when pregnant. Some people may find it more uncomfortable than others. I would have thought that a pregnancy band will help as it will give some support and stop everything from bouncing around as much. It may also help you to feel more relaxed rather than worrying that every step is doing some potential damage to you/the baby. If you're really not happy then it's no crime to stop running and find an alternative form of exercise until after the baby. Cross-trainers are supposed to be good as they mimic the action of running fairly closely without the associated impact.
  • Mrs O - Having never made it past 12-14 weeks due to problems, I am sorry I cannot add anything here. The only thing I can say is there is a lot of ligaments stretching and moving throughout so you will fill different and perhaps uncomfortable. The thing to worry about is pain.

    Minks - Don't forget your GP can do a simple blood test to assess if you are ovulating. That's how I found my problem and they put me on clomid which solved things for me straight away. I had Sadie after 3 months of trying & this one after 2.

  • Good luck Minks, will keep fingers crossed for you.
    Have decided to give up the running as yesterday it was really uncomfortable and even felt a bit tender etc the rest of the afternoon. It was so uncomfortable running that i don't think a band would make that much difference, or would maybe only prolong it for a week or two as the baby grows and bashed my bladder even more. Going to get out for lots of brisk walks and do some hillwalks, also planning to get to a swimming pool and should get a place on the ante-natal yoga classes in the next two weeks.
  • Sorry about the running mrs o but you seem to have lots of cross-training lined up.

    I really enjoyed my ante-natal yoga class so I hope you get on that soon and find it helpful.
  • Ladies, looks like I will be joining you, if you will have me. Did a home pregnancy test last night and it came up positive.....
    The reality has not sunk in yet and not sure how I am feeling. Well I am 33 and it has been on our minds to start trying "soon" but we hadn't really got on with it yet, if you know what I mean.
    Thoughts swirling round mainly concern my job and running. I am in a job with a fixed contract which runs out in August. This is a bit annoying considering I was always in a "regular" job prior which would have offered me the benefit of something to go back to. This way I will be basically unemployed some time down the line :-(
    Yeah and the running. I have been getting back into it in the past year after a long long break. I have literally just joined a small running club and I am sure they are hoping for club glory from me. I am determined to carry on running (much to the annoyance of my partner who is not the most understanding re. running) as long as possible but I expect I will have to take it easy and no racing.
    I guess the next step is a doctors appointment.
  • Congratulations and welcome, Austrorunner, you're in the right place for lots of advice and general chat about pregnancy and running, i have found this thread brilliant for loads of advice and people to chat to or moan to since i found out i was pregnant.
    Bit pants about the your job situation.
    As for the running, keep it up as long as you like, keeping fit and healthy has major benefits for you and the baby. I think the general rule is to do what you normally do, but don't try to increase your training and just listen to your body and take it easy (your pace will slow down as you get larger) if you have to, hopefully the doc will also tell you that, then you can tell your partner that if the doc is happy for you to continue running then its ok despite what he thinks, men can get a bit over protective sometimes and think you should spend all day with your feet up !!!
    I myself have had to give up running just this week (17 weeks pregnant now) as it was just too uncomfortable (see my earlier posts), however some folks on this thread have run up to 37 weeks, which i think is pretty amazing, i think it just depends on the individual, so good luck !!
  • p.s. if your partner moans to much about you not taking it easy, just say he could help by doing the cooking, cleaning, housework etc hee hee
  • Ladies, I hope you dont mind me joining you. Not really appropriate yet - I'm in a fairly similar position to Minks. Trying to get pregnant with a long and irregular cycle.

    We've been trying since December and owning to my dodgy cycle, I've been charting my temparature and using ovulation test sticks since Feb but so far no success. As I have little patience(!) this is already starting to frustrate me a bit because I've no real idea how long it should take to conceive. Any thoughts?
  • Welcome to you as well, Phisfan. I actually started posting as well before i was pregnant, was on fertility treatment as i wasn't ovulating, however they managed to get me ovulating and we managed to do the rest of it 'au naturel'. They reckon any normal couple without any known problems should concieve within about a year, possibly less, so if you've been trying for a year or more i'd go and see the doc, for some of us a course of pills or a short course of treatment has done the trick. If you've been trying for less than a year maybe worth while going for a chat with the doc anyway, because you say you have a long and irregular cycle they may decide to do something about it sooner, good luck.
  • mrs o - thank you for the warm welcome and sensible words! hope all is going well with you. I am starting to read the many posts on this thread.

    phishfan - just want to wish you good luck. I am sure some other forumites have experience and knowledge to pass on to you. keep posting!
  • Welcome austrorunner and phishfan. Took me and hubbie 9 months first go to get pregnant then after my miscarriage it just taken 4 months. I was also using this forum before it happened the second time. Am 10ish weeks and not running at all due to sickness and tiredness.

    I have slightly concerning side effects occuring now. I fainted on Saturday fortunately hubbie caught me so no damage done. But have been feeling very light headed ever since. Am off work. Doc has taken blood count as BP and urine all fine. Waiting to see if he calls which he will do if am anaemic. Did anyone else get anaemic this early on. I am susceptible to it and take iron normally for running, but stopped in Jan. Just a bit concerning.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Phisfan, I sympathise. I also have a long cycle, and while I wouldn't say it's that irregular, once or twice it's varied by 3 days from the previous month which apparently categorises it as irregular.

    It probably depends on where you live and your GP as to when they will start investigations. I have been to my GP and despite my age (37 in June) and the above-mentioned long cycle, at my surgery they will not even start any tests until we have been trying for a year. This is only a couple of months away so in the meantime I have started charting my temperature (only been doing this since my last period so no conclusions as yet). I also know that hubby and I need to have sex more regularly as when life gets in the way once a week can be the best we manage!

    Clare, thanks for the mention of the blood test. When I saw my GP he gave me a clear plastic envelope for a Day 21 blood test and told me I could have one done 'if I wanted to'. If nothing else it can eliminate thyroid, prolactin and kidney function from the possible reasons why we may not be able to conceive. However, I haven't had it done yet. As my cycle is 33 days at its shortest I'm not sure what value a test done at 21 days will have - especially as I can't guarantee that the current cycle will also be 33 days. I think I have to be honest and admit that I have a real fear of medical investigations (I've never had any, and don't really want to have to go down that road) so I guess I'm putting it off too. I almost feel I'd like to give it a few months of us trying to conceive naturally by having more sex, being relaxed and perhaps carrying on with the charting before I'm forced to seek medical help.

    One other question for those of you who've had fertility treatment/investigations - how did you get round this at work? Obviously from what I've read it involves lots of tests which have to be carried out at specific points during your cycle. I'm not sure how I can explain constant hospital/GP appointments at work without having to tell people what they're for, and frankly I don't see why I should have to tell my work colleagues if I'm having fertility problems. This is a hard enough issue to deal with without everyone 'knowing'. People who conceive naturally generally don't go round telling their colleagues that they're trying before they get pregnant, and I feel it's something personal that I don't want to share with colleagues.

  • Hi Minks

    By law, work has to give you time off for doctors and hospital appointments no matter what the reason. Firstly, it's none of their business, and you have no obligation to tell them why your going. I'd just say that I had some tests, and try and arrange the appointments at the beginning or end of the day, so it's less disruptive, although I know that's not always possible.

    If you really get pushed, just say 'womens problems'. That normally shuts people up.
  • Minks, depends on your hospital/fertility clinic and what treatments you are on. When i was on clomid, i was left with instructions of what to do and take the pills myself and only had to get a blood test done on day 21 of each cycle, so no problems there. On the FSH injections i had to have scans and blood tests about twice a week, luckily the clinic did these scan and blood tests between 8 and 9 in the morning and my home and work wasn't far from the clinic, so it just mean't i was in a wee bit late a couple of days a week and luckily we're on flexi time so it wasn't a problem. At work i told my HR department and line manager in confidence and they were fine with that. As for anyone else at your work its none of their business and they shouldn't be sticking their nose in.
  • Hi all, this is my first time on the forum and after watching my sister do the marathon, am feeling itchy to go but this pregnancy that I have here is taking its toll!! I'll be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and baby is due during the world cup!!
    Got 6 months off soon and wondering when I can start running once baby is born!! Partner plans to buy jogger pram but what is recommended!! Haven't read all the thread as there are lots so hopefully not too much of a repeat. Please advice and how many months are everyone!!! Cheers.
  • Hi ManicMan - am 34 weeks today. Am still managing to run 20 - 25 min, not as fast as normal of course!!! I can relate to your frustration, i can't wait to start running properly again!! Would also like to know what prams others have used and which are good???
  • Not much help about prams, i am pregnant for first time and 17 weeks at the moment. Think most mums on this thread have started running again after 4 to 6 weeks, can't remember if they've used baby jogger prams though.

    Have just stopped running this week as it was really uncomfortable (baby/womb etc bouncing on my bladder etc), a lot of my friends at work are doing 10K's half marathons etc and am feeling frustrated already, although got plans for lots of hill walking, swimming, ante natal yoga etc.
  • Hello ladies,
    Re: jogger prams - general concensus amongst me and my running friends is DON'T BOTHER. We have all found them to be pretty cumbersome to run with, although good for countryside walks. Also, you can't use them until your little one is 6 months old/ can support their own head properly, and you may well want to get out and run well before that in which case you will have worked out a way of finding the time and will be reluctant to swap the freedom of unencumbered running for a clunky jogger.....
    Personally I have found that I really enjoy the "me" time that I get out running and it's a great opportunity for the dads to take a share of the babycare ;o)
    I know some people on other threads under "Gear" have recommended joggers so if you are still interested maybe do a search in there?

    Good luck to those of you trying, and for those already pregnant hope that things are going OK!

    My little fella will be 1 next week so I am busy party planning :o)

    Hegs x

  • MM - A friend of mine - who is an excellent serious runner - had a baby just over a year ago and says she is now getting back into her training, albeit slowly. I presume she was out there a couple of months after the birth but nothing serious. I think it depends on the type of birth you have as well.

    Also, I am sure I read you have to wait 9 or so months before being able to use a jogger pram.
  • our posts crossed...i stand corrected at 6 months then!
  • Any views on anaemia girls in first trimester or fainting re: my previous post.

    Won't be getting a jogging buggy as bit heavy with two in it ;o)
  • Per my previous post, my baby will be 1 next week - I started running VERY SLOWLY & CAREFULLY after 4 weeks (and a c-section), but I had full support of my obstetrician and physio and I had personal training sessions with a post-natal specialist trainer from 6 weeks after delivery.

    I did a 10K in September after my son was born, a half marathon in January and FLM last week and although I took ages:o( I was well prepared and well trained, so it is possible!

    Listen to your bodies - that's my best advice - everyone recovers at different rates depending on health, whether or not you breastfeed, fitness prior to pregnancy, how much you were able to exercise during pregnancy..... the list goes on... And listen to your health professionals too - if they really recommend against you doing something and can give you valid reasons for that advice, you ought to accept it!

    Lecture over now!
  • Re Baby Joggers, don't knock them till you've tried them. I have a baby jogger II and it's fantastic (I got it second hand on ebay). I don't find that I actually run that much slower with it, it does take a little while to work out how to run holding a pram with one hand.

    Get a proper pushchair designed for running, not one that just calls itself a jogger, it will be crap. Mine is an american company

    You do have to wait until baby can sit unaided, or you can buy inserts that allow them to be used from birth, I don't have an insert so cannot comment on them.

    My son (7 months) loves it, he's all smiles, waving his arms around or he falls asleep and I think the fresh air is great for the 2 of us. I can go out in daylight and not feel rushed - hubby works long hours in London and I don't think it's fair to dump baby on him as soon as he gets through the door.

    I haven't used it the last few days, pregnancy tiredness has got the better of me - role on 12 weeks :)

    Any more questions I'm happy to answer.
  • ManicMan - After my 1st child I started again around 3-4months. I could have started at 6 weeks, but I did not fancy running while I was breast feeding. Personally, I did not want to aid their journey south if you get my drift! Also my body just felt a little bit out of synch before then.

    Also at 3 months Sadie was in a good routine, she was sleeping through the night, I was less tired.

    I have a cross trainer now so will probably do that after 6 weeks and start again around three months.

    As for joggers - I am in Heg's camp. Running is my me time to be free of everything & indulge myself.

    Minks - I used the womens problem stuff. They have to let you time off but your are not obliged to go into details. To be fair most people gused but...

    I can understand your concern about going medical. I suppose we are a little different there - my approach is I would rather get on and know what I am dealing with. Does not mean this is the right approach and you need to do what is best for you!
  • Hi there, thanks for the cool advice, will speak to partner regarding the jogger pram as he definitely wants one so we can run as a family. Partner is a keen runner - more running than me and we met through running so can't leave baby alone!!! Been reading up on what everyone has been saying and suppose everyone will know individually what is right in themselves. Hope to start asap but scared of losing iron for baby if decide to run too soon and also breastfeeding!!! This is quite addictive reading up on the different forums!! R U all here on a regular basis!!

    How is everyone's pregnancy going? I've been fortunate and loving every minute of it - first time I saw tummy in funny position and I think it was the baby turning. Really funny shapes!!

    No morning sickness during the first trimester and now coming to an end and waiting for the moment to come now!!!

    Of home now but will check in the day!!
  • I am having a rough time ManicMan. I am 12 weeks on Sat by dates, having non-identical twins. They reckon I am about 10 weeks though from my scan done at 8 weeks. Next scan next week so hopefully get a due date then. I am very sick, very dizzy, fainted on sat, and finding it hard so far. Just keep trying to think about the two babies growing in me to keep positive. Am not running as feel too rough and dizzy. Anyway enough of me, am boring the other girls to death with my sickness. Hopefully feel better soon, am slowly getting more energy, but very nervous as miscarried last time.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome and the advise. Not close to a year yet in terms of trying, only six months so I guess we just need to keep trying!
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