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  • It amazes me actually why the hormones do it to you really. You would think they are there to encourage your body to develop correctly and enable correct nutrition, and yet you find yourself throwing up everything you eat and losing weight, seems very bizarre to me.

    Have now put on 4lb though, which is about normal I think. Have an ever increasing bump which is increasingly hard to hide and only have one pair of jeans and one pair of work trousers can now wear!

    Trouble is I am tiny so it has to stick out the front I guess!
  • Yes I have told my husband. I think he has got used to my weird revelations every morning - they do not seem to shock him anymore!

    Mitchie Moo - I can relate to the bump challenges. On all my pregnancies the bump has always popped straight out. Hiding it has been pretty much out of the question. I don't know if it is because I am a slim build or just very stretchy muscles :-(
  • i am dying of heat in the office. it must be all this extra blood and the fact that i don't usually come into the office so have forgotten what it's like not to be working in a fridge (our house is very very cold).

    it's embarassing. my sweaty armpit stains are now down to my elbows!! it's gross!!

    also - i just want to sleep now. my head is banging and i could really do with a huge strong coffee. obviously out of the question, so am trotting back and forth to the water cooler and then the loo!
  • Hi all

    Caramel - that journey sounds like a nightmare! I'm from the Midlands so can appreciate the problems associated with the lovely M42....not what you need at the moment! Neither is the lack of sleep.

    MM - good luck with your scan on Thursday, it's understandable you're nervous. But I think everything will be fine this time - it's very rare these things strike twice.

    Well - we told our parents last Friday. My Mum came out with her usual standard of comment ' you clever girl' me & hubbie haven't stopped laughing about it since. I could try and assure her that it wasn't the most intellectually challenging thing I've ever done. And hubbies parents didn't believe him - it took him five minutes of convincing before they believed him. It's getting a bit real now we've told the parents.....
  • Well done Loz.

    Anyone know a good baby progress website (especially one that isnt from US)?

    I'm stuck btwn my 11-14wk scan and 20wk scan and want to know what should be happening in-btwn. I'm 14wks today.

    Thx - GMx
  • GM - try Mothercare, Pampers or BBC websites - they all have week by week progress of growth etc.

    Glad to hear you are all doing OK bar the usual stuff. My little man is recovering from an ear infection and perforated ear drum at the moment :o( And it's his 1st birthday on Thursday....

    Hegs x
  • Although its early days for me - into week 6 - we have told closest family. Bf was really nervous about telling his parents which is pretty ridiculous at his age. Nice to get it off our chests. I just hope his Mum leaves me to my own devices. She is a real fusser and makes me feel on edge and claustrophobic. Already saying take it easy, don't lift anything heavy etc. Forgot to mention that I was still going out for runs ;-)

    GM - I have been looking at the bbc website. . Have a look here and there is a pregnancy calculator which goes day by day.
  • i quite like this one, not sure if its from the US or not
  • Will be nice to know which week I am, so I can read all these things. Thats the trouble with early scans put doubts in your mind about how far gone you are. Am 12.5 weeks by date, but could be only 10.5 by size according to sonographer. But that scan was 5 weeks ago now, so the wee things may have caught up a bit since then. I hope so!
  • ow ow ow ow ow my ribs hurt!

    i think the wee fella is having a bit of a growth spurt. he's having an attack of the hiccups at the moment and it's REALLY strong. just last week when he had hiccups, it was just a little pulsating feeling. now when he has them (seemingly every time i have a hot drink, although i think that's just a coincidence), it's a huge thud - i'm surprised you lot can't hear them actually ;-)

    hope your little lad recovers quickly hegs. earache cannot have been nice for him!

    mitchie moo - the most accurate time for dating scans is around the 12 week mark, they reckon, so hopefully the dates will be clearer this time.

    just come out of my appraisal with my boss and have missed the canteen. need to work out if i can hold out without food or if i need to try and find somewhere to eat - given that i'm on an industrial estate near nowhere in particular, i'm not sure where i'd get food! ho hum!

    actually, will need to get something before i brave the M42 later. boo hiss!

  • MM good luck for thursday, and Hegs, Happy birthday for your little boy.
    Liesje is six months next week and I started giving her solids last Sunday. Ooooh, how much easier it is to breastfeed, no mess with spoons and bibs and food!! But I suppose I have reached the point where she will need to eat.. it's very very funny thought to see her little face when she gets a spoonful of carrot. Luckily with being Dutch, I have millions of orange clothes and bibs!!

    I've been feeling very sorry for myself lately; I've always boasted about my immune system which I believe stopped me from getting colds for years, and now I'm on my third or fourth cold since Liesje was born!! I ran my half marathon, then picked up some nasty dutch virus after easter, and I'm STILL full of snot. Got sinusitis and all sorts, so not been running for more than two weeks. But it's going and I'm hoping to run at the weekend. Can't wait to be out there again. Also not been to the gym. Am now so desperately un-toned that I am considering Davina McCall's Fitness DVD. Is this very sad?

    I am sorry about above moan. I'm reading all the new emails and miss my bump a little when I hear all your stories. Keep well!
  • Sorry to hear you're feeling sorry for yourself Marijke, there's nothing worse than feeling ill, especially when you're not used to it. I usually have a good immune system as well, but had a bad cold in early pregnancy, got over it ages ago, but it was miserable. Just need to stuff yourself with lots of good fruit and veg. One thing i've found that helps in the past is carrot, sweet potato and coriander soup, made with proper chicken stock (just boiled up bones and bits left over from a roast chicken), sweet potato is supposed to have loads of good vitamins immune boosting stuff in it, also put a pinch of chilli powder or something in it to give it a slight kick as well. I can give you a rough recipe if you like. Alos a good excuse to go out and buy lots of nice fruit like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc which are all excellent immune boosters.

    Now i want to have a rant about celebrities and pregnancy, Angelina Jolie is already talking about her post baby fitness plan to get back into her tomb raider costume and all the fuss about katie holmes appearing in public like 2 weeks after giving birth, i wish they would all just SHUT UP. Us mere mortals don't have personal chef, dieticians, fitness trainers, free time etc etc so that we can be back to pre baby size in like 2 minutes. I know it shouldn't, but it really winds me up, no wonder so many of us fret about getting back in shape.
  • I completely agree. There is so much pressure to look fantastic straight after the birth! I put enough pressure on myself after Sadie as it is. I think Posh & Gwynnie had babies around the same time as my 1st & it was depressing seeing them all in their skinny jeans - 2 seconds later! Still I got there in my own time.

    Marijke - my immune system took a huge bashing after Sadie. Preganncy really takes it out of you! All I can suggest is lots of nuts & seeds, fresh veg and fruit. It took time and mine did improve, until I got pregnant again.
  • x - just keeping record of where i've read (whenever U see I've put a 'x')
    Will post properly v.soon
  • I have no chance of getting back to the size of Posh and Gwynnie....I've started off twice the size of them! (mmmmmm food.....)
  • I'm already too big for my jeans and I'm only x14wks. Got told off by my ma since she said I shouldnt be showing just yet. It's not all baby, a lot of it is pies.
  • I've had to buy new trousers for work already. I'm only nine weeks, and the scales say I've only put on a pound, but my tummy is saying something else.

    I seem to be okay in my jeans, it's just my work trousers. I think it's because they're quite low waisted. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
  • I was probably out of my regular jeans by about 8 or 9 weeks as well, however i had put a wee bit weight on over christmas so jeans were already 'snug' before i got pregnant. Until now have been surviving in Matalan cheapy £10 jeans which were a size bigger and nice and stretchy. However now 18 weeks and these jeans are starting to fill up, going to have to buy some proper maternity clothes very soon, apparently Asda have a good range according to a friend.
  • the whole weight thing is very strange, isn't it? i feel very heavy now, although my bump isn't huge (in fact, people who haven't seen me for a while can't believe i'm 7 months already because it's still quite small). i do feel like an enormous fat cow though, and my 4rse feels about three times the size it was.

    i haven't weighed for ages, and don't particularly want to. it's not like i can do anything about it anyway, and it'll only depress me!

    one of the girls from my antenatal class gave birth 4 weeks early and came into see us for our last class about 9 days after she had given birth and she was SOOOOO skinny again. unbelievable!
  • I hate skinny people. I cycle to owrk every day, eat healthily (apart from the odd occassion - I'm not a saint!) Until recently I ran 25 - 30 miles a week, and I'm still bigger than most - and getting bigger by the week now!

    Oh well! It's a good job I don't care much isn't it.
  • lozf - i can sympathise, although i know that i do eat too much, or at least i must eat too much! when not pregnant, my weight is normally fairly constant though, so i'm obviously eating consistently just the right amount of too much to maintain my weight at about a stone more than i would like it to be! i *could* diet back down again but then i'd have to eat less to maintain it, and that just seems to be not worth the hassle. especially when i do a fair amount of running as well (was running 40-50mpw before getting pregnant). i just get plain hungry!

    i usually lose weight when i go on holiday because i don't snack through boredom or frustration, even though i usually end up doing less running - but often do a fair amount of walking! but as soon as i go back to work again, it all goes back on even though my exercise levels go up. weird...

    still, will have to confront the diet monster post baby because there *will* be acres of flesh to lose!
  • Sorry girls I am tiny and skinny, and have quite a bump at 12 weeks. But then I have two inside. I have put on 4lbs now, but have lost weight off my legs I think as not been running.

    Am going to a wedding this weekend and my dress is really tight on me. Have another wedding two weeks from now so may have to go emergency dress shopping for the next one.

    Have been told that I could give birth as early as 32 weeks. Find that very frightening to be honest.

    Anyway lets get past tomorrow first hey!
  • Sorry MM - obviously I don't really hate skinny people - I'm just jealous. It seems no matter what I do, I'm about 2 stone overweight. I like food more than I'd like to be skinny, but there are people around me who eat loads of fat, do no exercise, and they still remain skinny. Infuriating!


    Anyway - good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure you'll be fine and it will be so exciting to see the little monkeys that are causing you all this trouble!
  • No offence taken LozF. I would love to be taller, so am jealous of tall people!
  • I am trying not to obsess about my weight and the prospect of putting on (please let it be at the lower end of the average, though!). I've spent the last year or so unsucessfully trying to lose a few stubborn kilos so it feels weird now "letting go". I like my food and try to compensate this with running. I am not going to be able to burn the same amount of calories now. Even now (only 6 weeks gone) I am hoping I will be one of the lucky ones that just spring back into shape within a few months.
  • austrorunner - it's quite shocking really that we don't actually need any more calories in the first two trimesters and only about 200 a day extra in the third! and there i was thinking it was an excuse for a good old pig out!

    i think something happens to your metabolism when you are pregnant which means you store fat and put on weight even when your calorific intake is low! certainly, i know of people who were very very sick in their first trimester and hardly managed to keep anything down, and yet they put on several pounds - noticeably on their bottoms! and that can only be fat being laid down.

    i think you do lose a LOT of weight very quickly once the baby is born. a lot of it is fluid apparently, which you pee out. apparently, you pee and pee and pee afterwards! it's getting rid of all the extra blood which you were carrying around.

    but then there's the butt-padding which i shall need to lose! at least i haven't got a double chin - yet!
  • Hopefully my body will realise that I have enough fat stored on my hips/bottom already!
  • Well I got huge with my my 1st. I didn't watch what I ate at particulary. I ate healthy but had a bad cake and mince pie habit!!! It made me very cross and frustrated with myself afterwards and took a while & a lot of determination to loose it all again.

    Out with my friends last night who are connviced I am having a boy this time as I am all bump and nothing else. I am not convinced, I think it is just that I am not eating all the pies and chocloate I can get my hands on this time around.

    I don't expect to spring back into shape this time, but I am trying not to make it too hard for myself this time and keeping an eye on my weight gain this time. It is hard though as I just seem to want to eat bad things all the time. Constant debates in my head - shall I have that piece of cake... arrrghhh!!

    My friend had her baby early - last night. A little girl! I am so excitied I cannot wait until it is my turn again :-)

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