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  • mrs o - it's totally up to you. if you feel THAT rank, you may just feel worse afterwards.

    but i often find that i feel better afterwards. why not try going out, even if you just walk to start off with? if you feel pants, you can always just turn around. and you never know, it might make you feel better. i usually find i have an energy burst after a run.

    sorry you are feeling so poo.

    i shan't be running today as i have a really sore throat and feel like a cold is about to start. i know that's not an excuse not to run, but being pregnant AND having the beginnings of a cold IS an excuse (in my books!).

    i will probably try and get some air at lunchtime, though, because it does usually help.
  • hegs - there is much debate on the environmental bit of disposable vs. washable nappies. we are on a septic tank here anyway, so most of the water from washing etc gets filtered through our soakaways, so it's then pretty pure by the time it enters the water table. there is obviously the added amount of water that we will use for the washing which needs to be factored in, and the energy used by the washing machine and tumble dryer...

    BUT, i read on the nappy lady website last night that it's actually illegal to put human waste into domestic dustbins as the bacteria can get into the ground water at tips/landfill sites. if that's the case, just about every family in the UK must have broken the law at some point. but it *does* raise lots of interesting questions. and i know that disposables take many many years to decompose.

    anyway, it's all nicely theoretic for me at the mo because i'm not faced with the prospect of having to deal with any of it.

    and the idea of holding the washable nappy in the toilet and flushing the worst of the poo off it really does sound gross to me. i can see the appeal of just folding the whole lot in on itself and putting it in the bin! i'm sure you become totally desensitised to poo once you have kids, but ... YUCK!
  • Baby poo is my biggest nightmare - it doesn't get any better, and I certainly have not become desensitised yet :o( Roll on potty training....

    Having lived in central London until my baby was 6 months old meant that I would have been totally reliant on washing machine & tumble dryer for washables - nowhere to dry outside. We do dispose of our disposables appropriately however - not in regular dustbin collection although most of my friends just chuck 'em out with everything else - eurgh!


    This is the report that we looked at - seemed to be the most objective.... Or maybe I just think that to assuage my guilt over using disposables ;o)
  • hegs

    i'm being dim - but how do you dispose of your disposables then if not in the regular dustbin collection?

    that article made interesting reading and contradicted much of what i read last night.

    we have a washing line so in theory could dry outside but i am big lazy cow when it comes to washing, and sticking the lot in our humoungous tumble dryer and blitzing it for 90 mins on max setting (irrespective of how long it actually needs, and given that most of it is usually dry-fit training kit, that's clearly over the top) is just soooo much easier. oh dear, aren't i bad?

    ooo the dilemma.

    (becoming a mother appears to be full of dilemmas - cot or crib; pushchair or travel system; disposables or washables... and so on and so on!!)
  • Sorry - didn't explain properly - our council collects them with the regular collection but they have to be in clinical waste-type sealed sacks....

    I think you have to try to take into account the bias of the different articles (which is why we went with what the Environment Agency said - most objective viewpoint).

    Re: the other dilemmas - with hindsight I would say: cot (crib lasted less than 10 weeks and I had a tiddly baby!), Bugaboo with a Maxi-Cosi carseat (pricey, but sooo worthwhile!) and, well, as you know I went for disposables....
  • crib - less than 10 weeks? crikey! i thought they generally lasted longer than that. that was why i was thinking crib rather than moses basket.

    if junior is going to be a biffer, perhaps we'd best skip straight to the cot then.


    i think we've decided on the pushchair thing now. looks like it'll be a chicco trio thing which has carrycot, as well as car seat etc. we have had a nightmare looking at carseats because most don't fit husband's/my cars because our rear seatbelts are both 'funny'. we've both got different types of cars but had the same problem with most carseats (the bit you clip the seat belt into jams up against the side of the carseat which can be dangerous in a crash apparently as it can snap).

    anyway, bla bla bla.

    found a laundry service place that will provide and pick up/wash/deliver nappies for £8 a week, which doesn't seem too bad to me. so maybe i'll think about that. (cheating, lazy etc etc).

    how does £8 a week compare with the cost of buying disposables? i'd still need to do liners, presumably, and also wipes etc. but no washing/drying...

    and what DO you do with a week's worth of sh1tty nappies??
  • I bought a moses basket and a cot bed for Sadie. We never used the moses basket as she was happy in her cot from day one (independant little madam :-)) The cot beds are great as you get some much use out of it. She is now 2 and sleeps in it as a bed.

    All babies are different. It is useful to have a moses basket incase, but I would try and borrow one as you get so little use out of them.

    I had my offical 12 week scan today and the nuchal scores were good and the baby is still doing well after my scare at the weekend. They could still see the area of blood in my uterus, but it has got smaller. They will scan again at 16 weeks to assess again.

    I think I will take it easy for the rest of the week and start back gently with the cross trainer next week. If all goes well I will look at some gentle runs later next week.
  • Clare - that's great news :o) Fingers crossed all continues to go well.

    We had a rocking crib - very pretty and a gift from my parents - but by about 8 weeks my little wriggler was on the go so much that I half expected him to swing himself out of it! The decider was at about 10 weeks when 3 nights on the trot we found him with arms and legs poking through the wooden bars.... We took a phot as he looked so funny, but actually it was quite alarming!

    NB. We could put a pin in to stop it swinging, but it was useful to rock him off to sleep sometimes...

    I hear Chicco stuff is good - personally I liked the Bugaboo as it is so light and manoueverable (sp?) which was handy as I had to have a c-section.

    In my area the NCT do quite a few secondhand sales where you can pick up stuff quite cheaply if you don't want to go buying everything new (does get pricey). THen it's not quite so bad if you don't use things for long.

    Hegs x
  • clare - that's great news. sounds like you will be absolutely fine, which is wonderful. and great that you get another scan at 16wks as well.

    hegs - it was a gliding crib i was thinking of, and they do look lovely. but i think we will probably not bother with one all things considered. if i change my mind once he's born, i can also send hubby out to get a moses basket.

    i think the bugaboo looks really cool too, but they are a bit more bulky when folded than the one we are looking at, and the boot in my car is NOT spacious, so space is a premium. is there a rain cover with the bugaboo because it's not clear from the catalogues i've seen?

    we know that the maxi cosi doesn't fit our cars, so really it's not going to be any good :-(

    i couldn't believe the trouble we had with car seats and we ended up going to two places because i thought the lad at mothercare world was just doing it wrong. but we've had it confirmed by a small independent shop as well, so i guess it must be right.

    how do you find out about NCT secondhand sales? that sounds good!

    i'm still at work at the moment. serves me right for dossing on the forums earlier today. haven't got everything done i should have. smacked wrists!
  • I've got a Bugaboo, with Maxi-cosi carseat. My sister told met there is no better pram than the Bugaboo and has had one since nearly 3 years. I used the crib that comes with the pram for the first six weeks for Liesje, and then put her in her cot. Didn't waste money on a crib, they just grow toooooo quick!! The Bugaboo has been great so far, I'm really really glad I went for it. I've got the Bugaboo Cameleon, the colourful one (guess what, yes it's orange!!) and wouldn't change it for the world. I often don't have a car, so do lots and lots of walking and I can wheel it and steer it with one hand. Very very friendly pram.

    I thought disposables were just as environmentally friendly as terries, because of the energy spent washing and drying them. I sat next to a girl in baby clinic last week, and her little boy pooed en weed on het lap in a Terry Nappy (she'd taken the outside pants off to get him weighed) and she was soaked!! Not nice I thought, I'm glad disposable nappies exist. Pampers being the best I'm afraid, I've tried them all, the environmentally 'green' nappies that you can get in the Supermarkets are awful, they don't really keep anything under control...
  • All I have to say on the subject is:- PAMPERS!!!!!!! We went down the line of terries or disposable and all the green issues etc but in the end thank heavens for PAMPERS, and as Marijke says they are the best, especially as little one has just started having a rusk in her last bottle to ensure she goes through the night, as she started waking up. I know you're not supposed to put a rusk in a bottle but I had one when I was that age and everyone else I know does it - I'm a naughty Mummy!
  • I agree - I am Bugaboo's biggest fan and Pampers Active Fit are wonderful! One of my friends is trying to persevere with washables and is permanently washing her own clothes due to "leakages"....

    Caramel - Have a look at the NCT website - you can see events in your area.

    MiniMoJo - how old is your baby? Can you not start introducing baby rice or something during the day yet? I actually have always had the opposite problem which is that my little chap sleeps like an angel but is not a very hungry baby and has been slow to gain weight.
  • Thanks for your feedback. I am feeling a little more relaxed now.

    As for buggys, being based in London and using both car and public transport size and weight were crucial (lugging up and down tube steps!) We went for a Maclaren buggy which is very small when folded and light. In the early weeks, I had Sadie in a papoose or in the car seat until she got too heavy!!

    One thing I keep forgetting to share is a tip when you go back to running after the birth. Make sure you have your pelvis alignment checked by a physio or osteopath.

    Being the activator I am I could not wait to get out but kept getting a repeated injury mid shin. I would rest it for a few days and then it would come straight back. I found that my pelvis was a bit out of kilter and need to strengthen the gluteas medias (top of leg in bum) to get the stability back. It was very frustrating as I had to cut out running for a while. Apparently it is quite common and wil certainly get a check up before starting next time post birth.
  • oh dear, don't like the sound of leakages. and there is so much contention around the whole disposables vs. washables thing. i think what worries me about disposables is that they take between 200 and 500 years to decompose, and they don't actually even know whether all the bits do decompose.

    hegs - i've subsequently found quite a lot of articles questioning the environmental agency report that you pointed me to. apparently, there's some doubt over the quality of the surveying they did, and the numbers of people involved. i think it's precisely because it's such an emotive area that you will rarely get a completely objective view, although i would have thought that the environmental agency would have been as objective as any.

    mind you, i heard this morning that they have published a report on what the climate of the UK will be like in the year 3000 and that didn't sound very well researched either. hmmm...

    i think i *will* try washables, though. if i don't try them to start off with, there's no WAY i will decide to start trying them once i've used pampers for a few weeks. and if i don't get on with them, then at least i can assuage my guilt by thinking that i tried.

    did any of the rest of you have trouble getting car seats to fit in your cars? the bugaboo does look and sound great, but it's not much good if the carseat doesn't fit either of our cars. also, because we live in the middle of nowhere, we don't actually do all that much walking from the house of the kind where you would take a pushchair. we go for lots of walks from here, but they involve walking across fields where there is a right of way but no path and lots of stiles, so a pushchair (even a funky off road one) would be no good. so it'll have to be a sling or when it's bigger a backpack for that kind of walking. most of the time it will involve slinging the pushchair in the back of the car, so the absence of a compatible car seat is a major problem for us! and that's why i also need one that folds down to next to nothing because my boot is quite small, and the bugaboo and some others are still quite wide (according to the dimensions) when folded.

    thanks for the NCT tip hegs. i looked on the NCT website last night and the only sale in my area is when we are on holiday. it might be worth driving to a different area though, and there are a few within an hour of us, so we might do that sometime.
  • clare - the maclaren buggies are meant to be really good. all our friends have them, and i think we may well end up getting one of the really light weight ones once junior is a bit bigger and doesn't need the complete travel system thing.

    thanks for the tip on pelvic alignment, and i will go and get an MOT from my osteo after the birth before i start out again!
  • I know - the whole nappies thing is a minefield, sigh.... Actually, if I had had my son in the area that we now live in I probably would have tried washables, but in central London it wasn't really practical. Maybe next time! (But then maybe not, given that I am now so used to the joys of disposables).

    The Bugaboo folds down pretty well, the main negative being, I suppose, the fact that you have to take the cot/ seat off the base to collapse it. It is a lot better than the micralite ones which are HUGE, and also a lot better than Mamas & Papas or Quinny. Don't know about the Chicco ones though. We had some problems over car seats and seatbelt lengths etc - but the Maxi Cosi was fine for us (luckily! I had already ordered my Bugaboo when I went to get my carseat!).

    I would highly recommend the Babybjorn carriers too - as soon as my little fella was big enough he was straight into it, although he did puke down my front a couple of times...Not ideal when I was wearing a black t-shirt....

    We are just about to invest in a rucksack/ backpack now for ours as we like to do a lot of walking and it's impossible to push any kind of pushchair down the tracks. Has anyone tried Vaude baby carriers??

    Shame about the NCT sale too Caramel - maybe keep an eye out for another one anyway?
  • I must say I explored all the other options with nappies, but have stuck with pampers. Feel very guilty but they work so well!

    I have not tried the Vaude but we had a similar style one. They are fanstastic. Granny lives in the lake district and Sadie loves going out for walks with granny and the dogs sheep spotting! It is a shame as I think she will be too big now for our easter trip as she is a tall 2 year old.

  • I have a really nasty dry mouth even though i'm drinking loads and forever running to the loo, is this normal ??

    Gosh what a lot of other things to think about that i haven't even thought about, nappies, buggies, cots, moses baskets, baby clotes, equipment etc etc, suppose i will have plenty time once i get past the first trimester to think about it all.
  • Yes it is normal. I have been a lot thirstier and I have a really foul metallicy chemical type taste in my mouth. I am hoping this will tail off soon as it drives me mad!!!

    I had the same with Sadie and got some small relief with fizzy cola bottles. I am trying to watch the lbs this time and have resorted to chewing gum!

    Trips to the loo are all part of the joys. I have quite a weak bladder after number 1 :-) too.
  • hegs - not heard of the vaude carrier, but if your budget stretches to it, the macpac one comes highly recommended by a couple of our friends. i guess it's really expensive, as macpac stuff generally is, but one of our friends has a 3 year old who still fits in it. it's very robust and has lots of useful space for stuff that you need to carry around. it's also incredibly adjustable which is v. important, as the child gets heavier. and my husband reckons it's as comfy as his macpac rucksack, which is pretty amazing.

    to fold down the chicco one, you have to take the cot/seat off as well. but there are no extra fittings or anything to worry about, so it all just clips on and off and in and out and stuff. some of them had extra things that you needed to fit if you wanted to put the car seat on, and i would just be worried that i would lose them!

    mrs o - sorry about your dry mouth. i'm sure it's very normal, although i didn't have it myself. just keep drinking. hopefully it will soon pass.

    and yes - there are LOADS of things to think about. like you, i thought we would leave it until after the first trimester before we started thinking about things, and then i decided to leave it until after the 20 week scan, just in case (i'm a through and through pessimist!). but now am beginning to panic because people are alarmed when i say all we have bought so far is a hoopy loopy monkey toy and one top for age 6-9 months which was in the sale. we still have lots of time, and i *think* i know most of what we want to buy now.

    the pushchair is an important one to think about early on, particularly if you want to fit a car seat to a couple of cars. and if you want to order one in a particular colour, that can sometimes take some time.

    other than that, i don't think there's any major rush!

    i'd recommend just picking up the mothercare catalogue and browsing through - even if you don't intend buying from mothercare, because it just gives you loads of useful advice and you can compare things. then you can go and look on line at other options and find things more cheaply! that's what we did with the buggy - it gave us information which enabled us to compare the different types and was useful in helping us decide what was going to be good for us. obviously you need to go and physically wheel around the pushchair and try taking it to pieces, but at least you can probably rule out 90% of them just by doing some research.
  • Caramel - thanks for that - my husband really wants to get the Macpac one as we both have Macpac rucksacks that we love, and to get another recommendation will probably sway us to one of those. It seems that all the good baby stuff is so bl**dy expensive!
    You'd be surprised how little you actually need once the little one shows up - I have a cupboard full of stuff that never saw light of day but then on the other hand because my little chap was tiny, my poor husband and mum spent the first couple of days on missions to buy premature baby clothes as all of the newborn stuff that we had was way too big....

    Pushchair/ pram probably is the most important thing though, and I know a lot of people who have not been that happy with theirs so I highly recommend shopping around. One or two of my friends are now highly jealous of my Bugaboo because their prams are so heavy and unwieldy. Guess it depends what your priorities are.

    mrs o - I had a dry/ nasty taste in my mouth for ages - not helped by the persistent puking in the first trimester ;o) I found that orange lucozade was a lifesaver, and funnily enough my mum said that she found lucozade good when she was expecting me and my sister too (although she had to settle for the original flavour back then). Fortunately I did not follow in my mum's footsteps - she had morning sickness for the full 9 months with both of us (and I am talking about actual vomiting up to 8 times a day). Man, I don't know how she went on to have my sister.....

    Hegs x
  • oooo you are making me want a bugaboo. but the car seat is no good. i can't afford a new car (wish i could!), and i *do* think it would be v. useful to be able to transfer sleeping baby in its car seat straight onto pushchair at times, rather than having to take it out of the car seat, risking waking it up, and fasten it into the pushchair. or at least, that's what everyone says.

    the chicco trio that we are looking at gets a gold star, best buy thing on mumsnet, so it can't be too bad. it's heavier than the bugaboo, i think, but not as bad as some of the equivalents. and it's very manoeuverable as well.

    but not as funky looking.
  • I must say I explored all the other options with nappies, but have stuck with pampers. Feel very guilty but they work so well!

    I have not tried the Vaude but we had a similar style one. They are fanstastic. Granny lives in the lake district and Sadie loves going out for walks with granny and the dogs sheep spotting! It is a shame as I think she will be too big now for our easter trip as she is a tall 2 year old.

  • Yes it is normal. I have been a lot thirstier and I have a really foul metallicy chemical type taste in my mouth. I am hoping this will tail off soon as it drives me mad!!!

    I had the same with Sadie and got some small relief with fizzy cola bottles. I am trying to watch the lbs this time and have resorted to chewing gum!

    Trips to the loo are all part of the joys. I have quite a weak bladder after number 1 :-) too.
  • Hegs

    She's 20 weeks. She's not really interested in food yet. The rusk in the last bottle, at 11pm, seems to be doing the trick though as instead of waking up at 4:30am (when she use to sleep through) she gone back to waking at 7:30am. Don't know how long that will last, hoping to get her to 6 months before we get on to all that food business...
  • oh but mmj you know you just want her to have the carrot-face look. it's sooooo cute!

    why aren't you supposed to put a rusk in the bottle? is it because of the sugar? i should imagine it tastes SOOOO yummy. in fact, i might try it myself tonight ;-)

    i went for a run at lunchtime today, and since i've sat down again, junior has been hoofing me like mad. it's like he's getting his own back at me for being bounced around for 45 minutes. fortunately, it doesn't hurt yet, but i should imagine in a few more weeks/months, it will be very uncomfortable.
  • Caramel the reason you're not supposed to put a rusk in the bottle is just in case they choke on it. I grind the rusk right down to a powder 1st then mix it with some of her milk before adding it to the bottle. I've also taken 1 of her size 3 teats and made the holes a little bit bigger with a darning needle, as the milk is slightly thicker, so she can suck it out easier (you'll have all this to come). I've been buying the reduced sugar rusks - and yes they are tasty, wish I could have a warm rusky bottle every night before bed!!!

    I quite miss my bump but don't miss being kicked right under the ribs at 3am in the morning, not too much longer and you'll know what I mean.

    How you finding your running? Still managing to do the same distance or are you getting to the plodding stage and just doing what you can in a time frame? I was quite amazed y'day as I managed a comfortable 4 miles and felt like I could have go on for longer but didn't want to overdo it. My timing sucks though as it took me 50 minutes (I use to be able to run 6 miles in that time pre-baby days). Never mind I'll continue to plod on, I'm more focused on running distance now as I'd love to take part in a half marathon. I have heard that once you're back to norm after you've had a baby you're more likely to have better PB's.
  • Just wrote enormous thread, then lost it, here I go again.. I do miss my bump too, both my sisters are pregnant too (one due today!!) and it was lovely to all be pregnant together. But love being a mum too so not complaining.

    About Pampers and Terry nappies; the girl I met in baby clinic (who got wet lap from little boy in Terry nappy) said that she used Terries with both her boys but didn't start until they were about 2-3 weeks old as newborn baby-poo is awful and doesn't wash out (black meconium) and with you being tired and emotional and all that, she said disposibles are best to start with. I still think Pampers are the best; I graduated yesterday and Liesje managed to do biiiig loud poo, but it was all contained in her Pamper-nappy; so no need to change whole outfit like I have done with different brands..

    About Bugaboo, I'm surprised the MaxiCosi doesn't fit in your car Caramel, I have travelled in various cars with Liesje and have always strapped her in the back or front without thinking, as it just fits on the seat with the seatbelt around it. Mothercare fitted it in our car to check it was ok, but I suppose I better check if it is safe in other cars too, don't want to be doing dangerous things..
    The Bugaboo frame folds down completely flat, the bit wheels click on and off really easily; it's supposed to fit in the back of a Smartcar despite wide frame. My husband hates the bag on the bottom but I love the whole thing. Went for 6 mile-walk two days ago (got lost...doh) and so light to push, even against gushy winds so actually enjoyed the walk (once I knew where I was..).

    About the running, good for you to do your 4 miles MMJ, is it all because of having HELPP syndrome that you still struggle so much? Will it all get better completely? I think you are great still managing to go out for runs with all those health problems and a little daughter! I'm just starting to work on my time again, would like to run half marathon in April and marathon in October. Am back up to 10 mile long runs, but very slow. Am trying to speed up on 10km runs now, to get back to pre-pregnancy fitness. Would like to do RW 3-day training schedule, but too lazy to do speedtraining really...but reading all the threads keeps me motivated.

    What am I going to do next week???? Am going to see sisters and family in Holland for a week and there will be millions of thread-replies to catch up with!!!
  • Hi Mini Mo Jo,

    From my own experience, once I got my groove back after Sadie my running improved dramatically. I certainly ran some of my best races. I am unsure how much was re-newed determination after being off for so long or physiological. I am sure it was a mixture of both.

    When I get back into the groove I put some speedwork in and really saw the difference.

    It is hard work after a baby physically, mentally and time wisw. Sounds like you are doing great!!
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