Upper Leg Problem

Can anyone help ?

I have had a dull ache in my thigh for the last 4 weeks or so. Feels as though it is in deep, no specific point where it hurts. Nor any stretch which is painful.

Nothing too serious (At the moment), but after about 20 minutes my thigh feels laboured.

Scared to do any hill work as it feels like something will go wrong.

Currently doing loads of stretching, several physios and osteopaths have said it is nothing serious but cannot work out what it is.

Any ideas ?


  • if it feels a bit like a dead leg, then it could be a nerve. I had something similar. It is brought on by your spine compressing whilst running and the nerves being squeezed. Some of these nerves run down through your leg - hence the pain. Solution is plenty of lower lumbar back stretches.

    Good luck.
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