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  • a "nice" book to have but not one that you can't put down. In some parts you could positively fall asleep in it;the good thing though is that the chapters are all complete in their own right. Unlike some reviewers I liked the bits about how amateurs and pros developed their places in the pecking order.A far better book about running in the hills is an old book by the Crane brothers called "Running the Himalayas" from the early eighties. Unobtainable now but can be found on the Amazon search site.
  • 's a good book.

    Review over....haven't got my copy to hand but doesn't the author include some suggested reading - in answer to an earlier query.

    In the days when I used to play golf I read a book called "a good walk spoiled" by John Feinstein. Best sports book I ever read, try it, you really don't need to like the sport, it is just brilliant writing.

  • I read this book after reading this thread and thought it was great. I enjoyed all aspects of the book, his BG attempts (agree with however said if it's well written then other peoples training is interesting), the history of the sport (especially the pro/am conflict which was a real insight to a different era life wise not just running wise), the interviews and a view of the fell runnning season. All round excellent read.
  • Well, it's looks like I'm in the minority.

    I'm just off to take it to the charity shop.
  • In the minority with me, B which as you know makes you morally right:-)
  • Ha ha! Just seen that remark.

    But of course, BR!
  • no, you're right, it's crap
  • Well it inspired me to give up smoking and take up running and I now love fell running-- Did a nice one tonight near Ullswater in the rain--- bloody marvellous.

    I guess living in Cumbria made me receptive and appreciative of the Herculean feats of the legends but I think anybody could maybe even should enjoy it.

    Without it I'd still be a 20 a day smoker, border line alcoholic instead of a sub 3 hr marathon runner!!!

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