Trying to decide which to join.....does anyone have experience of both?


  • Green Flag?
  • Green flag used to be cheaper and ISTR use much the same system of local garages as do AA and RAC in some areas
  • Green Flag - right I'll go check them out!
  • Never been in RAC. I joined AA specifically to get 10% off a new Autoglass windscreen. The discount more than covered the membership.
  • Shambs - check to see if it the car or you whic is covered. WIth some policies you are covered whatever car you are in. Wit others it is the car which is covered whoever is driving it. Decide which is best for you.
  • RAC have been absolutely fantastic over 10 years of membership with me, and I'm a complete ignoramus with cars.
  • RAC where kind to me when a blew the engine on my old car.
    Quick effective and no fuss.
  • AA were horrible to me ...but that was 10 years ago.

    My car was stolen, then found.
    Police said it was undriveable, so AA towed it to the garage, where I had ( by co incidence) booked to have it serviced the next day.

    AA man phoned and claimed I had made up the theft just to have my car delivered for its service. (I was in a state over the car anyway, but that really upset me)

    I complained, they apologised, and gave me a years free membership.

    Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole after that.

  • What a bizarre thing for the AA man to say ? He must have been joking Jars ?
  • Green Flag (or National Breakdown as it was then) were great when I was at uni. It got to the stage that if I was going home for the weekend my Mum would be surprised if I didn't arrive on the back of a breakdown truck!

    RAC are not so good if you have a motorbike. They insisted on sending out a van to make sure the fault was what I said it was before they would send out a vehicle that was able to recover the bike.
  • Garage had to phone him to confirm that the car was not driveable.

    I think he was having a very bad day, and suspect men in white coats came for him afterwards.

    Mr J is with RAC and has found them good.
  • I have been with te AA for over 20 yers ... always found the great and am coverd even if a passanger in other car etc
  • I had more than a little trouble with my car about two years ago (now have a company car and 'troublesome' one belongs to 'im indoors). Because of said repeated trouble, I got to know most of the AA men in south bucks, I think. Every one of them a sweetheart.

    Of course, the trouble stemmed from some faulty AA euqipment in the first call-out, but that's by the by...
  • We've been with the AA for 20 years and they've always been incredibly helpful and friendly.
  • i'm with green flag

    have called them out twice and they were nice to me and sorted the car and not at all patronising considering i am the stereotypical female who has no idea about what was wrong with the car

    so i would recommend them on that basis
  • I found Green Flag useless and the RAC and AA equally good.
  • Never had a problem with the AA and used them lots when I used to knock about on 1960s Lambrettas and a Mk1 Cortina.
  • ..they just must have not liked the cut of my jib then


    off to redesign jib
  • Thanks guys!

    Going by the above it looks as if I'll be joining AA, RAC and Green Flag......
  • I have had no problems with any of them...

    I currently belong to Brittania Rescue as I belong to the CSMA have been impressed with them since 1988 when I got my first car.

    Whenever I have broken down (much less often now) they have always got me sorted.
  • I don't know. I own an MG Rover, so I've never had to call them out. Ask the BMW/Audi/VW bridage.
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