Rejected - what do you keep to prove it?

I know this must have been asked before but can't find it -

When you've been rejected 5 times you get a guaranteed place - but how do you prove it?

I've just received my rejection pack (it's my first, but I'm planning ahead!) - does my rejection sit on the FLM system somewhere, or do I need to keep the magazine / the "Dear Runner" rejection slip / something else, to submit with my fifth entry on the trot?



  • Theoretically you don't need anything.- They keep records of names/dobs and addresses.-
    If you move around a lot it might help to keep the dear runner letter.- but since it doesn't have your name on it, it's not exactly proof you've been rejected!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    This year I included a slip of paper with the 3 addresses I'd had over the 5 years.

    Unfortunately, I seem to have neglected to enter for the 2002 race (entry was about a month after I'd flitted so I must've forgotten - and indeed when I checked back to my cheque book, there was no stub), but they had a record of all the others.

    I now have the letter confirming my 03/04/05 rejections, so I will probably keep my 06 and 07 letters and send copies, but it's probably not needed.
  • Last year they told me that I had been rejected in 2001, 02, 03, 04 - so 05 was my 5th - was then told this year that they could only find entries for 03,04 and 05 - I challenged this and gave them previous addresses and they then came back and admited 02,03 04 and 05 - so as I appear to have been rejected this time as well, I am - when I recieve, going to save this years rejection slip and the letter I recieved from them so that next year they have no doubt at all.

    But in theory you do not need to keep the rejection slips as they should be able to trace your records.
  • They should hvae their own records. I had no problem, just ticked (or equivalent) the 5 times rejected box. Got letter few weeks later confirming that I would get a place - hich I have. Just keep a record of any changes of address.
  • Thanks all for your comments - I'll keep the Dear Runner letter (even though it's anonymous as you say LP), just in case there are problems down the line.

    .. and there's always the chance of actually getting through the ballot before the 5 times come up! Having done it last year for charity, I think I've exhausted my backers' goodwill for a while, so its ballot or bust for me ..

  • why does everybody want to run the london marathon, their are plenty other marathons around the country that need your support.
  • I think people do want to run other marathons Colin, it's just that this is a FLM thread ..
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