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  • spooky.

    and it was my star sign too.

  • peasy weasy - if the digit sof the two digit number are a and b, for the sake of argument, then that's a lots of ten a b lots of units. So the value of the number you get when you put a and b toegther is

    10a + b

    add the digits together and you get a + b

    subtract that from the first one, and you get

    10a + b - (a+b), or

    10a - a + b - b, which equals 9a

    So the answer will always be a multiple of 9 - 9, 18, 27 etc

    Guess what - those each have the same symbol!
  • Oooo - I finally found a use for algebra :oD
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    Wow, my star sign too come to think of it. Now THAT is weird!
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    Spoil sport, Bear!

    Bet it wasn't your star sign tho.
  • Deck...


  • D'oh don't have forum faces on - didn't see it were you Bear, what the feck are you on about..?
  • No, it wasn't.

    It does seem to re-organise the symbols for the various numbers so that if you have more than one go, it won't always give the same answer
  • Why do peeps keep saying that??

    Have you not heard that line - "Deck the halls with boughs of holly"?
  • um, I'm a lazy git and only read the "deck the halls..." bit - didn't see the "Bear" in it

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    What are YOU on about Bear? Cath wasn't questioning the deck bit.
  • Excellent Bear!

    Knew there was an easy solution :-)

    where's your santa hat?
  • ROFL!!!


    Precisely Sezz!
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    I'm debating put on a santa's hat or giving me some wings. Need to get creative.
  • oh right - oh - you mean the algebra?

    s'maths, innit?

    you'll learn it when you go to big school, Sezz :o)
  • Got a pic all lined up, but no point uploading it now as I won't be able to get it up until Monday :o(
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    I have maths A'level thank you.
  • Well I was referring to your picture age, but if you're going on real age, then with a maths A level, you shouldn't have any problem understand basic algebra like that.
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    Never said I did, did I?
  • well you did ask what I was on about. What were you referring to then? It apparently isn't my title, so if it isn't the algebra, then what?
  • Blimey - was me what asked what you was on about innit!

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
  • you did, but Sezz repeated the question.
  • oh gawd - I'm confused now! :os
  • ROFL


    me as well.. I was confuzzled with the maths and the name...


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