Free safety pins!!!!

Well, I'm an excited Mim because I got my very first race number thru the post this morning. Having ducked out of the 10k I said I was going to do in early Jan (felt ill, honest) I am now officially and no excuses honest guv going to be running the Action Heart 6 in Dudley on 23 Feb.

I can't quite make out the contour lines on the map . . . I recall that some bits of Dudley are quite vertical, though. Oh well. I was brought up round there, so ar least I know where all the good pubs are.

Best bit, though, is that the race no. comes supplied with eight safety pins!!! As well as instructions as to where to pin it (pink hair and ripped pants optional, I suppose). Now, here's a beginner friendly race for you!


  • Good luck Mim!! You'll love it!
  • Was having mildly bad dreams about it last night, actually Chimp!!

    But not as bad as the recurrent nightmare when I have to sit A-level French again. I'd run any number of races. I'd probably willingly come in last rather than do that again! In fact, when I ever have to do anything remotely nasty, I ask myself, 'Well, Mim, is it going to be worse than A-level French?' and if the answer's yes, I don't do it (!).

    P.S. I did actually pass French, mind you.
  • I often dream I've started smoking again. They're so vivid I wake up kicking my self. Daft really. I stopped smoking in June 1989!

    Race days are brill!! Enjoy it!
  • Chimp, sounds like you've got issues. Get therapy!

    Mim, good luck.
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