i found these shoes very stiff& uncomfortable around the ankles----have done approx 100 miles in them & they still chafe---also my feet get very hot in them--is it only me?


  • I've just changed to these after being a fan of Asics 'twenty's' for ages - fancied a change. I find I'm getting blisters which I've never been bothered with before. I put it down to the amount of room in the toe which seems to allow my socks to bunch up. I bought them to wear-in for the Dublin marathon so I hope they settle down.
  • Since changing to Hurricanes the shinsplints that I had previously have gone, weather this is down to the shoes or not I don't know but they are comfortable though a little clumpy.
  • Still gettin used to mine as I've only done a few miles, do seem a little heavy...think I prefer the old omni's
  • i love mine
    But have been told in the shop my funny feet dont have much other option, so its just as well(v flat footed over pronator)
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