...that is the question.

I know there are already a few threads on Paris 2006 but I cant seem to find any that answer my question.

I need to decide whether to run this marthon in the next couple of days and I just wondered how it compares to London (which I did as my first marathon last year)

I've read that it's a fast race and they re-open the roads after about 4 1/2 hours. I did London in 4.24 so I'm a little concerned that Paris might be a bit quick for me.

Does anyone have any advice to help me make my decision?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hey Emma,

    I'm running Paris and I'm well slow so you'll have no worries there.

    This will be my first ever marathon but everyone tells me it's great and a lot of the guys doing it this year enter every year cos they love it so much.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Ice Queen - it's good to lead from the back!!
  • Emma,

    Do you already have a place in this marathon? If not, then your question is answered because it is now full!
  • There are places left through those sports-tours things though (I think). A bloke mentioned something about them the other day.
  • Who asked you......?
  • I have a place reserved and have to decide before Thursday whether i want it or not
  • Don't get shirty with me boy! I was merely being helpful - just cos you think your the Paris expert.....
  • Emma

    I think you should do it. :)
  • I agree with IQ! It's a lovely marathon to do, beautiful scenery around Paris, as flat as London but wide roads and parks to run around so doesn't seem as crowded.

    No-one seems to have mentioned the firemen along the course on their ladders over the road, shouting encouragement. That should clinch the decision ;)
  • IQ - I was only kidding!

    Emma, just do it - don't be a wimp. You've got ages to get to Kenyan standard.
  • the firemen might just help me run that little bit faster.....
  • emma- can i ask? are you a member of BVH?
  • They have got very big hoses as well.
  • mark2tutrtledoves - you've sussed me out - now get back to work and stop harrasing me!! I'll let you know my decision at the club tmw - could it be the first of the many training sessions to come?!
  • not sure if it will sway you in any way , but i just heard i am in FLM( gold bond) so i will be needing a training parnter.
  • M. If it helps, I think you should get on with the training and get on over to Paris in April !!
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