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  • Women tend not to suffer with that. Nothing should rub in a sports bra! But micropore tape does as well as anything - but men should remember to shave their chests first!
  • actually no probs there so far but i am quite big chested (D) so i have to strap them down firmly anyway so don't think there is too much movement/friction.!! actually i've heard its worse for guys!!!
  • yep only men seem to suffer with joggers nipple!! Bout time they suffered more than women! lol
  • Lazer, and it's pink..very cute!!
  • Sara you want to clarify that??? After all the talk of joggers nipple you might get the men worked up!! lol
  • lol, what like me... i got joggers nipple atm, lol. its quite sore, im still looking for micropore tape. cant find any, vasaline didnt work!! :( how mych was it sara? where you get it from?
  • micropore tape can be got from Boots or Superdrug or any chemist!
  • ooops!!!!!lol! yes, my mini ipod is cute and pink!! Hubby got for me and not sure on price - think about £149. but we bought Josh (9yr old) ipod nano for xmas and that is sooo stylish and much smaller/lighter so great for running!
  • ah, i see. lol.I was looking in sports shops. lol. stupid me! lol
  • Well happy nipples now Lazer.
  • their glowing with pride, litrally, kim not kidding their red raw!! lol.
  • soon be sorted though! at least micropore is cheaper than the nipple protectors you can get
  • oooh! you poor thing, i'm wincing as i type this! if weather was better you could run naked...air being good healer! lol!
  • lol, i would but some how i dont think the elderly will live through the experience.
  • probably better you running naked than them?!!
  • lol, I can imagine. it would be like a scene from some french nudist beach. lol. Breasts and penises galore! lol. Oh oh oh...... horrid thought ....get...out....of...my...head!
  • not an image to carry with you while running!!! People would think you had gone mad running AND laughing!!! lol
  • naked running oaps....mmmmm....eeuuuw!

    sorry if i am repeating myself (kids say i do it all the time...must be my age!) but are either of you signed up for Brighton half yet??
  • lol. thats made me laugh... lol. well at least you could hear me comming. they do say though that to relieve stress in an interviwe / meeting to imagine everyione naked,. wonder if it works for stress in a marathon.
  • lol, repetive sara.... new nickname. I dub thee in the name of her majisty... la la la!! lol. no havent signed up yet. did you want me to sara?
  • Sara I am not doing the Brighton I am doing Liverpool.

    LAzer you will see more than enough sights to make you laugh in the marathon to relieve whatever stress you might be suffering
  • they could hear you what......??!!

    well if we see someone rolling around laughing at mile 20 we'll know it's you then!!
  • yep would be bril:-)...think Chris may be doing it too?

    You have me curious now Rio...other than fancy dress??
  • All the men that get round the corner for the start and have to stop for a pee before they even cross the line!! Then at every couple of hundred yards along the route!!

    Lots of little things, and especially the fancy dress!!
  • so what do the girls do??? Paula Radcliffe comes to mind...!! it's a big concern for me as i 'go' frequently!!
  • wear baggy shorts so you can pee anywhere or join the queues. But best not squat for a poo like Paula! gets a bit messy!

    I didn't need to go at all either time I have run. Stayed well but not over hydrated and made sure I joined a queue as I got to the start and then having been once joined the queue again!!! (Take a peg and some toilet paper with you!)
  • did she really have a poo on a marathon... how come they never show that on tv!! lol
  • They did show it!!! but it was more like joggers trots so very quick and explosive! not very nice for the first runners (pardon the pun) to get to that water station!
  • i think they did, but you didn't actually 'see' anything.

    Rio, are the loos/queues for loos really that bad? is there anywhere with bushes or similsr to go en route?

    can't wear baggy shorts as thn thighs rub (like nipples)and i prefer the cycle short style.
  • the queues for the loos can delay you by half hour or so. but there are bushes on the way round. just follow everyone else!!
    If you dont mind baring your bum then Sara you will be fine anywhere.

    You will find out what you are going to need on your longer training runs. Use them as the opportunity to refine everything so that you find how much food and drink you need without selling yourself short but without going over the top either
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