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  • are there girls that 'bare their bums' and does anyone care? loos sound smelly so i'd prefer the bush!! having had 3 kids i'm past caring what gets seen!!!
  • I dont think that pauls was as bad as that east european woman that came 3rd/4th a few years back that had gone down her leg...awful!

    still waiting to hear back from my bro re rugby tickets but still prob doing the Brighton...Sara...what pace you going at at the moment? you doing 10 miles tomorrow?
  • yes there are girls that bare their bums (along with lots of men who bare their all too!!) No one cares at all.

    Loos can be very (no I mean VERY) smelly!!

    But you never know you might not need to worry
  • Apparently it wasnt that Chris she had come on - unfortunately not planned for.
  • ok, the bush it is!

    chris, i'm doing the 10 miles tomorrow. pace depends on whether outside or in...indoors i'm slow - probably about 11 1/2 min miles but outside i'm about 10 1/2 min miles - i will check tomorrow and let you know. gotta run as have to pick up little one from modelling club afte school...byeee;-)
  • They have a poo while running??? people peeing in the streets??? are they aloud to do that? arnt their crowds of people?? eW!!! i can imagine loggs in the road.
  • no I dont think they do Lazer it would give them burns and severe chaffing if they did. You aren't supposed to pee in the streets but I dont think anyone will stop you. There are some places that are less crowded than others and there is one lane in the docks area that is particularly "ripe" if it is warm!!! (at around 16 miles or so!
  • EW!!!! omg! i think ill be sick at that point! thats discusting! you know what i still have a picture of a naked old man and woman running in my head!! its so gross./ lol
  • Its ok if the weather is milder!! To be honest by that point you really couldn't care less and if you do smell it it might encourage a burst of speed to get past it!! lol

    Well replace it with Jordan and Peter Andre will at least make you laugh!!
  • Jordan........running????????? 2 black eyes?? OMG isn't that worse than naked oap's?

    so how do you make sure you are not over and not under hydrated? this is more difficult than the running itself!! Lazer i'm with you...just can't take the thought of the smells etc.
  • ok couple of things....
    are apples not high GI and baked potatoes low?

    this is what ive been led to believe.

    Why would it be a good idea to shave my chest? i'm quite attached to my hair!

    Though paula only had a pee, wasnt aware it was the full monty - thats just dark.

    and who is looking forward to the 10 tomorrow???
  • No me grorge. I have to sign off now mate! dont have the net at home yet but will let you know how the 10 miley went on monday, ive done 10 before. think it was 2 weeks ago. but ill hae another go.

    Laters.! have a good weekend everyone.
  • just a quick Blurb LOVE YA BY BYE! *lazer leaves room waving and blowing kisses* LOL * oh and also gives an evil grin to sara*
  • see ya Lazer - hope it goes well.

    i'm doing 10 tomorrow - going to try to start at 9.45 time of FLM start to get in routine. can't say i'm looking forward to it but will be fine once you get started and start SLOW plus the buzz when you are done is terrific!!

    ask Rio about the chest hair - think it has something to do with the micrpore tape and when you take it off!
  • Just thought Jordan running would be funny!! black eyes and all!!

    Who cares about low and hi GI foods - just eat!!
    No Paula admitted to the number 2!! Whe you got to go well..... would have been better to find a bush!! (have had to do that myself!! Hence no more jelly babies for me!)
    You only need to shave around the nipples if you need to cover them else you will rip the hair out when you remove the micropore (or you could soak it off)
    I have got 12 tomorrow (if the old abductor holds up!)
  • whats an abductor? sorry just hanging on till last minute. getting a lift home but not sure when its turning up as i havent got me mobile on me opps!!
  • the opposite of adductor. Squeeze your knees together you use your adductor. Push them apart you use you abductor. high up by your hip
  • oh, so thats what those 2 machines work on lol. im getting a little worried now...
  • why are you worried now?
  • gotta go do tea now - will check in later to see if anyone on...
  • well like i mentioned earlier im interested in food & nutrition, and just like to get my facts right.....(searches up on google) blow me down - potato is a high GI after all. Oh well!!!

    I dont live by it but i like to eat aware of the GI index, using it slightly to plan my day etc...if im not going to get food for a while ill eat a low GI food and vice versa - also knowing what has a high GI and what has a low GI helps when planning recovery food.

  • so what do you suggest as i can't eat fruit? is it you who has apples and oj post run? i want to eat/drink what is good for the marathon running but i don't want to gain any weight (would rather lose it!!)so i'm worried about too much bread/past etc
  • hmmm, tricky one - it is me that eats up the fruit post run yes, forgot to mention a banana in there also!

    its unlucky you cant eat fruit, its one of my passions!

    Are you activly trying to lose weight or is it more like you wouldnt mind losing some but dont mind that much. Dont want to get you too involved in it (dont know if you'd have much time either what with your job and children and all) but http://www.fitday.com is a calorie tracking website. Ideally if your training for the marathon you want to be eating up to and over your maintainance calories as you dont want to get injured or be half fuelled up for running. But to lose weight you would want to calculate your RMR (resting metabolic rate) add what kcals you burn on your runs each week, then reduce that number of calories by 20%....will post up the formula for you if you want.

    however, ignore that (thats just me ranting) with regard to recovery food, are you totally intolerant to fruit? If this is the case then a good recovery sports drink should do you in goos stead....hypotonic - will refuel your muscles faster than pasta would.... but this is just post workout....about an after after that you'd want some decent complex carbs like wholegrain rice/wholewheat pasta/wholemeal bread. lol, the wholegrain/wheat/meal means the GI is lower. You can have small portions if your worried about weight gain, but dont forget that as your running your metabolism will be higher than when you werent. Also, you have an after burn after exercise where you burn a lot more calories, and everyone has a 15% carbohydrate give or take line where 15% of the carbs you eat will be burned as heat energy. This is why eating when your activly exercising in daily life is vital, as if you force your body to oxidise muscle tissue as recovery & exercise fuel, instead of giving it food you will actually lower your metabolism (this is why crash dieters hit a fat loss wall, because they have eaten a lot of muscle in doing such a diet. The key to maintaining fat loss is a slow drop in weight, with small drops in the kcals you need, not massive ones)

    someone slap me im probably confusing you.
    damn, i need to learn to get to the point and not waffle!

    sorry (cheeky grin)

  • this is all good stuff...keep it coming!

    well i can't eat apples or bananas at all. i can have a handful of grapes or raisins a few times a week and melon is ok in moderation. satsumas or similar sometimes ok and orange juice ok if just a very small glass.

    think i would like to lose just a few pounds, specifically on tummy but of course it never works like that! in all honesty i'm not too bad really - 5'8" and about 10 stone/size10/12 - my sons friends think i am 'fit' so can't be as bad as i think!!

    i can tolerate the lucozade sports drinks now especially as i got the powder you make up with water and i have been using it more diluted than it says to gt used to it - do you think that is ok to do that? so i can have a drink immediately after the run. its just what to eat the rest of the time. normally have cereal for break, chicken or tuna and salad for lunch and eg fish and veg (or another bowl of cereal as i love the stuff - mostly sainsburys precise) for tea. just been v tired recently and not much energy so wondered if it was the whole diet thing.

    sorry for ramble!
  • Well.....i just want to keep affirming that im no expert, i just accumulate information, put it to practice and then preech! lol!

    Yes, the drink is a very good idea post run if you cant tolerate fruit - myself im trying to keep away from the lucozade drinks as ontop of the fruit i feel its too many calories. If the fruit wasnt there then id definatly drink it after a run no questions.

    What kind of cereal do you eat for breakfast? this can be quite an important part of keeping energy levels up and running high. Mhyself, i eat porridge oats with soya milk (dairy makes me tired, and soya milk has much more nutritional value than normal milk) **NB, soya milk increases your body's ability to absorb eastrogen (didnt spell that right did i!) and so could be linked to increase in chances of cancer - myself, i believe this to be bogus but there is good scientific research to back this up, if in dount stick to semi skimmed!!!**
    Add a spoon of cinnamon to your porridge and splenda if you find it too bland....you see porridge keeps your fires burning for a long time and keeps your insulin levels level which is very important with regard to fat loss, fat burning and avoiding fat production. Lunch sounds ok, maybe add some turkey in there somewhere - i dont know what your situation with lunch is (personally i plan my lunch out quite methodically) but if you have time to prepare it (and im glad to hear you can eat salad) then meat and salad is a good way forward - especially for you sarah trying to hit your 5 a day veg reccomendations is vital (if not then definatly have a multi vitamin every day) with regard to the training you will be doing you can find we burn out our stores of vitamin x before we know weve done it and then all of a sudden theres an iron defficiency or a folic acid defficiency. The trick is prevention and so you should be rigorous in ensuring all your vitamin intakes are at reccomended levels. Iron defficiency in particular is hard to overcome as when you have the defficiency then your body finds it harder to absorb more iron. Steak once a week should keep you sorted, or as you like cereal so much you should be ok......with regard to the cereal though, watch the salt content - too much salt in your diet can lead to circulatory problems, specifically heart disease.

    I would reccomend acupuncture for the fatigue, i know a lot of people say it doesnt work but the methods and theories are thousands of years old and they do work. It is expensive but i swear after 2/3 sessions you will see a marked improvement in your energy levels and concentration. Your acupuncturist will also be able to advise you on diet with regard to your criteria ~(eg no fruit)

    make sure in your salad you include lots of red peppers, tomatoes, (onion and garlic if you like them) and green leaf e.g. lettuce.

    Post up a typical example of what you eat in a day, from what you wrote i get the feeling it is too little - but cant say as havent seen the whole thing....dont forget that if you eat too little your metabolism will shut down and adapt to that amount of food....eg. someone with a natural metabolic rate higher than that which they currently have can eat more and not gain any weight - if they continue to eat under their metabolism the matabolism will stay there regardless. Its like training a dog!!

    any way im tired, will come and chat some more after the 10 tomorrow. good luck guys, slow and steady wins the race!!lol
  • hey all. just done my run - actually ended up as an 11 miler in 1hr59mins. going for nice stretch and shower now.

    George thanks for the info...particualrly interested in speaking more about the vitamins etc and iron as i salso don't eat red meat other than occasional bit of bacon. will post up typical days food over the weekend.
  • well, been down to up&running, got myself a nice new pair of shoes, bum bag and some more gells.

    Managed 11.73 miles in 1.38.56 - didnt mean to go over but my gps got confused! lol.

    Necked the gell at mile 5, got stomach cramps for about 5 minutes but then felt pretty revived - felt like i could go for ages!

    Done something to my right calf though, so not all gravy - will have to see how bad the damage is tomorrow....
  • OMG George thats 20 mins faster than me and you only just started the programme!! feel like total old granny now!

    was that first time you tried the gells? what sort are they?

    try icing the calf for 20 mins couple times a day and see if that helps.
  • yeh first time, was the free one they sent with your confirmation of race pack.

    went and got some different ones now..ill go look for what they are later...banana flavour! lol
  • sara...same pace as me!
    just under 11 miles in 1.55 (and had to have a toilet break at my mums at 5 miles!)
    feel a little sore now tho (and not coz of the toilet break!) but had to walk a couple of times - the hills round here knacker me out!
    you applied for brighton then? looks like i can go as my rugby ticket is for the week before
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