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  • Brilliant Chris...well done. yes i have booked in for Brighton and i think Lazer said he was going to as well. there are also a few who are running for stroke association (they have a really good forum on their website too which guests can join in - lots of really good info)but they are mostly younger and speedier i think than me.

    so what are you planning on doing for cross training today? i'm a bit sore too but interestingly in my shoulders!??
  • cross training was going to the shops with the family to get the little uns passport photo done and then lying in front of the box watching rugby! love this cross training!
  • Hay all!! tis me again. thats reallyu usefull info George! Sara i did my 10 miler yesterday instead of saturday. did the cros training on sat. managed to do 10.1 miles (16.25K) in 1:13:23. ache in my calfs now though. was icing them yesterday to help. Im going to try and get in to the Brighton half this week sometime. whats the start time? would take me a while to get there i think.

    Chris, love your idea of cross training, think i got my methods all wrong.
  • 1.13!!! bloody hell thats quick! leaves us all behind! good work tho!
  • Lazer your LSR are supposed to be just that SLOW!!!! I know it is hard but they should be done at 30 secs to 1min per mile solwer than your race pace! Slow down or you will suffer later.
    If you felt that you could have had a conversation running at that pace then well done you!!!!
    That is a very quick time!

    Nothing like a cold bath after a long run for preventing aches and pains!
  • i was fine, thats what i couldent believe, i did have a conversation some of the way through. had training partner with me. i admit that i did push myself though, wanted to see how ive developed so far, No injuries. dull aching like you mostly get after long runs.
  • Hi everybody. Just found this thread so its taken me about an hour to read through it. I am running for the 1st time for Scope. Good to see everybodys running times are about the same as mine. Did not want to get to the FLM to only find anybody not dressed as a smurf would be a serious runner. I would love to run sub 5.00, but will be just happy to run and finish on the day. On the note of weight. I am on a diet and have tried to keep under 2500K a day. Does anybody know how many carolies you should be eating during training?

  • Cold baths recommended Lazer that will ease the aching!!
    Just the cold tap about hip depth and in you get for 10 mins!! Excellent!

    Well done on that time. You will fly round London!
  • lol, i dont think so Rio, lol. Hi Vaughan! welcome to the team. lol. hope your training is going well.

    I thought sara would be here too, prob doing her soliciter work, ( sorry wrong spelling) . x
  • Hi Vaughan. You burn approximately 100 calories for every mile run so you need to work that into your equation. Obviously you need to eat more the further you run. You will probably find that your weight goes down the further you run anyway. Just concentrate on eating healthily and the rest will do itself!

    Lazer I think you will surprise yourself
  • wel the proof is in the pudding as they say. i been running for 3 years on and off but just Track. nothing competitive. my MP3 helped though. i managed to get some tunes to the exact runing beat i wanted which helped me keep pace.

    George just a thought. yuou taking your GPS with you on the big day?
  • Cheers
    Lost 6lbs 1st couple of weeks. Ive eaten more fruit and veg than I would normally buy in a year. Feel better but weight keeps going up and down by a couple of pounds. Training going great but only done 7 miles (78mins) on Sunday as my longest run. Started to really enjoy running and getting a real buzz from it. Only down side has been the local AC. Have no begginers sessions and have advised me to run for a couple of years before joining them or consider running a marathon. When I receive my medal must post them a photo.
  • Your weight will fluctuate a bit but I wouldnt worry about it - muscle weighs more than fat so it will go up and down. Any running club with AC after them will be super competitive. Try and find a more beginner friendly club - there must be one near you!
    You are doing really well and the buzz you get from your longer runs gets better and better
  • ran with ipod on sat for first time...wanna know what song was with exact beat on my rhythm....Shaggy : Take another little piece of my heart!!! bizarre!
  • lol,. I dont think i could even pronounce the name of mine, afrotekno. lol dont know who its by!
  • Hey guys i'm back...had a few tech probs on internet this morning!!! Hi Vaughan and welcome to the mad house!!

    OMG Lazer you speedy thing - totally amazing!!! and i thought you could run the brighton half with me! at that rate you will be done, showered and eaten lunch by the time i get to the finish!

    Rio, i am following the hal higdon novice schedule which i think some of the othes are too but going to do the Brighton half on sun 19 feb. on the plan its a 13 miler the week before with a step back week the week of the half - any ideas how i vary the schedule to accomodate this? it will be my first ever race! did 11 miles in 1hhr 58 sat and felt ok although did use a few mind games to keep me going in the last mile or so.
  • Sara, i will be doing the Brighton half with you. dont worry. i need practice too. anyway its more to get used to the crowds. you can be my paces to make sure i dont go to fast too soon, and i wont go and leave you on your own dont worry. yeah i was think about the same thing about the hal higgs training plan my old one i was supposed to be doing a half this weekend!!! lol.
  • well we'll be going slow enough for you to natter to me constantly to keep me going!! think Chris is roughly about my pace or bit faster so there will be a few of us.

    help? i need a nickname as Sara Taylor too boring...just been saying on stroke site, son suggested yummy mummy (lovely boy!) but isn't that too naff?? any suggestions? tinkerbell? (favourite disney character!) ditsy blonde?? now lazer don't suggest granny or zimmer or similar!!
  • Sara just wop those weeks around. And dont forget to not run from Wednesday on as you are bound to race a bit and it will take more out of you than a 13 mile plod. The schedules are only a guide and we cant all find races to suit the schedule

    If its your first race do take it easy. Start at the back (it really wont make much difference to your time if there is chip timing) and it will stop you going off too quickly. At the water stations try to run towards the end of the table to get your water (everyone tries to get the first couple and it gets crowded) then move to the middle/outside to drink to allow other runners to pass.

    Above all though just enjoy it. Learn how it feels to run with hundreds of other runners and you will get some idea of how you are going to feel on "the day". Also take the Monday and if you need it the Tuesday off too following the run. You wont lose anything.
    A 13 mile race feels more like a 15-16 mile run in your legs take it easy
  • lol, sorry mother, Tinkerbell is my work nickname and school nickname lol. um let me thinks what can sara be called? Trojan? like the roman mithology story, she sneaks up on her opponant and strikes when they least expect it?
  • hey lazer, not sure if i should be pleased or insulted by that?????!!!!!!!!! (perhaps i don't 'get it' (ditsy i am!!) mmm, thinking about it isn't trojan a make of.....you know what!? ok, try again...

    rio, on the hh plan they have those step back weeks o should i swap the week before or the week after? also do you think doing just the one race pre FLM is enough?
  • id do the step back the week before, and begin a loading phase. then take the monday / tuesday off to rest. loke rio said. what about just Taylor?
  • isn't Taylor a bit boring too? Rio, how did you arrive at yours?
  • Rio is the name of one of my horses!!! lol

    I do the HH plans as well and yes have a step back week the week before and also the week after if you need to. You dont need to drop the week after right down just repeat the 13 miles or so. Dont get too hung up on any of this. you have plenty of time to ensure you get one long 20 miler in and one 18 miler in.
    Before my first FLM I dont think I did any races!! I did a 10k in the October and then went straight for the full monty!
    Last year I only did the Bath Half and this time I am only doing a 10k and the Liverpool half on 19th March.
    At least you will have done one which is what you need to give you an idea of running with lots of people!

    How about Sassy?
  • sassy is good!!! go for it sara.. opps i mean sassy! i think afret doing 13 miles on the weekend i dont want to run 13 in the same week!
  • tried to change it bur its already in use!!!!!!!!!:-(( how about Tinks?? any other suggestions?? when i was 19 (yep, i know thats aLONG time ago) i had pink hair and used to be called Miss Pinkie but i don't really like that too much.
  • go for tinks. sounds good! whats the we address for hals training plans, i just lost my copy!!!
  • Hi all (Hi Sara!) just wondering where I find this Hal Higdon Novice plan on this site?
  • Pinkerbelle?

    With regard to what you do the week after your half - do what you feel comfortable doing is always best
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