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  • Well my magazine hasn't arrived ???? I'm worried now it's gone to our old house although I did email them our change of address. I saw on Facebook you didn't get in Trig. How are you feeling about it? How about anyone else?
  • VB I think I'm rather relieved. Struggling to get round 10k at the moment! Not sure about anyone else!
  • I'd be more than struggling. Tbh I think it would have to be a deferral even if by some miracle I did get in!
  • Thought I'd pop in and see if any among us are running on Sunday? I'd love to come and watch but not sure how practical it would be with 2 littlies...
  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Hey VB! I've still kept this thread bookmarked but it's been very dormant! Not running on Sunday but am toying with the idea of going to watch for the first time ever! Went to Expo on Wednesday and met up with Gatton - hope all's well with you xx
  • Hi Trig, if you can go and watch I would highly recommend it-the atmosphere is incredible!! I'm glad there are still people lurking on here. I'm good thanks, how about you? Xx
  • Wow - been a while since I've been on here, prompted by watching a little race on TV yesterday.

    Sad to hear you didn't get in, here's fingers crossed for you all next year image

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Wow Daz - where you been? Are you still running?

    VB I did go and spent almost six hours on the embankment - a truly amazing spectacle. So sad to hear about the poor man who died
  • Hi Trigg, I trust all is well?

    Not running much, only one race last year, VLM.  Been training on and off, but ruptured my achilles tendon again at end of Jan, so really done very little and hence no VLM this year.

    Glad you and VB enjoyed the spectating, we did consider coming up for the weekend to watch, but it clashed with a friend's wedding.  I jokingly told a few people on the Saturday night bash that I was running VLM the following morning, and some did actually believe it. image  I must still look the part and can obviously talk the talk even if I cant walk the walk.image

    Notwithstanding that, at lunchtime today I did my first run in about 3 weeks, a gentle 3.53 miles, felt ok'ish and tendon only a little sore now.  I'll be back!

    It's always tragic when there is an incident such as the man dieing, I guess the only consolation is that he was doing something he enjoyed, and that he has now raised a very large amount of money for his chosen charity.

    Catch you all soon! image

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Hey Daz great to hear back from you - hope your achilles is healing well.

    Oops entered the ballot for next year at 2 a.m. this morning - the entry system closed at 10.00 so we'll see what happens.

    Anyone else entered?
  • yea Trigger i entered before my run at 5am this morning - im glad i didnt wait!!!


  • Daz you were missed at the VLM Expo. I was looking out for you. I have been using my bike to stay fit if you can call me fit .. LIke Trigger I have done the silly thing and applied yet again.Still will be nearly 70 by then so getting closer to a good for age time no doubt...stay healthy and keep in touch...

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Gatton you monkey! That is such brilliant news - if we both get in I'm definitely going to try and run with you! Fantastic! I saw that Linda and Clarki both put their names into the hat!

    Well done SNB - fingers crossed for you!
  • I too had a moment of insanity and applied for 2015.  I must be mad.  Maybe we can have a reunion!  Better get running.  Have managed a slow run/jog plod but nothing more...  Oh dear!

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    That's excellent news VB - I have yet to catch up with you! Good luck with the plodding - you'll be fine!
  • Yipeeee it looks like we may have a get together.....come on VLM let us all in next year... you know we deserve it.

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    "Gatton's Guys n Gals" I can see the tshirt now!
  • I love it! May have to get the tshirt anyway whether I get in or not-has a certain cheerleading ring to itimage Debating whether to go for a charity place but just not sure I've got the fundraising in me!
  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    Sure no problems VB - even if we don't get in and Gatton does we can wear it to cheer him on!
  • It's a date - one way or another on 26 April we will be there!!
  • I love it! May have to get the tshirt anyway whether I get in or not-has a certain cheerleading ring to itimage Debating whether to go for a charity place but just not sure I've got the fundraising in me!
  • Sorry not sure where that double post came from!
  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
  • Haha!

    In the spirit of getting the training started early can it pick your brains? When should I be able to run a half marathon by? Assuming I start from nothing. And how many miles do I need to have done pre-marathon? I know I've done all this before but I just can't remember!!
  • Start slow and easy and you should be well into a half marathon by the Autumn. Just try to increase upto 10 miles and the rest will be easy... Now tell us which one you may be trying for and who knows we may be able to join you....

  • PS.. if in doubt ask Rio...... xxximage

  • Right of to Vienna for a few days to see my son and our new granddaughter see you Monday xx

  • trigger2trigger2 ✭✭✭
    I'm already entered for Stevenage HM in November (deferred place from last year). Enjoy Vienna Gatton xx
  • Thanks Gatton xxxx Have a lovely time in Vienna, and enjoy your new granddaughter ????.

    I'll let you know when I do which I'm going to aim for.
  • More gremlins, not sure where the question marks came from!
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