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  • Thank you!
  • Can I confirm with anyone that we are on week 6 or am I completely out of it!? (as far as training plans are concerneD?)
  • web address is www.halhigdon.com and then just select marathon and novice - think we are on about week 5 or 6. Hi Jemma, glad you found this forum!

    ok so am i to be Tinks or Pinkerbelle???
  • Stroke forum easier to follow! - finding this one a bit full on as not used to it!
  • Yep that would be about right if the LM was 13 weeks yesterday!!!

    Just think about that folks in another 13 weeks you will be wearing your medal forever and resting your very tired legs with pride!!
  • I am dreaming of that moment!!! but can do without the pain!!
  • i've never found anything quite so scarry and exciting at the same time!!! mmm...actually giving birth comes pretty close but doesn't take quite so long!!!

    rio is the medal really nice? i'm getting goosebumps!! anyone else take cold/ice baths post LSR? are you meant to do it straight away and then have a warm shower or what?
  • My other half has done the last 2 marathons and the medals are pretty cool (heavy!!) - so my Hydro Womens Challenge medal hangs proudly with his - although I can't wait to have LFM 2006 one hanging up too! know what you mean re mis of excitement and fear!!
  • the medal is lovely and very heavy (at least it is by the time you get it put round your neck!

    I always take a cold bath after LSR and any session that has been quite hard. Dont do the ice cold water is cold enough for me. And yes you need to do it as soon as you can after finishing. So home, run the bath while doing some stretches, and in you get! I usually sit in it (still wearing my top clothes) with a hot drink and stay there til I have finished it. Then follow up with either a warm shower or bath!
  • burrrrrrr. im getting goosepimples thinking about ice cubes floating down certian areas in the bath.... can you say maggot!! lol :)
  • ok going to give that a try this saturday. going off for sports massage at lunchtime as still struggling with lower back - another appointment at chiropractor on thursday i hope should help. funnily enough i had no problem with LSR on saturday...its sitting and lying down that are uncomfortable.

    well any last thoughts on Tinks or Pinkerbelle?? (could be shortenend to Pinks??)
  • pinks would be better, then put up a childhood photo with you with pink hair! i gotta get one of me up on here!
  • You have to live with your name Sara choose one you like!!!

    I keep getting called Rio by a couple of the runners in my group!
  • as I have joined so late - can I appear ignorant and ask what LSR stands for? sorry guys - new to this!!
  • Long Slow Run Jemma and its ok to ask whatever questions you want
  • Appreciate it - thanks!
  • Does anyone know of any other 1/2 marathons (other than Brighton which sadly I can't do) that would be suitable for a beginner like me (I live in Surrey - so not MILES away!!)
  • Jems - LSR is long slow run ( i think the emphasis being on slow!) think i am going to go for Pinkerbelle and then you can call me Pinks for short...
  • Thanks Pinks! - mine is a bit official as JEMMA PHILLIPS when known by everyone as Jems!!
  • Jemma go to the grey events tab at the top of the page and then you can search for local events. There is one on 19th Feb (I think) in Wokingham
  • hay lust looked at hals plan and we have a day off!!! weeeee!!!! im soo happy! lol. and its a step back week! even better, only 18 miles cumulative this whole week!!!
  • I am doing hills tonight! I have juggled my plan around my running groups so I still run on Monday but Thursday and Sunday are my days off!
  • well I've just done an easy 3 miles in the gym even tho its rest day...i dont do anything on a sunday after long run on sat (although I am running with the bosses boss this sunday!) - no hot water in the gym tho so freezing shower!
  • i wait till i get home to have a shower, going to try Rio's suggestion tho, sounds like a good idea.
  • Crikey!, i watch the board avidly for a day or two then leave it be and i come back to 3 whole pages to catch up on! wahay lol.

    Lazer - havent decided on if to take the GPS on the big day, will have to see how the HRM sits on me during a long LSR (eg 18 or 20 miler) and if it sits flush with no problems then i might take it....just turn off all the beeps as i recon id look like a bit of a keen idiot with a beeping gps watch going off at every mile marker!!!

    Sarah - had a heart attack when you mentioned the big C word, im sure youve heard the words of warning but they have a rep for taking your money and not fixing (in some cases worsening) the problem. just be wary...

    Race name is Pogwog, and although im running with cancer research think i might wear my normal running gear (without the CR vest - it doesnt look v good on me lol!)

    Rio, have you had any problems with joints / lumbar pain from all the running you do - ive heard horror stories about people getting cumbling vertebrae and really mangled knees from extensive running. What incline are you doing your hill training on? the novice schedule doesnt contain any hill/interval/fartlek routines in it so think i might have to put a couple of my own in there - to spice things up a bit. you on intermediate 1 or 2 (or advanced :P)???
  • Hey guys its me, Sara, now changed to new nickname but cal me Pinks for short!lol! just had my sports massage and she did my glutes and feel loads better...just tucking in to chicken salad for lunch. George, did i remember you saying a few pages ago that turkey was better than chicken for lunch? if so, any reason? why Pogwog??!
  • I thought that too pinks why is turkey better than chicken? i think i need a massage too. how nmuch are they?
  • George I have had crumbling vertebrae and arthritis of the hips for years (long before I started running) from various horse-riding and car accidents. Since I have been running however I have had very few problems and the pain has gone!! I did go to a chiropractor (we have students at a university near me that have a clinic) and having had some manipulation I have been fine.

    I am on intermediate 1. Not sure what the incline is that I do my reps on about 12% I would reckon (it is fairly steep so we only do short reps). If you have a shallower hill that would allow you to do longer reps then that is also good. We do 1 min reps with 2 min recovery for 6-8 times. Be careful with them to start with though. Better to just do a couple to start with and build the number gradually.

    Same with intervals. Pyramid sessions are good with 1minfast/1min recovery 2fast/2 recovery building to 5 or 6 minutes with equal recovery time.
    Again start slow and remember that you need to be doing the last one at the same pace as the first so start slower than you think as it gets tough

    It does add a lot of variety to the running and some good quality sessions can reduce the time spent out on the roads.
  • Speed and hills are not really for newbies though (I should add) and are not essential to getting round the marathon!

    Only do as much as you are comfortable with and remember you might need to adjust your mileage down on the shorter days
  • £30 for 45 mins but worth every penny. she is specifically trained in sports massage and used to run herself which helps.
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