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  • Sorry...changed my name...Chris here!!!

    Jems...not sure...I wanted to do the 4 miler last week but they said i could only swap if it was under subscribed...it filled up so went and did they 6 miles anyway! reckon if you signed up for the 4 miler and then emailed them at realbuzz they would take you off the 6 mile list.

    Sara...did 3 miles as i prefer to do it on a monday-thurs and have sunday off, tho running this sunday as well....3 miles was more of a loosener tho!
  • Does anyone know how to stop RW sending an email every time anyone adds to the forum? Really annoying as overnight - I had 15 alerts in my inbox along with normal work emails!! Cheers!!
  • Cas, what is the reasoning behind the nick name...i'm intrigued! so which day do you cross train or do you run that day too? i'm doing 3 miles tonight are you? how are you going to swap the days/weeks round for Brighton?

    Lazer, my watch, hr monitor and foot thing is by polar and i got it from sweatshop (they have an internet site which you can order from) - its totally brilliant. looked at the graphs on my pc after i ran on saturday (has an infra red port thing on the watch to upload the info to pc) and it was amazing looking at how my heart rate/speed etc was over the whole 11 miles. plus while you are running you can see distance, speed, av speed, hrate, altitude, the lot! if you like gadgets its perfect!!

    chris (cas)- do you run the mid week miles at same pace or vary it?

    anyone else taking multivits, glucosamine etc?

  • just open the e-mail you recieved, the second link on it disables notifions.
  • tried that and they keep on comin!! but thanks - will try again!
  • alst try on this page where you type your message just below it to the left side there is aa tick box that says diable e-mail notifications on this thread.
  • nickname is casper but that one is taken...caspaccino was the name of a coffee drink that I "invented" at one of my old jobs...we had a posh coffee machine blah blah blah...not that interesting really!

    pinks...dont do the cross training-sunday is a day of rest - ie lying in fron tof the telly and playing with the little un (plus i have to cook on a sunday!

    3 mile runs i try and run a little quicker...not too much tho!
  • Thanks Lazer! will give that a go!
  • is it after Casper the friendly ghost - does your little boy watch that?

    so do you run 4 times mid week then?
  • Lazer....no im not doing ballet! lol, im mainly focusing my stretching for my kung fu, as at the moment im not very flexible.

    There is a new garmin coming out - the 305 i think, should be out end of this month/next month - its better under tree cover. My 301 is awesome, im totally bessotted with it - if i want to run 10 miles i just strap it on and go for ten miles, no planning or anything.

    just did the 3 miles, 1 mile to a hill, 1.5 miles going up and won that bloody hill, and 1 mile back....

    oooo cant get enough of these endorphins!!!

    new running shoes feel wierd tho, they did say they would but hmm....strange.
  • george, is yours sat nav based? mine isn't so it means you don't have to worry about woods/trees/tall buildings etc and you can use it indoors on tready/at gym. luv mine too and its great just to slip on your trainers and just go and decide your route as you go along!

    i'm not doing hills (pretty flat in Bedford!) or speedwork or anything...help...does that matter???? will you guys all wait for me at the end...? so don't want to be last!
  • yeh it is, needs 4/5 birds to accuratly pinpoint you. I dont get that many problems but living the country you do get the odd patch where there isnt anough visable sky for it to work happily. Im surrounded by hills, the village i live in is called steep - lol, guess why!!!

    no hills and speedwork isnt essential, it has just always been my intention to do them and i got carried away with the plan i forgot i could substitute hills and speedwork in. I think hills is mainly to widen your lactic threshold, and speed play works to increase your speed when running at a relaxed pace.

    i think....rio may disagree!

    going to do some himalayan hills when i get fit enough to handle normal hills ok, apparantly they really hurt!
  • lol, Pinks, i said ill run it with you, we will have to find each other though. it would be good to cross that line together i think. i think im going to have to get a garmin of a pod but which one!!!! GERRRR
  • cant decide between the polar, the timex or getting a garmin 101...choices choices. Mrs C says I can have one as a combined christmas/birthday pressie!

    Pinks...Casper has been my nickname for many many years now...based on the ghost but goes far deeper than that...Jnr C is only 9 months old and is more into the Hoobs at the moment!
  • Pinks as a first time marathoner you really dont need to be worrying about hills and speed etc. Just do what you are doing and if you love it then next time you can do the extras
  • my recommendation is the polar but then i am biased!! depends if you want a gps based on or not and if you want all the techy stuff of being able to analyse all the info of your run on the pc after. polar one also gives access to the web site and designs training progs especially for you and can be related to a specific event etc (i'm not using that as i'm happy with the hh plan)

    my daughter used to LOVE casper the friendly ghost (she is 17 now!!)- shame really she is not 18 before flm as she really wanted to run it too which would have been so amazing plus you would all love her and she would have you all in stitches.......i'm rambling about my beloved little ones, sorry, just got the most amazing kids!!

    Rio, you mentioned 'next time'...did you intend to do it again before you ran first time? is it a bug that bites and thats it you're hooked? do i need to worry about lactate threshold etc - keep hearing that mentioned?
  • lactate threshold... here we go on the "womens" subjects again! lol i think ill go for the polar as its more reliable i think.
  • why is it a woman's subject?? Lazer you will love the polar!
  • Lactate..... lactating.... or did i get the wrong end of the stick , I just seen a POLAR S625X + Foot Pod on Ebay for £25. Plus £10 delivery. lol. worth a bid i think.
  • think your brain is elsewhere lazer!!!!!!! lactate threshold as in lactic acid in your legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    check what the model is on sweatshop web site...will find out what mine is when i get home and let you know.

    going for client lunch now so catch up later...pinks
  • No Pinls I had no intention of ever doing it again. I wanted to do it before I was 40 and that was it. Even as I finished I felt thank god that is over and never again. But in the car on the way home I started thinking well it would have been nice to do it better (I slipped at 6 miles in the wet and hurt my knee so ended up walking the last half). So that was me hooked then!!

    So never say never!

    Lazer!!!!! lactate threshold is completely different!!! lol
  • lol Pinks told me rio. i was thinkabout lactating when you have babies. lol.

    sorry * blush*
  • Never mind Lazer. Bet it got you thinking though!!! lol
  • well the gps based systems are more expensive, and i guess they do the same - i just like plugging into the computer at the end and uploading it onto google earth and motion based.com.

    Lactate threshold, did i write that? lactic is what i meant lol - could have saved some confusion me thinks.

    My auntie has done it twice, my uncle 3 times, my dad once and my other uncle twice (flm & edinburgh) and all of them except my dad got hooked, 'its like drugs' said my uncle!!! lol

    i guess after 26 miles plus all the hype your endorphins have got to be running seriously high...do you get a crash?
  • i would think so, i just told my manager to book me off the rest of the year AFTER the 23rd as i won t be coming back as ill have a seizure at 26.1 miles and die before the line. lol.
  • George you are right with lactate threshold it is Lazer with his one tracked mind!! lol

    I had a big crash a couple of days after the first one. got really cross with myself for getting hurt and not being able to do as well as I would have liked. but then took a step back and put it into perspective and that I had achieved something that everyone who knows me whould have said I couldn't do so the fact that I finished at all was an achievement. And there are other opportunities to do it again! The endorphins at the finish are incredible and you are on a high for a few days! I know you guys wont know about this but it is like having a baby when you get the blues after a couple of days. Its normal dont worry about it. It will go away and you can start planning for next year!
  • so another similarity between giving birth and marathon running! think lazer must still be thinking about nipples from our conversation of a few days ago!lol!!

    rio, if you walked the second half you still had an incredible time - wasn't it 5 hrs something?

    just had to go on a client lunch and fell all full and bloated - yuk - can't wait to get home and run it off!
  • It was 5:52 so worked out at around 13 min miles I think. I was on schedule for sub 5 up until half way when my knee didn't want to know any more. My family said that I still looked as if I was running!! Must have been some power walk! I was just determined to finish
  • lol. i always find power walking funny, i mean the way they move lol. i think i must be pinks. lol. where you go for your client lunch? did they pay?
  • I think I would have cleared to road if it had been a proper power walk Lazer! lol
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